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Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or recordkeeping purposes. Note: To make estimates more comparable, Canadian Health Measures Survey estimates for flexibility and muscular strength exclude respondents screened out of aerobic fitness test (see Methods). Procedures for the preliminary screening of asymptomatic adults who wish to exercise are reviewed with particular reference to experience gained through the mass use of the physical activity readiness questionnaire (PAR-Q) and the Canadian Home Fitness Test (CHFT).
JavaScript is currently disabled, this site works much better if you enable JavaScript in your browser. Personnel Support Programs (PSP) fitness researchers observe a Canadian Forces volunteer perform the sandbag lift during the extensive development phase of the FORCE evaluation. On April 1, 2013, the Canadian Armed Forces will implement the updated approach to military fitness: the FORCE Program. Replacing the 30-year-old Canadian Forces EXPRES Test, the FORCE Evaluation has been scientifically validated and developed specifically for the CAF by the Personnel Support Programs (PSP) Directorate of Fitness. In a comprehensive analysis of military operational fitness, PSP human performance scientists and fitness experts have looked at more than 400 physical tasks performed by Canadian military personnel in all environments over the past 20 years.
All CAF members will be tested annually and be required to achieve one common minimum standard, regardless of age and gender.
Starting April 1, 2013, PSP fitness staff and local chains of command will schedule FORCE Evaluation familiarization sessions to introduce the new minimum physical fitness standard to local CAF personnel.
About the Author: The Lookout Newspaper can trace its history back to April 1943 when CFB Esquimalt’s first newspaper was published.
About 1,500 Canadian soldiers, many disabled and traumatized, now find themselves battling their own government a€” for money, for a job and for honour. OTTAWAa€”Soldiers seriously wounded in Afghanistan must continue to fight at home a€” with bureaucrats and the military, as well as their own injuries, a Star investigation reveals.
Trying to keep jobs and an income as they return with missing limbs and troubled minds, they are disappearing into rehab programs without fanfare only to face the real threat of being ushered out of the Canadian Forces. At least 1,500 Canadian men and women have been wounded in Afghanistan; the exact number is unknown because the Department of National Defence keeps it a secret. A team of Star reporters has spent three months talking with wounded soldiers, in Germany and across Canada.
While the federal Conservatives have boasted about their support of the military and veterans, the Star uncovered benefits that shortchange veterans, roadblocks hindering their return to work and, in the words of Senator Colin Kenny, an overall a€?parsimoniousa€? attitude to their care.
Pat Stogran, the veterans ombudsman, says Veterans Affairs has an a€?insurance-company culture of deniala€? that puts saving money ahead of helping soldiers. Trauner, a 30-year-old who has been in the military since he was 18, thinks he might like to switch to military intelligence, a job that relies more on mental agility than physical strength.
If forced to leave the military, the only thing Trauner asks is that he gets fair financial compensation for his sacrifice. He doubts that will be enough to see him through a battle that will last the rest of his life.
A procession of generals and colonels who visited Traunera€™s hospital bed upon his return to Canada told him that he would never have to worry, that his country would care for him. Instead, they arrive quietly into the arms of families to start painful rehabilitation that can take months, even years. As of last December, 529 soldiers had been wounded in action since April 2002 and 122 killed. Some bear the scars of a€?invisible bullets,a€? minds broken by post-traumatic stress disorder.
How Canada treats its ill and injured soldiers dramatically changed following a rare meeting of the countrya€™s political leaders high above the Atlantic Ocean in May 2005.
With the tales of Canadaa€™s war veterans fresh in their minds, Martin, along with Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Jack Layton and Bloc Quebecois Leader Gilles Duceppe, agreed to quickly pass legislation to modernize veterans benefits.
Billed as the New Veterans Charter, it emphasized helping veterans adjust to civilian life. In Kandahar, the insurgency was heating up and Canadian troops began suffering more casualties. Kenny argues that payouts are dramatically lower than what someone would be awarded in court for an accident causing similar disabilities. Paul Franklin, who lost both legs in a 2006 suicide bombing in Kandahar, has suggested boosting payments to the most seriously injured and making many of the payouts tax-free.

