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The 11R is designed for performance with carbon-fiber drive arms along with a Shimano eleven-speed hub, allowing users to access lower gears for better ability maneuver hillier terrain and two additional higher gears for increased speed on flatter terrain or on downhill descents. The price is a concern for some, coming in at $3,499, well over the average price of even the most elite elliptical trainers. The ElliptiGo 11R features the highest option of speeds at 11, with a super light aluminum frame and carbon-fiber arms for an even smoother and lighter ride.
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An elliptical trainer is one of your best weapons when it comes to weight loss and weight maintenance.
In simple terms an elliptical trainer closely mimics the motions of running and allows you to do this without stepping outside and with little or no impact. The early models were somewhat different to the sleek designer style that exists today, although the basics have remained the same.
In order for the average elliptical trainer to work it needs two key elements – a drive and resistance. Front drives are not as good as rear drives nor do they mimic the running motion as smoothly. It can be adjusted automatically or manually depending on the model and the more resistance applied, more effort is required to push the drive system. The stride length comes into play with each and every model with a more natural ‘run’ experienced if the stride length can be adjusted to create a personalized fit for a user. The control panel on the higher end models of elliptical trainers contains a wealth of information. Elliptical training machines come in a few different styles to address different kinds of workout and the fitness abilities of the user.
Probably the most important benefit to using one of these machines is that they are simple to operate.
Another huge bonus to exercising on an elliptical trainer is that it is a non-impact activity.
One of the most amazing benefits available to you from using an elliptical exercise machine is a total body workout. Because of the potential full body workout from an elliptical trainer, you can burn a number of calories with each session. Because elliptical trainers are so popular and have been proven to bring results to those who use them, a number of quality brands and models are available. There is no doubt that either adding or exclusively using an elliptical trainer as part of your regular workout routine will produce results. Elliptical trainer benefits also include ease of use and more importantly the ability to receive a full body workout without the pain or potential injuries that can occur from impact style exercises. Another elliptical trainer benefit is the many features available with the most impressive and useful being a control panel that not only tells you information about your workout, some can be programmed to increase or decrease the intensity of your exercise session depending on your fitness goals.
We compile information from a variety of sources about all the different Elliptical Trainers and Accessories available on the market today.
All of this so that you don't have to bounce around from site to site doing a bunch of diligent research before you buy. If you have questions or problems with your product, please call 1 (800) NAUTILUS (628–8458). Cheap Treadmills are delighted to offer the excellent Marcy Home Gym Package - Exercise Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine.
For this great price, the Marcy Home Gym Package - Exercise Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine is highly recommended and is a regular choice for many people. Workout Bike Description: A strong magnetic cycle featuring 8 ranges of magnetic resistance, gentle contact hand pulse sensors and LCD work out keep an eye on displays time, velocity, distance, calories and pulse values.
Cheap Treadmills are currently offering the popular Olympic Pulse 2-in-1 Cross Trainer And Exercise Bike at a great price. Cheap Treadmills are happy to offer the brilliant Confidence 2 in 1 Elliptical Cross Trainer & Bike. The 11R is also the lightest in the series, weighing in at just 39.4 pounds, making this trainer ideal for speed and maneuverability.
And for the price, the 11R has similar features to models that are hundreds of dollars cheaper. Overall, this is a very pricey trainer but it is an impressive model when you consider the multiple features that make this trainer so easy to use on a variety of terrains and in a variety of conditions.

The 11R has the ability to go up to 25 mph, with a comfortable average cruising speed of 15 mph. If you are looking for an outdoor elliptical trainer to use for racing, or more challenging terrain, this model is ideal as it is the most light-weight and features the most speeds, or levels of resistance. That’s why the Livestrong LS13.0E-2 Elliptical Trainer features a SixStar certified frame, which is a great characteristic of popular elliptical trainers from Horizon Fitness.
But before we explore what one of these devices can do we should take a closer look at what they are and what some of their features are. The machine itself dates back to about the 1990s and became wildly popular because it allowed runners and non-runners a safe and effective way to lose weight. The upper handles did not move in the first few models as they were actually expected to be used to provide balance but they eventually became movable which increased the popularity and demand of these machines. The drive system is what you move when you start pushing up or down on the foot pedals and pushing or pulling the handles with your hands.
It is important to actually ‘test drive’ an elliptical exercise machine before purchasing one to determine if the stride length is going to work for you if it is on a model that does not feature an adjustable stride option. Typically it includes a battery-powered LCD screen and there may be a number of push buttons that will tell you a lot of different facts about your workout.
The one benefit that attracts a lot of attention to the use of this device is that you can actually increase your aerobic capacity. Long distance runners, sprinters and cross country runners typically experience injuries involving knees, ankles and various other joints and ligaments resulting from the jarring they experience from the pounding motion while running on grass, pavement or a track. It may be hard to believe at first, but with the legs moving and arms keeping up in rhythm you can not only improve your cardiovascular system but you can also work most of the muscles in your upper and lower body.
The Harvard Health Publications Department has determined that in a thirty minute workout you can burn up to four hundred calories. Companies including Schwinn, Proform, Stamina, Exerpeutic and Body Rider all have designed machines for use as cross trainers.
Not only can you burn calories which results in weight loss, you can do it easily and quickly with one of these machines.
The full body workout benefits also mean that for users with little space or are not able to create a home gym they can still exercise in the fraction of the room required nor do they have to risk weather conditions to run outdoors.
They also provide you with valuable information to allow you to track your progress as well as have options to assist you in personalizing a workout. An elli[ Read More ]Nustep T4r Recumbent Cross Trainer: Is This The Best Elliptical Cross Trainer? The Marcy Home Gym Package - Exercise Bike, Elliptical Cross Trainer and Rowing Machine is certainly that and will be a superb purchase. Cross Trainer Description: A compact elliptical trainer featuring transport wheels for ease of movement and storage. For example, even though the 11R is a more elite performance trainer, the cruising speed is still just over 15 mph and the climbing grade still at 20 to 30%, like the 8C model. Users can also choose from eleven levels of resistance, or speeds, and climb up to a 20-30% grade. However, if you are looking for an outdoor elliptical trainer for basic everyday use on flatter or smoother terrain, you may not need all of the additional endurance and performance features and so you can save a few hundred dollars and go with the other more inexpensive models in the series. It also meant that for many who switched to using an elliptical machine, they didn’t really need a home gym stocked with all kinds of weights and gadgets.
With handles that move, you can accomplish a more natural ‘running stance and motion’ with swinging arms.
The drive is usually located at the rear of the machine and may look like a large covered wheel shape.
While most higher end models feature the drive at the rear of the machine, the less expensive models often have it positioned at the front of the device. The tighter the brakes, the harder it is to make the drive move – or the higher the resistance.
Resistance is also used on an elliptical trainer to simulate hills or different types of terrain to add to a work out session. They can include such things as distance travelled, time of use, heart rate, calories burned and many other pieces of information to assist you as you monitor individual progress. A cross trainer is similar but is closer in motion to that of a stair climber than a fluid running motion.
With an elliptical machine there is no impact which allows you to receive a great workout without the pain.

