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Some of the most durable, attractive, and popular mountain bikes come from the Raleigh Bicycle Company. In 1887, Frank Bowden founded the Raleigh Bicycle Company, initially located on Raleigh Street in Nottingham, United Kingdom. Other popular series are the Raleigh hybrid mountain bikes, including the Misceo series for men and the Voyager series with both men's and women's bikes. As buyers think about the type of bike they need, they should consider three of Raleigh's series in particular. The Voyager series from Raleigh focuses more on comfort than the hybrid mountain bikes or the larger mountain bikes.
The Talus is a long-standing series in the Raleigh line-up, with a history of proud owners and fantastic mountain bikes. Due to their size and specifications, the Talus 29 series bikes are not ideal for short riders. Over the years, Raleigh has created other versions of its mountain bikes, designed specifically for the country in which they are sold.
On eBay's home page, type in 'Raleigh mountain bikes' to see available search results, which you can then filter to fit your needs more. To get the most out of a ride, bikers need a tough, sturdy mountain bike that suits their needs.
Trail and all-mountain bikes have slacker angles, longer wheelbases, and travel ranging from about 140mm to 170mm (click to enlarge).
The following guide outlines everything a buyer will need to consider when making a choice of what mountain bike to buy. Cross country mountain bikes are lightweight and fairly rigid bicycles that are intended for moderate outdoor use. Full suspension mountain bikes feature both a front suspension fork and a rear suspension cross bar or seat post. Downhill mountain bikes are built for long slopes and hills, and come with high quality, heavy duty disc brakes, as well as chain guards. Freeride mountain bikes are the most all-purpose version of a mountain bike, and are equipped with design elements and features that ensure that the bike can be used for any style of mountain biking and on any terrain. Frame materials will have a direct bearing on the strength, durability, and weight of a mountain bike.
Aluminum, or aluminum alloy bike frames are the most common mid-range bike frames on the bike market today. Consumers should consider both which frame type best meets their biking needs as well as their price range. There are a number aspects of an individual mountain bike that need to be taken into consideration when making a decision what bike to buy. Both rim brakes and disc brakes are available on mountain bikes, and both have their advantages and limitations.
Suspension can be found in both the front and the rear of a mountain bike, or only one or the other.
The width, hub material, spokes and more, are all aspects of the bike's wheels that should be considered when purchasing a mountain bike. Buyers should examine different types of seats, and test which ones deliver the comfort they need for those long and bumpy rides. The following table is a starting point for those looking to compare the right frame size to their height. Testing bikes in a store before going online to buy one is a good way to determine the right sized bike. Buyers should always keep in mind, that the price range for mountain bikes can range widely, as a bike can be purchased from as low as $250 all the up to more than $10,000.
Finding and buying the right mountain bike that best meets your biking needs online, is quite straightforward with eBay.
Categories: There are categories listed on the left side of the Mountain Bikes page that can be clicked on, or selected, in order to bring up more specific results. Keywords: For those who already have specific brands or sizes in mind, they can insert keywords into the search bar at the top of any page on eBay, in order to search for specific mountain bikes. When searching for and purchasing mountain bikes online, there some smart best practices that buyers should observe, when purchasing items. Know Your Seller: The ratings and feedback systems put in place by eBay provide both buyers and sellers with the confidence to buy and sell from each other. Know What you Are Buying: Especially when it comes to purchasing a bike, it is important to read all of the specifications on a listing page , so that you know exactly what you are buying.
The nature of mountain bikes is that they are usually put through considerable strain throughout their lifetime.
Fortunately, buying a replacement frame for your bike is a lot less expensive than paying for a completely new bicycle and eBay always have a fantastic selection of bike frames listed on the site. Mountain bikes frames are produced from a number of different materials, most of which are various types of metals.
As you can see from the table, these four materials all offer various different properties, which will affect your bikea€™s performance in a variety of ways. Carbon fibre is listed as being brittle; although it is usually an extremely strong material, dents can compromise its structure and will leave the frame susceptible to cracking.
Carbon fibre makes some wonderful bike frames, but ita€™s strongly advised that you only purchase one if you dona€™t partake in any form of strenuous riding, which could result in unnecessary damage to the frame.