Ita€™s based on the premise that everyone in uniform a€” even those with desk jobs a€” must be fit enough to deploy on a mission. In the early days, that task was usually left to individual regiments, resulting in a patchwork of care.
It took the military several years a€” and the frustrations of dozens of veterans a€” to realize that a system set up for peace was ill-equipped for war.
Today, he is responsible for about 3,000 soldiers, all battling back from illness and injuries, some suffered in Canada.
He said his office is working with companies like Michelin, the tire manufacturer, and other federal departments to place former soldiers.
Sunday - Deep in the heart of the Black Forest, the Landstuhl Regional Medical Centre is the casualty hub for NATO troops.
Monday a€“ A brotherhood has been forged between two soldiers, injured in almost identical incidents, but one year apart.
It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. It is argued that both a brief submaximal exercise test and a subsequent moderate increase of habitual activity are extremely safe tactics to recommend to a symptom-free adult.
Guidelines for graded exercise prescription, Lea & Febiger, Philadelphia, 1975American Heart Association, Committee on Exercise. Rather than testing fitness with the traditional push-ups, sit-ups, grip tests and endurance runs, the FORCE Program evaluates members’ ability to execute tasks that are directly linked to true-to-life physical challenges faced on operations. I have to say that after three years, Ia€™ve seen the evidence,a€? says Stogran, an retired colonel who the Conservative government decided not to appoint to a second term.
Only the most seriously wounded qualify for the maximum amount a€” the average payout is $38,000. The Star has learned that most departments are not legislatively obliged to give priority to veterans. Statistics show that about 5 per cent of those who have served in Afghanistan are suffering psychologically. They make up 20 per cent of Afghanistan soldiers yet are eligible for just 40 per cent of the compensation awarded to regular members of the Canadian Forces, Kenny says. All he has right now is a cheque for $276,000 a€” the insurance-rated price for losing two limbs a€” and the promise of a pension that works out to three-quarters of his salary.
Some suffer the lingering consequences of traumatic brain injury, said to be the a€?signaturea€? injury of the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan, caused by roadside bomb explosions that violently shake the brain. Prime Minister Paul Martin and the three opposition leaders were jetting back from ceremonies in The Netherlands commemorating Canadaa€™s efforts to liberate the country from the Nazis. For some however, the reality will be that release is inevitable, unfortunately,a€? said Col. Requests for things like funding electric wheelchairs often had to be taken to the highest levels of the military, sometimes requiring the sign-off from Defence Minister Peter MacKay, in a frustrating and time-consuming process.
That led to the creation of a€?integrated personnel support centresa€? two years ago as one-stop service for recovering soldiers. Five hundred of those are in a return-to-work program and he boasts that 125 are already back on the job. The majority cana€™t imagine life outside the military, even one theya€™ve had to battle with for years. Known as universality of service, it dictates that all Canadian Forces members be able to perform a diverse range of duties. There are some useful minor modifications which could be made to the PAR-Q instrument, but its sensitivity and specificity relative to such criteria as medical examination, hypertension, CHFT completion and exercise-induced ECG abnormalities compare favourably with alternative self-administered procedures.
Exercise testing and training of apparently healthy individuals: a handbook for physicians, American Heart Association, New York, 1972Astrand PO. Leading the way towards interactive social media reach, we are a community resource newspaper growing a world wide audience. They come back to find a patchwork of federal programs, many created in peacetime, that is struggling to properly handle their growing numbers. With 25,000 soldiers having already served in Afghanistan, that means at least 1,250 soldiers with stress injuries.
In a controversial move, the Department of National Defence only releases the number of Canadians wounded once a year a€” in December a€” and even then with no specifics about the severity of the injuries.

The symptoms can range from concussions to long-term memory loss, fatigue, behavioral changes, depression and trouble concentrating.
It seemed the new emphasis on rehab came at a price, leaving veterans worse off financially than the package of benefits it replaced. Gerry Blais, who tends to the militarya€™s ill and injured as director of casualty support management. Those members who cannot perform the duties will be released for medical reasons, after a period of evaluation. The basic difficulty of screening an asymptomatic population (highlighted by Bayes theorem) is the high percentage of false positive and false negative test results.
If he can't remain in the military, Trauner is asking for fair financial compensation for his wounds. One remedy would be to stratify the population in terms of known cardiac risk factors and to restrict detailed pre-exercise screening to the high risk segment of the population.
If you kick me out now, what if I can do it?a€™a€? he said in an interview at his home in Petawawa.
The people who are suffering are the people with missing legs, missing arms and lives that have been completely disrupted,a€? Stogran told a Commons committee last month. Canadian Journal of Applied Sport Sciences 1: 67–78, 1976Bailey DA, Shephard RJ, Mirwald RL, McBride GA. Journal of Applied Physiology 34: 833–837, 1973Bassey EJ, Fentem PH, MacDonald IC, Scriven PM.
Multiple lead QRS changes with exercise testing: diagnostic value and hemodynamic implications. Limitation of the electrocardiographic responses to exercise in predicting coronary artery disease. The Cornell Medical Index-Health Questionnaire VI: the relation of patient’s complaints to age, sex, race and education. Fitness and lifestyle in Canada, Canadian Lifestyle Institute, Ottawa, 1983Chisholm DM, Collis ML, Kulak LL, Davenport W, Gruber N.
British Columbia Medical Journal 17: 375–378, 1975Chisholm DM, Collis ML, Kulak LL, Davenport W, Gruber N, et al. PAR-Q Validation report: the evaluation of a self-administered pre-exercise screening questionnaire for adults, Ministry of Health, Vancouver, 1978Collen MF, Cutler JL, Siegelaub AB, Cella RL. In Landry & Orban (Eds) Sports medicine, Symposia Specialists, Miami, 1978Cunningham DA, Rechnitzer PA, Pearce ME, Donner A. In Welsh & Shephard, Current therapy in sports medicine, Decker, Burlington, 1986Fitness and Amateur Sport. Exercise prescription: a physician’s guide to assessment of patients who plan to exercise, Ontario Medical Association, Toronto, 1976Orban WAR. 123–130, Information Canada, Ottawa, 1974Quebec Professional Corporation of Physicians, Committee on Exercise. Guide to safety measures for physical fitness programs for the healthy and for cardiac patients, Bulletin of the Professional Corporation of Physicians, Vol. Minimal standards for physical fitness programs: a leader’s handbook, Saskatchewan Department of Health, Regina, 1977Shephard RJ. Fitness of a nation: lessons from the Canada Fitness Survey, Karger, Basel, 1986Shephard RJ. 1–43, Tennessee Heart Association, Nashville, 1970Thompson PD, Funk EJ, Carleton RA, Sturner WQ.
Sudden death during jogging; a study of the Rhode Island population from 1975 through 1980.
Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise 14: 115, 1982Vander L, Franklin BA, Rubenfire M.

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