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Joinfit Kylin Streamlined Weighted Vest helps you improve your cardio conditioning and strength, giving you more power, speed, and agility in everything you do.
Our physical sample room in Fortress Hill is NOT A SHOP, there are only sample of most products on display for clients who need to see and try before making purchae decision. RETAIL CLIENTS ATTENTION PLEASECalling or emailing to schedule sample room APPOINTMENT IS NECESSARY. Though our major business focus is institutional clients, because of popular demand from members of our clients, now we also sell to the public but only as a mail order company.
The sample room in Fortress Hill Hong Kong will be closed for a month from 19 April for renovation. This is made easier with the easy glide wheels that add stability and balance to your movement. By courtesy of Big Boy Barbell Club Please subscribe to their online training video service if you like their training programs.
Recommended and used by athletes, sports trainers, massage & physical therapists and chiropractors. Ergonomically designed, non slip grips increase comfort, reduce hand fatigue and facilitate greater massage pressure. The Joinfit Soft Surface Sport Massage Stick offers thick, nylon handles and a 7″ rolling surface. The Joinfit Soft Surface Sport Massage Stick is the perfect size to self-massage legs, arms, feet, the lower back and neck. The Joinfit Power Sled turns your hard work during practice to real time results on the field. These slides are step-by-step instructions on how to buy Joinfit fitness equipment with a credit card in this online shop in Hong Kong and Macao.
After going through the slides, you will learn that all it takes is only a dozen of clicks and some delivery address typing, then 2 to 4 working days later you will be able to workout with your new Joinfit fitness equipment! Joinfit gym grade round rubber dumbbells combine one-piece cast heads with steel inserts, bolted onto the handle. NEVER FALL APARTOne piece solid cast and steel head - will not spin or come loose like bulky pro-style dumbbells.
Reviews from The Last 3 Buyers Who RespondedRicci Riche - Pokfulam Road - 16th July 2015I've had these for a month now and these weights are exactly as I had hoped. HOW MUCH WEIGHT DO I NEED FOR DUMBBELLS?HOW MUCH WEIGHT DO I NEED FOR DUMBBELLS?Using dumbbells, or free weights, in your exercise program yields benefits such as strengthening and toning targeted muscles and muscle groups.

BEGINNERSBeginners should use light dumbbells to prevent injury or strain to muscles and joints, ligaments and tendons. FORM AND TECHNIQUE ARE MOST IMPORTANT, NOT WEIGHTIf you've never used dumbbells before, No matter what the programs are, it's best to start with lower weights so you can adjust to the shape of your dumbbells, become accustomed to holding them in your hands during exercise and learn proper form and technique before advancing to heavier weights. WARNING: Please note that Power Development programs call for few reps of explosive moves, such as swings, clean, jerk and snatch etc.
FOR FAT LOSS, ENDURANCE AND TONINGMen and women who want to tone their muscles or lose fat but not add bulk should keep their dumbbell weight lower than higher. While using ligter weights for fat loss or endurance programs is certain, the key to fat loss or endurance improvement rely less on how much weight you exactly lift, it is more about a good combination of how long your exercise in target heart rate zone, limited rest time between sets, preset frequency of exercises in a period, and most important of all, your nutrition. The molded handles and pedals not only allow for a secure grip but add an element of comfort as well.
It was uniquely designed with pedals so exercisers can utilize both their hands and feet in the workout.
The bench features seven different angles of adjustment between 90 degree vertical, three incline-angles, flat and one decline-angle, letting you customize your workouts to focus on your upper and lower body or core.
Never cold to the touch, the high density, shock absorbing, durable massage foam won’t deteriorate like most foam. The small size and light weight, weighing just 150 grams, make it the perfect on-the-go tool for everything from an athletic kit to a carry-on bag.
It is a rolling massager which helps relieve sore, tight, cramping, fatigued and stiff muscles by helping restore muscular balance. It is the 1st choice for training for explosive and intensive speed required in a variety of sports.
They are gym quality and solid, with nice grips that have a grid so you don't lose grip but not too rough so you don't need gloves. It's so nice to switch from the adjustables - which were questionable in their quality - to this very solid set.
If the dumbbells feel light to you, first consider increasing your number of repetitions or sets instead of poundage.
Practice an exercise like an overhead shoulder press without weights, then with light weights.
These are complicated moves, make sure you have mastered the moves from qualified trainers to avoid injuries.
Other features include a electronics pocket for an iPod or small MP3 player, reflective stripes, and a temperature-controlled design.

The pedals come with adjustable toe and heel fasteners to ensure that your feet don’t slip, no matter how vigorous your workout is. The stick is great for helping individuals perform solo massage therapy on their feet, calves, shins, hamstrings, quads, IT bands, lower back and neck. Push it or pull it, the sled is the perfect training tool for developing powerful leg drive and improving overall acceleration and speed. The shipping was fre and SF Express called me to schedule and then dropped it off at my front door. For example, a beginner should start with 5 to 10lb (~2.5kg to 5kg) dumbbells in each hand and perform up to 12 or 15 repetitions of exercises like single-arm rows, lateral raises, upright rows, hammer curls, biceps curls and triceps extensions. You'll notice that the exercise itself is more difficult, and that you need to engage more muscles to help you lift that weight.
It helps relieve muscle tension, aches and pains due to trigger points and overworked, sore muscles.
The one piece design offers many benefits, this series are smaller than conventional dumbbells and accurate in weight. Factor in poundage, the number of repetitions and your overall health and exercise experience when choosing dumbbell weights. For increased focus and intensity, perform two to three sets of each exercise or exercise circuit. Concentrate on holding your stomach in and using good posture and body mechanics lifting a 5 to 10-pound (~2.5kg to 5kg) dumbbell on each side to start. Furthermore, molded end caps with numbers permanently marked prevent stickers from coming off during use. Consult your doctor before beginning any new weightlifting or other exercise regimen, also consult a trainer if you have no idea which direction to go. All not only giving you the ability to become more explosive during the game, but also train your full body to exert more force than is needed and thus making your overall speed and acceleration Faster overtime.
I was a little hesitant at first, I didn't quite like it at first cuz the smell was strong when I first open them, but as time went on so did the smell over a monthDonnald Chammbers - Tai Wai - 12th July 2015The weight is nice and round with a good mid handle.

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