Each of the other three materials, chromoly, titanium and aluminium are all very good all-round performers. Titanium and chromoly provide riders with practically identical frame properties; the only difference being that chromoly is often available at a more affordable price than titanium. Titanium bicycle frames are becoming much less common to find, but there is often a decent selection available on eBay for those who have their heart set on one. Aluminium frames are much more readily available, but they are often seen as inferior because they are heavier than frames made from other materials. The great thing about eBay is that it offers shoppers such a wide variety of options so that they can secure the best possible deal for themselves. Whilst you could always just replace the broken part with a spare, some people choose to buy a new bike instead. Something that novice mountain bike riders do not always understand is that mountain bike frames come in a wide range of sizes to cater for cyclists of any size. The best way to find out which frame size you need is to measure your inseam and find a chart online which will helpfully crosscheck your inseam measurement to the frame size you will require. Once you know which frame size is going to be the most comfortable for you, ita€™s easy to find a great frame on eBay; you have the ability to single frames out by their size so you can be sure youa€™re only looking at frames that will fit your bike and more importantly, be comfortable for you to ride with. If you are looking for a mountain bike frame for a child, it is strongly advised that you choose a frame that will currently fit the child, not one that they can, a€?grow intoa€? as it is likely that if they are given a frame that is too large, they will be unable to control the mountain bike properly and may have an accident as a result. Searching for any spare or replacement mountain bike parts on eBay is easy thanks to the sitea€™s specialist inbuilt search functions which allow you to narrow down your choices until youa€™ve found the perfect mountain bike frame,, set of handlebars, tyres, suspension package or indeed anything else. What this allows you to do is to narrow find the perfect bike frame in a much quicker space of time that you normally would do. Finding a great deal on a mountain bike frame on eBay has never been easier; just remember the tips mentioned above in this guide and you wona€™t fail to find a fantastic frame, which would rejuvenate any bicycle. If you spend a lot of time cycling off road or on downhill courses, you are better looking at a chromoly or titanium frame, whilst if youa€™re only interested in speed, a frame made from carbon fibre would be a better choice. Ultimately though, the decision is down to you, the cyclist and what you will feel most comfortable riding with. Dona€™t spend too much time worrying about whether to buy a new or a used frame; there isna€™t a particularly wide pricing gap and ita€™s much better to buy the frame you want regardless of whether it is used or new. Many used mountain bike frames that are listed on eBay are in fantastic condition and may even be practically new anyway. Think about the size of your frame and what is going to be most comfortable for you to ride with your body size and shape taken into account.
Do your research and use reference material to be completely sure that you have chosen the correct frame size before going ahead and bidding on anything.
Finally, use eBaya€™s specially designed search tools to track down the ideal frame, which will keep your bike in working order for years to come. Women’s mountain bikes are sleek, durable and can perform well on trails or on rough terrain. Before we compare 3 of the best mountain bikes for women, let’s take a look at the top benefits mountain bikes offer to women. Cardiovascular Health: Not only does biking reduce your chance of getting heart-related diseases, it also provides an immense cardiovascular workout. Easier on the Joints: Mountain bikes can be ridden on rough terrain which gets the heart pumping and the muscles engaged, but the immense pressure seen on the joints is eliminated. Breast Cancer Reduction: A study conducted by a European Journal found that women who bike 30 minutes a day reduce their chance of breast cancer.
Specifically Designed: A mountain bike specifically designed for women provides a plethora of benefits.
Biking in general will also provide muscle and bone strength as well as high caloric burning to keep the rider at a healthy weight level.

The Ghost MISS 5000 is a great moderately-priced bike that features a hardtail and costs between $1,100 and $1,200.
This is the ideal bike for frequent riders that do not have the budget for more advanced models, such as the Commencal Meta AM. This is the perfect bike for the casual rider or the nature explorer that isn’t going to be performing jumps or riding down the Andes Mountain just yet.