The numbers vary depending on your weight and fitness level but it is correct to say any amount of exercise on one of these machines will help you to lose weight and to keep it off.
Schwinn is probably best known as the manufacturer of quality bicycles and bicycle parts with the others having experience in the fitness world.
In addition, you will experience increased lung capacity which builds stamina and allows you to engage in other activities for longer periods of time. For a total body workout you must take a look at elliptical trainers to reach your fitness goals.
Elliptical cross trainer attributes 8 ranges of manually adjustable resistance and on board work out computer which screens time, velocity, distance, calories, pulse and scan facilities.
The 11R features a 409% total gear range, which means that for the same pedaling speed, a user could travel over four times as fast in top gear as bottom.
The 11R is a uniquely designed, elite-level outdoor elliptical bike for advanced cross-training, and a low-impact, cardio workout, with the ability to navigate challenging terrain with comfort and optimal performance and endurance. It’s reasonably priced and being SixStar Certified guarantees the machine’s biomechanics is almost perfect. The elliptical trainer provided an overall body workout without taking up much more space than a treadmill – and removed the pounding action experienced on a treadmill.
This design change introduced an upper body exercise that was not available in the original elliptical trainer and ultimately increased the potential calories burned per workout. Some are even programmable to add elements to your workout such as resistance and incline in models that have these options.
There’s also recumbent or seated elliptical trainers which are used in a seated position and still work the arms and legs.
As there is no special training required before using an elliptical exercise machine so you can begin your workout as soon as you step onto it. The stronger your lungs are, the more oxygen they can hold and the more efficiently they use that oxygen. Involving your complete body in such a workout also strengthens muscles and ligaments that would otherwise require a number of different exercise machines to properly address. Rowing Machine Description: Light-weight, ultra compact, folding rowing machine for ease of use and storage. When it comes to the frame, the 11R aluminum frame weighs 39.4 pounds, and comes in between 50 to 58 inches in height when in operation.
Combining the six elements (check the picture bellow), it delivers a smooth and natural motion as well as a comfortable experience.
As well as elliptical trainers, you can also choose from the best folding treadmills  and recumbent bikes for low impact exercise for home use.
With an increased aerobic capacity you will be able to do most any activity for a longer period of time without having to rest. Featuring 8 different ranges of magnetic resistance and on board computer which screens time, distance, stroke count, calories, strokes per minute and pulse. When the steering column is folded, the trainer can be shortened to 35 inches, which is perfect for indoor storage.
Because your lungs will be using oxygen more efficiently, you will not tire as easily as a result. On Board Workout Computer Monitors Time, Speed, Distance, Stroke Count, Calories, Strokes Per Minute And Pulse. The front and rear brakes are an Avid Speed Dial 7 linear pull rim brakes system, with two-finger brake levers and 52-tooth chainring. This is the new 2013 model from Sole, and it provides total body workouts for toning muscles, burning calories and improving stamina and physical endurance.
The Ergon GC3 multi-position ergonomic grips with integral bar ends are comfortable are just in reach. Both the front and rear wheels are 20 inches total, with 28 spokes in the front and 32 at the back, and a Shimano 11-speed geared hub and integral aluminum track system, making it easier to navigate both hills and flatter terrain.  The 11R also features a dual leg aluminum kickstand. It is an efficient exercise machine for powerful cardio workouts that will improve your stamina and physical endurance. You can perform various exercises that will be good for your health, as well as for your physical appearance.

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