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Buy Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer the Heavy Duty Elliptical Cross Trainer that's Large, Powerful and for Home Use. With dual handlebars you can use the Fuel Fitness FE44 Elliptical Trainer as a step machine when you hold the static handlebars or as an elliptical trainer when you hold the moving handlebars. You also get free next day delivery so if you order today you can be cross training at home tomorrow. The elliptical trainer even includes stereo speakers built into the digital display area, you can plug in your MP3 player or iPod or even your mobile phone if you want to make and receive calls whilst your exercising. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The LOXON XTR from FINNLO has everything that an excellent elliptical trainer needs: a precise training computer going up to 400 Watts, modern design and, most importantly, comfort.
You can do effective cardio training at home with the FINNLO Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer ergometer. The Loxon Elliptical Cross Trainer from FINNLO is your perfect training partner for intensive workouts that build endurance and are easy on your joints. The simultaneous movement in the arms also incorporates the entire upper body into your workout. The Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer is controlled via the premium computer with blue backlight LCD monitor.
Pulse measurement can be taken via an optional chest strap or via the integrated hand pulse sensors.
You'll be impressed with the perfect training ergonomy of the FINNLO Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer after just the first workout session. The 20 kg flywheel mass on the FINNLO Loxon XTR is driven by a maintenance-free grooved belt. So that the elliptical cross trainer can be used by everyone in the family, the Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer-ergometer is equipped with treads that adjust 3 ways. Start your endurance training with a brief warm-up to acclimate your body to the upcoming challenge.
The FINNLO Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer offers you comfortable and varied cardio training at home. You control all of the functions on the FINNLO Loxon XTR centrally via the extensive training computer.
Precision ball bearings and a 20-kg flywheel mass guarantee optimal operation and ultimate training comfort. The gentle and round movements are a lot of fun and very well suited also for people who are overweight. Kijiji Alerts are an email notification service where Kijiji users can have the newest Ads sent to your email address.
Life Fitness X Series - X3i Cross Trainer - in new condition I have original assembly and operation manual, and heart rate belt.
Buy Cintura 2000 Magnetic Elliptical Cross Trainer the Quality Elliptical Trainer with Dual Handlebar Action for Stepper.
Large footplates mean your feet won't be hitting the front of the cross trainer or falling of the back of the footplates.
You even get a water bottle included which conveniently clips to the side of the elliptical cross trainer and is in easy reach.

Pedalling forwards (clockwise) or backwards (anticlockwise) means lifting your feet up and down on the cross trainer pedals in a forward or reverse motion. If you need to move the elliptical trainer you can lift the front handlebars up off the ground and wheels will come into contact with the ground at the back of the elliptical trainer which will let you push the elliptical trainer along the floor for moving from room to room. Do you have questions about the products or would you like to order by telephone?Our fitness trainers and product advisors look forward to your call or email! Comfort is provided by a high-tech self-aligning ball bearing, which ensures perfectly quiet operation with absolutely no friction and make using the elliptical trainer feel like you're walking on air.The LOXON XTR is a class HA elliptical ergometer. The especially precise, HA-class intensity control is perfect for health-oriented cross training. The round motion protects cartilage, tendons and bones, because the feet remain in constant contact with the tread surface.
It activates the shoulders, arms and chest, which are defined through the endurance exercises. The intensity control is RPM-dependent and can be set via the modern LCD display with blue backlight. The reversal point can be easily reached for optimal comfort, allowing you to concentrate fully on your workout.
Performance measurement is especially precise with class HA, making it perfectly suited for health-oriented fitness training. 12 intensity profiles with peak and valley variations, as well as 4 pulse-controlled programmes with individual resistance settings on 32 levels provide for long-lasting training fun. The elliptical cross trainer is driven by a maintenance-free grooved belt, which is regulated by an induction brake system.
In case of a return, we ask you to contact us previously by mail or phone so we can arrange the pick up for you. After a few months of a trial period at the gym I cancelled my registration due to lack of time and decided to buy a home fitness device.
The dynamic movement is optimally suited to improve your endurance and boost your cardiovascular system. The 4 pulse-controlled programmes with a maximum and minimum heart rate guarantee that you remain in the right pulse range during the entirety of your workout.
Based on your resting heart rate progression, the training computer calculates your fitness mark, displayed like a school mark between 1 and 6 – for maximum motivation! A high-tech ball-joint bearing, joints with double ball bearings, and a precise induction brake system guarantee smooth operation. The sturdy frame construction of the Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer allows for users up to 150 kg. Subsequently increase the resistance, but be sure that you can do exercise session of 30-40 minutes. The dynamic movements on the elliptical cross trainer promote your cardiovascular system, burn fat reserves, and build a slim, toned body. The practical adjustment options on the treads make the Loxon XTR a perfect fit for every body size. Unfortunately I had to arrange for the assembly myself, since the assembly service did not manage to schedule an appointment after nearly 2 weeks.
I thought a simple bicycle for home use would be too boring, so I decided to buy a crosstrainer.

All rights reserved.Google, Google Play, YouTube and other marks are trademarks of Google Inc. The simultaneous movement of the arms activates the upper body to burn a high amount of calories – optimal for weight and fat loss. Depending on the intensity setting, the focus is on either endurance or strength components.
As soon as you exceed or dip below your pulse range, the intelligent system in your FINNLO Loxon XTR elliptical cross trainer automatically adjusts the resistance to reduce or increase the intensity.
The movable swinging arms are covered with a soft, comfortable foam and make working out more pleasant, even during very strenuous sequences. This is important, since many training specifications for cardio equipment are indicated as percentages. Maximum cardio comfort, health-oriented cross training and total safety – that what the Loxon XTR Elliptical Cross Trainer from FINNLO stands for.
Finally, lower the intensity back to the starting level and run slowly for another 5-10 minutes. The Loxon XTR runs very, very smoothly and there is no difference to the machines at my gym. On the elliptical trainer, heart rate is conveniently measured using the optionally available chest strap or grip sensors.A collection of 12 resistance profiles and 4 heart rate programs allow you to vary your training at home. The practical quick start buttons bring you directly to the Watt menu or the pulse programmes.
Three workouts per week is optimal to achieve better performance and to reduce your body fat. The movement is a little different though, but I enjoy exercising on it and it's easy on the joints.
With Quick Start and Quick HRC buttons you can jump right into your cardio training without having to adjust any settings – perfect for athletes who just want to keep it simple!
I haven't read the instructions for the computer in detail yet, but increasing and decreasing the resistance is no problem. Even though my decision was made, I still called the hotline to get some more information about the device.
The internal system is an electromagnetic braking system (EMS) which guarantees a particularly precise watt setting and watt-controlled programming. Wattages between 25 and 400 Watts can be set, so that one can choose between a very easy and very hard level of exercise. Setting the 40 resistance levels via the computer is very easy and only requires the push of a button. The relatively high momentum of the system (around 20 kg) becomes noticeable when pedalling, the system does not shake and the movement is nice and smooth. There are three different settings for the foot plates, allowing the user to have the optimum stance on the machine. The heart rate is measured from the ear or optionally via a chest strap (which is not supplied).

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