The Commencal is a fair bit heavier than the other bikes is way more expensive, aren’t more expensive bikes meant to be cheaper? Reading your write up on the benefits and the shorter bike size, would a 27.5inch bike suit me rather than a women specific bike? There are MTB skill clinics in most centers, have a look online or ask at your local bike shop for clinics in your area. Thanks for the girls bike write up, there are so few woman specific bike articles, if I had the money I would go for the Commencal Meta but I may need to go for something cheaper.
The precise year the sport was first developed is open to debate, but it is now recognised worldwide. The most common types of mountain biking are 1) recreational cross country (XC) and 2) trail riding. If buyers know what type of mountain biking they are partaking in, the task of choosing the right mountain bike becomes much simpler.
Budget Mountain bikes can cost anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars. Type of Gear Shifter Two common methods are used to shift gears on mountain bikes: grip-shifters and trigger shifters. Full Suspension mountain bikes have both a front suspension fork, and rear shock absorbers. Buying Mountain Bikes on eBay Buyers looking for mountain bikes online can find many on eBay. Conclusion Mountain biking is an adventure sport that involves riding bikes over rough terrain or on trails. Mountain bikes allow their owners to challenge themselves and their bikes with tough trails and terrain.
Buyers who are fans of Raleigh mountain bikes can purchase them in various brick and mortar shops in their area or online via eBay.
Bowden's inspiration for the company came when his doctors advised him to purchase and ride a bicycle to improve his health. When Bowden passed away, his son inherited the business and took it even further, expanding the company and adding new products. Both of these lines are highly functional in urban areas as well as in off-road situations. They demonstrate speed and manoeuvrability on pavement, and they can also handle tough mountain trails. One of the newer series, Talus 29, features large 29-inch wheels, which can handle a variety of trail and mountain obstacles, including rocks, ruts, and tree roots. Some of these bikes are no longer sold through retailers but may be available from online sellers. If so, they should try to find a mountain bike from a local seller so that they can inspect the bike before purchasing it. Remember to look for sellers who offer free shipping or additional bundled accessories along with the main item that they are selling. Raleigh mountain bikes can provide the high performance, durability, and user-friendly design that bikers need.
This guide also includes a section on how to look for and buy the right mountain bike on eBay.
The buyer will need to choose a specific type of mountain bike that will meets their needs as a biker.
This means that the rear seat post of the mountain bike is one solid piece with no suspension. Downhill mountain bikes also generally feature a good amount of suspension for downhill trail riding.
Trail riders will need a bike that traverses varied terrain well while someone riding a country road won't need all the features that a competitive mountain biker might need.
The frame material will also affect the price, as more durable but lighter metals will be pricier than durable but heavier materials. Lightweight, strong, and relatively inexpensive, an aluminum bike frame is a good, affordable option. It features the durability of heavier metal or alloy, with the lightweight benefits of aluminum. One of the main ways that buyers save money, is by purchasing a mountain bike that has certain features, and later on replacing some of the features with upgrades as the rider becomes more experienced. Disc brakes are the latest technology and provide a stronger stopping force, but are also more expensive than the more commonly found rim brakes. Bumpy trail riding, jumping and more aggressive mountain biking requires a more substantial suspension system.
Again, comfort and preference should be taken into consideration, as well as the riding style that is best benefitted by a particular type of wheel. Trigger shifters, paddle shifters, thumb shifters, and twist shifters are all the different types of shifting systems. Buyers should always remember to consider wheel size along with frame size, when considering the right bike for them.
From the eBay homepage, click on the Sporting Goods category to view all sporting goods currently available for sale on eBay.
You can always contact a seller through the listing page to request further information, or more pictures of the bike from different angles. If an item doesn't arrive or is not what was described in the listing, the program covers original price and shipping.
Many mountain bike owners will use their bicycles to participate in off-road and cross-country activities, which often put the most pressure on the bikea€™s frame. If you would like to find out how to find a great replacement mountain bike frame on eBay, just read this simple guide so you know what youa€™re looking for.
There is no single frame material which is comprehensively better than the rest, picking the right frame will often come down to personal preference and what will work well with the remaining parts from your existing bike. This certainly is not the case however; many riders actually prefer the added weight that an aluminium frame can provide because it increases the stability and balance of the bike. One of the options that eBay affords its customers is the choice of either buying new or used items.
