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Ladies ' town bikes are characterised by a relaxed riding position with dramatically lowered centre bars for easy mount and dismount in a dress or skirt.
Newer town bikes are sometimes also known as hybrids, whilst the vintage models which have an upright frame are often also referred to as 'Dutch Style' town bikes.
Classic town bikes were made from steel with diamond frames, rod-actuated brakes, and upright handlebars. The ladies' version of the design had a step-through frame rather than the diamond frame of the gentlemen's model, so that ladies could easily mount and ride their bicycles in dresses and skirts. The traditional models are now becoming popular again in countries throughout the world, largely due to the resurgence of the bicycle as a viable local city transport solution. When choosing a bike it is important to decide whether the choice is for a new town bike, second hand or even vintage model. Steel frames are less expensive in general than the aluminium frames but tend to be noticeably heavier. The weight of the bike is important to bear in mind, particularly if it may have to be lifted over steps during a commute. Be aware when searching on eBay for a ladies' town bike of the variables in adjusting the bike for comfort. When considering the best gearing for a ladies' town bicycle, think about the loads which may be carried on the bike and how hilly frequently used routes may be.
Whichever type of bicycle is chosen, it is possible to customise functions to suit the rider better.
When choosing a bike on eBay, make sure the seat can be set to a height that will allow the legs to extend until they are almost totally straight when sitting on the seat. A common mistake is for riders to think that they should be able to sit on their seat and still plant their feet firmly on the ground but this can result in a seating position that is too low. Both classic Dutch style bikes and modern town bikes tend to have lever operated hub brakes which are low maintenance and rarely need to be replaced.
Rim brakes are attached to the wheel rims and work like a clamp on the wheel when the brake levers are pulled by a cable, thus attaching a hold onto the wheel rim. Disc brakes are usually fitted on road bikes or mountain bikes when stopping quickly and efficiently from high speed is required, but will not generally be found on a ladies' town bike. Perhaps one of the most important elements, equal to all the practical considerations, is an aesthetic preference and style choice for a bicycle which is a very individual choice. To search for ladies' town bikes, visit the Sport & Leisure portal category on the home page. Huffy Cranbrook Ladies Single Speed Cruiser (26378) is a cruiser bike product from Huffy Bicycles.
Because folding bikes are very adjustable, they can be adjusted to fit almost any woman of any size - tall or short. There are a number of different features to look for in a folding bike, all of which are different than what one would normally consider in choosing a standard bike. If you are likely to fold and unfold your bike nearly every day, you want the process to be easy. You should work with any bike you are considering for yourself, comparing one to another to see which are fast and easy to fold-and, which are not. Choosing a folding bike means picking the right bike for the buyer's individual needs, style and budget. Town bikes differ from other bikes as they are purely intended for short-hop town riding as opposed to technical mountain bike riding, or more strenuous long distance rides.

