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With the launch of Bike Master, a brand new portal dedicated to motorcycle purchases, you can now buy your bike at the click of a button. With an increasing number of consumers taking to the internet to help with purchasing decisions and even finish their shopping online, entrepreneur Sandesh Duggad has launched Bike Master – an online portal dedicated to two-wheeler shopping.
This one-of-a-kind website allows potential buyers to select the bike of their choice from a range of multi-brand options which will be delivered to the customer’s doorstep.
Although BikeMaster currently operates in Mumbai only, the company is looking to expand across Maharashtra by the end of the year. As the demand is rising for quality motorcycles, the dealers are trying new approaches to reach more customers.
According to a survey of techtunes (about 30% people use internet for researching and finding information. After browsing through Carmudi I found trusted and top vehicle dealers like Car Haat, Car Max and bike dealers like Bajaj Point are offering a huge number of bikes and cars in the website. If you go to a marketplace like Carmudi, you can refine your search by above mentioned conditions. The online marketplaces are becoming a trend in Bangladesh and the development of the web is being faster and faster everyday.

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Photo from the CB2 Summer 2011 catalog.It's spring (for most of us) and cycling is in the air.
Surprisingly, not only the young generation but also middle age even an increasing number of older pupils are considering having a bike rather than car.
As more and more people are having access to the internet, sellers and dealers are focusing on e-commerce and online marketing. So, the dealers want to present information about their stock, quality of products, specifications and service via internet.
Therefore, the numbers of stable, trusted and good quality online marketplaces are limited. The biggest concern with general marketplaces like bikroy or cellbazaar is that, the sellers are mostly selling their personal vehicles therefore not trusted and professional. This means the dealers and sellers will provide ads of their stock and you can find them by category. So, now it is our chance to make the best use of this source for finding the bike that best suite our choice.

If you hadn't noticed, Crate & Barrel's youthfully oriented furniture spin-off CB2 has some great city bikes on its cover, and they are selling these bikes, Abuelo (means 'grandpa' in Spanish) and Abuela (grandma) almost, but not fully assembled, at their stores. Following this, a company representative collects the documents from the customer’s registered address, and transfer formalities are complete, and vehicle delivered within seven days.
Made by Florida-based Republic Bikes, Abuelo and Abuela are pretty, practical city bikes, and will satisfy the spring urge. This way the chance of getting the expected product is much higher and trust plays a big role when I decide to buy something like a bike.
But it is actually a good sign because few years ago we couldn’t think of a marketplace like this. Pack said Republic is offering a type of bike - colorful and customizable Dutch and fixie bikes - that aren't really offered by the majority of bike retailers or local bike shops.Yet Pack was very careful to stress the importance of a local bike shop in a cyclist's life. But in both cases, final tweaking of the bike at a bike shop - and developing some type of long-term relationship with a bike mechanic or store - is part of the cyclist's responsibility.Pack said that Republic's experience with new bike buyers that buy online is that they are relatively well informed when they come to the site, and Republic's online 3D Bike Shop makes it fairly easy to customize a bike exactly how you want it.

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