This means that people are likely to list the remaining parts of the bike on eBay in order to recoup some of the money they spent on a new bike. Adult bike frames will generally start at 15 inches and most retailers will stock up to a 23 and a half-inch frame with frames for every half-inch between these two sizes as well. This isna€™t just the case for mountain bike frames, you can search for any spare bike parts you may need in this way. Determine what material you would like your new frame to be made out of by asking yourself some simple questions about your bike usage and how and where you cycle.
As a woman, you are probably not too thrilled with a larger bike that isn’t exactly feminine. Heart disease and stroke are reduced by 50 percent if riding takes place three hours per week. Among these benefits are better balance, control and a shorter design to accommodate smaller women.
This bike costs between $3,000 and $3,400, but it is one of the best bikes in the world for a woman.
I have been riding a mountain bike for three months now and I am struggling with confidence on the trails. There are several different types of mountain biking, some of which require mountain bikes that are tougher than others.
Most of the factors relate to mountain bike components: the parts of a bike that are attached to the frame. Basic models with lower-end components and heavier materials are cheaper, while the more expensive models are lighter, faster, and built with higher-end components.
A front suspension reduces arm and hand fatigue, and also improves steering on rough trails. Today, they are available in two adult sizes (26 and 29 inches), and smaller sizes (20 and 24 inches) for children. If you buy from a local seller, you can reduce shipping costs and time by arranging for a local pickup as long as the seller is comfortable with the arrangement.
However, before purchasing a new mountain bike, buyers need to decide where they plan to ride most frequently, which extra features they want, and which brand they prefer. However, they should first understand and compare the main features of Raleigh mountain bikes so they can determine which model is right for them and make an informed choice. The bicycle's quality impressed Bowden, so he tracked down the owners and bought their business.

Throughout the succeeding decades, the Raleigh Bicycle Company continued to grow, becoming a renowned global brand with a broad range of bicycles and other products. The chart below illustrates how some of the available Raleigh mountain bikes fit into each category. The Misceo is an excellent example of one of Raleigh's hybrid bikes, while the Talus 29 is a classic mountain bike, designed specifically for off-road cycling. Special suspension forks and suspension seat pins give owners a gentler ride on uneven ground. Owners who bike some distance to work should enjoy these hybrid bikes, as they allow riders to take off-road shortcuts and avoid traffic. However, they are some of the best mountain bikes on the market for medium-sized riders and tall riders who want to venture into the outback or into mountainous areas.
If buyers plan to purchase discontinued or pre-owned Raleigh mountain bikes, they should first check to see if parts and maintenance are available for that model. Listings with a 'Top-rated seller' seal indicate that the seller has strong feedback scores, ships items quickly, and provides high-quality products. In addition, it allows riders to enjoy the sense of achievement that comes with conquering a particularly difficult trail.
Although a Raleigh mountain bike can be expensive, many serious bikers consider it a price well worth paying for the extra performance features. There is the type of mountain bike to consider, and they can vary according to terrain, and what style of mountain biking the rider enjoys.
There are different types of mountain bikes that have been designed and built to accommodate all styles of mountain biking as well as a variety of terrains. The following table outlines the main mountain bike frame materials, with some information regarding the advantages and limitation of each material. Aluminum tube frames have incorporated more flex to conduct vibrations better, making bumpy trail riding a bit more comfortable.
When carbon fiber frames do break, even though it is extremely difficult to do, they generally split, or snap entirely. The following table outlines the main features of a mountain bike, and some specific information regarding each.
Mountain bikers should consider more or less suspension in their bike based on how aggressively they intend to ride it. Buyers should consider the benefits of each type of shifting system to see what best meets their needs. Hover over Outdoor Sports, then over Cycling, then over Bicycles and Frames, and then click on Mountain Bikes, to specifically view just the mountain bikes and accessories currently listed on eBay.
For example, what percentage of their transactions were positive, and what did former buyers have to say about them? Examine the terms related to the buyer protection program, before going ahead with the purchase. Buyers who are buying a mountain bike should remember to consider the type of mountain bike that meets their specific needs, the material that the mountain bike frame is made from made of, and very importantly, a mountain bike that fits the size of the rider.