They often come pre-fitted with a rack on the rear wheel and a basket on the front combine function and style with convenience. They had a single gear ratio or 3-speed hub gears, a chain case, steel mudguards, and often a 'Sturmey-Archer' hub dynamo. They commonly came with a skirt guard to prevent clothing from becoming entangled in the rear wheel and spokes of the bike.
This suits the roadster model due to its upright riding position and ability to carry shopping. These factors will depend greatly on budget, whether or not there is a strong desire to look for something that has been pre-loved, or whether vintage style is the aim. Single speed, or fixed gear bicycles are available but are generally not best for the commuting purposes which most ladies' town bicycles are purchased for.
As a rule of thumb, the more hills that are needed to climb, or if a heavier load is frequently carried, a larger number of gears is advisable. All the machinery is enclosed in a type of gearbox in the rear hub which keeps the whole component clean and reliable. With a foot on the pedal there should be only a slight bend to the knee, to ensure an efficient cycling position to minimise fatigue. Be mindful of working components such as brakes and gears and check their ability to operate as they should. These may also be called V-brakes, or rim brakes, which are very cost effective and will be what most modern town bikes are equipped with. Since a ladies' town bike is for short rides and not long commutes, the greatest enjoyment comes from enjoying the ride and ownership of it.
Type in specific searches such as ''Ladies ' vintage town bike'', '' hybrid ladies town bike '' or other terms required; using the search feature helps the right item to be located. Being clear on what style of bike is required, and asking the right questions when buying will help to locate the ideal bike for from the marketplace on eBay.
This Huffy Cranbrook Ladies Single Speed Cruiser (26378) will be delivered directly to your door with fast shipping time. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. BicycleBikeMall is everything regarding bicycle bike, such as: BMX bike, children's bike, comfort bike, cross-country mountain bike, cruiser bike, cyclocross bike, dirt Jumper bike, downhill Mountain bike, electric bicycle, folding bike, hybrid bike, mountain bike, recumbent bike, road bike, tandem bike, track bike, trail mountain bike, triathlon bike, and urban bike around the web, we also have unicycle collection.
BicycleBikeMall might refer users to look for complimentary products at Amazon, when relevant. What a folding bicycle lacks in power and speed, it definitely makes up for in the ability to ride easily and carry anywhere. Designed to allow any sized person to transport or store it more easily and conveniently when you are not riding it.
A commuter might take the bus, tube or train to a stop near his or her workplace, then ride the bike the rest of the way. You take the train to the city you want to visit, then use your folder for local transportation. You will be grateful for the effort the first time you are tired, late, and the weather is terrible.
Although no bicycle chain is ever fully covered, a cover over part of the chain reduces the possibility of staining clothes. This comes from a combination of design compromises that are made in order to make the bike easy to fold and carry.

Tyres with knobby treads are usually best for riding on unpaved trails or roadways, but are not quiet or comfortable when used on pavement. Six gears provide the greatest flexibility for hilly terrain-though with more weight, complexity, and expense.
In constantly growing and congested urban areas, more and more people are choosing to ride bicycles instead of driving cars as their main mode of transportation. Town bikes were also known as ''Roadsters '' and were built for durability as opposed to speed; they were used prolifically by policemen and postmen. The benefit of a ladies' town bike is that the stronger frames, wider tyres and big wheels can tackle all the obstacles of cycling in town - namely drains, kerbs and the inevitable potholes.
In the United Kingdom, a number of bicycle manufacturers have produced updated versions of the classic design (such as Pashley Cycles). These are small fixing points on the bicycle which enable extras such as a luggage rack or basket to be quickly and easily affixed to the frame. Also look out for areas of rust, poorly welded joints on frames, and general wear and tear.
Look over the photographs feel free to ask the Seller aa question if needed for further clarification.
Buy Huffy Cranbrook Ladies Single Speed Cruiser (26378) (B001CEKO7C) and increase your cycling experience today.
If the bike is to be used for commuting or touring, the rail or bus or tube line may have size limits on what is allowed. If you plan to use a luggage rack, be sure that mounting the rack does not affect the folding of the bike in any way. European and Dutch Style models tended to have a higher handlebar position for a more upright riding posture. Many more are imported from the continent such as those from Dutch manufacturers like Royal Dutch Gazelle.
There are also many restored vintage bicycles available on eBay which will be perfectly strong and durable enough for light commuting and may suit personal aesthetic preferences. It is usually possible to find a way to fix extras onto a bicycle model without these, but buying a bicycle with them already on may allow a greater degree of flexibility later on. And since you are not in a race, folding bikes can often be the best choice for your transportation. Most experts agree the fit between bicycle and rider is the most important element in selecting any sort of pedal bike. Bikes get around the traffic congestion better than cars and are more flexible than public transportation. The vintage models are popular in cities such as Oxford and Cambridge as inner city and student transport for flat terrains and, more increasingly, London. Though the experience of riding a folding bike is different to that of riding a normal bike, it can be very positive and uniquely exciting.

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