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Photo via Renovo.At last count, Portland had 3 dozen small-scale bike frame builders - everything from Sasha White's beautiful Vanilla Bikes to Joseph Ahearne's sturdy and cheerful cycle trucks. If you are interested in a little off-road biking, and gearing up for some adventure, then the mountain bike would be your best bet. If you are thinking of a mountain bike, bear this in mind: using the thicker tires and heavier frame makes normal, everyday riding a little slower. These are perfect for commuters, combining an upright, still durable frame, with lighter wheels and a smaller frame.  They are a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike (hence the name) and perfect for everyday use.
Mountain and hybrid bicycles can come in the form of comfort, with an upright riding position and lower gearing. You might have seen these “reclined” bikes on the road, with feet forward and a full seat with back.
It’s recommended to go to an actual bike dealer, as opposed to a large store that just stocks bikes. Women can use men’s bikes and vice versa – often, they are the same, other than the cross bar.
Bicycles can have over eight sizes, but the easiest way to narrow it down is using the length of your inseam to find the correct frame size.
The dealer wants you to be pleased with your purchase (otherwise, you should seek out a new store), so they should willingly suggest you go take it for a short ride. If your dealer is talking bicycle mumbo-jumbo, and you stare blankly at them in return, feel free to ask. Less expensive bikes that are still excellent quality (especially for fitness or a lot of commuting) start at around $650 and can run into the thousands. Keep yourself up to date, with what is going on in the Ecoki Community by subscribing to the Ecoki RSS Feed.
Best Buy is clearing some shelf space for e-bikes, starting with the Brammo Enertia pictured above, which can hit speeds up to 50mph.
The Brammo will whirr into select locations July 6 and retail for about $12,000 and qualifies for a 10% federal tax credit.
The iZip and A2B, however, retail for around $2,000 to $4,000 depending on the model but, sadly, don’t come anywhere near 50mph. Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure.
Oddly, despite having two brake levers, the Pilen doesn’t seem to have a front brake. This bike, despite its looks, is a folder, squishing down to a backpack-sized collection of carbon fiber rods and tubes. Bridge says that the bike should last for around six months in normal use, and the non-card parts can simply be reused on the next one.

The central conceit is the cable replacing one section of the frame (the down tube), which renders it pretty much theft-proof. The "buy local" mentality in Portland helps create a small but dedicated market of consumers willing to pay more for a locally-produced bike.
Not only are they better for the environment than an automobile, but they are also a great way to improve your health and enjoy the outdoors.
Here are some basics to buying your new bike, whether it’s your first one or a much-needed upgrade.
Mountain bikes include different gears (most often, 15+), a stronger frame, thicker, knobbier tires, and often some form of shock-absorbancy.
With their streamlined, aerodynamic shape and thin, smooth tires, they are built for speed and flow.
The owner(s) and staff in bike-specific specialty stores can advise you on appropriate bicycles for your needs, and will take the time to treat you respectively and efficiently.
Department stores and large sporting good chains often aren’t equipped with higher-end bicycles and staff know-how.
Like most people knowledgeable in their field, I’m sure they love to talk about any bike information that people will let them.
But if you are a woman, you might want to opt for a women-specific seat, to carry wider hips. If you’re opting for only using it to get from A to B, you might want to spend a little less. A‚A It has a range of about 45 miles and, since you can get a Kia for about the same price or multiple Honda Ruckus scooters, it will likely be a toy for rich people to show off to their friends. Despite being an almost perfect design already, the reworkings of the humble bicycle seem almost endless. Based on 1930s Le Mans racing bikes, the Pilen Concept is designed by Eric Therner for Swedish company Pilen Bikes.
Hitting the trails on the back of a powerful dirt bike is a great way to unwind with friends while getting an adrenaline rush at the same time. But Renovo Bicycle's Ken Wheeler says while local is great, steel and aluminum-framed bicycles are not the greenest, due to the energy intensity of the raw materials. Unless you give in ice-laden land, a bike is a great investment to add years to the planet – and your life. Going to a bike dealership optimizes the experience by having knowledgeable staff to help you make adjustments to fit your needs. If you aren’t keen on the comfort level of the seat, opt to buy a whole new seat instead, as opposed to a ten dollar gel padding.
Additionally, if you live in a busy area and locking it outside as you work inside for eight hours, you might want to consider spending less, in case of theft or damage.

With bicycles, you pay for what you get (for the most part), and you pay for extras that you might decide you need (or not). I’ve been through plenty of cranks in the past, for example, and those were made of metal. As you twist a dial on the handlebar, it changes the angle between two steel plates in the hub, adjusting the torque. So, add us to your ad blocker’s whitelist or pay $1 per week for an ad-free version of WIRED. Simple and almost worthy of Alexander the Great in it’s ingenuity (Alex was the Gordian knot guy).
The design was first envisioned by Leonardo da Vinci in the 1490s, and it can be yours for a mere $3,000.
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If you look at the most beautiful and delightful children's push bikes out there, most of them are constructed from wood. And wood was the material used for the very first velocipeds back in the early decades of the 1800's - the frames of the drasines were made from wood. But the old-fashioned bikes had heavy frames, while Renovo hollows its frames.Magic carpet rideAt the Renovo studio in inner southeast Portland, Wheeler is quick to point out that Renovo's bike frames are NOT handmade in the traditional sense, and couldn't be. That last, the hands on craftmanship includes a lot of hand sanding!Renovo takes sold wood planks (using wood such as ash, fir, bobinga), glues the planks into a triangle shape, then hollows out this rudimentary frame. From there the frame is sanded, and an epoxy process similar to than in high-end boat building is applied to coat and seal the wood. Wheeler maintains this frame can be made as stiff as carbon fiber or better, and with a fatigue life rivaling carbon and better than aluminum or steel. And Wheeler says a Renovo bike with a wood frame will be a better shock absorber than steel, aluminum or carbon fiber.What about green?Wheeler is careful not to make an all-out claim for the greeness of Renovo bikes overall - he agreed that a life-cycle analysis of different types of bicycles is urgently needed. And Renovo uses aluminum and steel third party components.Renovo bikes, he said, are made from "sustainable" (though now FSC) hardwoods as well as bamboo, and use low VOC finishes. What speaks for their sustainability even more, Wheeler explained, is their initial low carbon footprint and their durability. Renovo expects their wooden bikes to last as long or longer than carbon frame bikes, and nicks or dents can be sanded out to make a brand-new looking bike.So why would riding a wooden bike from Renovo or even Organic Bikes save a tree? Wheeler says it's due to the fact that mining is tied in many cases to clear-cutting, and he gives the example of the Grande Carajas project in Brazil.And of course, the woods Renovo is using in their frames are a renewable resource, more environmentally friendly in carbon footprint than either steel, aluminum, or carbon fiber, which is made from high temperature processing of propylene.

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