These strenuous activities can often lead the mountain bike frame to crack, sever at welded points, become rusted or decay, and generally prevent it from allowing your bike to perform to the standards it once did. This feature is particularly useful when it comes to mountain bike frames, as they are often just as good used as they are brand new. It is completely your choice as to whether you decide to purchase a new or used frame for your mountain bike, perhaps it is best to browse eBaya€™s wide selection and simply choose your favourite. For example, if you were looking for a new suspension set for you mountain bike, you could search specifically for suspension forks, suspension units, shock absorbers, brake components and handlebar units. The good news is that mountain bike manufacturers have started manufacturing bikes geared towards women that are aesthetically pleasing, durable and affordable.
To maximize those benefits take a look at some of the best mountain bike shoes designed for women. Your trust is important to us so please know that we never recommend anything we don't believe in. The sport requires endurance, balance, excellent bike handling skills, and a degree of self-reliance. The only difference is that there are fewer intermediary gears along the way from the lowest gear ratio to the highest one.
Hardtails are lighter than full suspension bikes, and are therefore good choices for climbing. They are good for jumps, and they give riders more control at high speeds over difficult terrain.
As technology has advanced, newer materials and alloys allow manufacturers to produce high strength frames that are lighter in weight.
Look for sellers with a lot of positive feedback to ensure you have a smooth, straightforward transaction. Buyers looking for mountain bikes should first decide what type of mountain bike they need. Under Bowden's expert hand, the business prospered, and production increased so quickly that he had to buy a larger building.
Once buyers understand what makes these three lines different, they should be better prepared to select a model that fits their riding style.
For owners who take long rides both on and off-road, the low-rise handlebars enable a restful arm position. Like the Misceo bikes, the Talus bikes have low-rise handlebars for better visibility and comfortable riding.
Otherwise, they may spend money on an older bike only to discover that repairs and replacements are extremely costly or practically impossible. Once buyers find their ideal Raleigh mountain bike, they can begin experiencing the excitement of mountain biking with friends. There is also the bike frame to consider, and the different materials used to manufacture bike frames.
The following table outlines the primary types of mountain bikes, as well as their common design elements.
Buyers should carefully research which manufacturers consistently deliver the best workmanship when it comes to titanium bike frames. Bigger, heavier mountain bikers should consider choosing a metal frame over a carbon fibre frame. You can then narrow down your search by filtering listings with by selecting categories, or searching using specific keywords.
These unique search categories mean that with eBay, you will never miss out on finding the perfect replacement and spare parts for your mountain bike ever again.
Buyers looking for mountain bikes must understand the different components, to choose the bike with the components needed for their style of riding. Single gear bikes are lightweight, but riders must have strong legs to handle uphill rides. Even though the new building was no longer located on Raleigh Street, Bowden named the company after the street in honour of his business's roots. Since the handlebars are lower, they also permit the rider unobstructed vision of all the scenery as well as of any potential road hazards. If buyers do not want the hassle of inspecting a used bike and ensuring its quality, they should be able to find plenty of new Raleigh mountain bikes at affordable prices.
You can save your search so that eBay can notify you whenever sellers post new listings for Raleigh mountain bikes. Rest assured however that any used mountain bike frames that you buy on eBay will be of good quality and often are in a similar condition to brand new ones.
Hardtails are ideal for occasional trail use, and for riders wanting to practise and improve their riding skills.
The size of a bike is flexible, and it is possible to adjust different parts of the mountain bike, such as the post height, and the height of the handlebars, to achieve as perfect a fit as possible.
A Misceo bike's Kenda tyres are the semi-slick variety, which means higher speeds that still have good traction potential for wet or muddy surfaces.
You can also perform a search for 'Raleigh mountain bikes' in eBay Stores or browse deals for bicycles and accessories. Buyers must set a budget before they begin their search since the cost of a mountain bike can easily reach several thousand dollars, depending on the components used. Its streamlined style and classy look make it a favourite with riders who want the option of leaving the road if the occasion arises.
As mountain bikers come in different shapes and sizes, so do the mountain bikes themselves.
Finally, and this is always important, mountain bikes come in different prices depending on the materials used to make the bike and the features each bike offers.

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