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If nothing else, the 2012 Porsche 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder wins the contest for the Porsche with the longest and perhaps clumsiest name ever.
Our silver metallic tester with 19-inch black center-lock RS Spyder wheels matches up particularly well with the audacious acid green details and logos added to the outside and inside of the most powerful Turbo.
On Germany’s Autobahn or on the nearly blemish-free B-roads around Stuttgart, this is a typically mind-bogglingly quick Turbo S with the aero downforce, discretely rumbling exhaust, and compound disc brakes to match. The special leather chosen for the interior is wrapped around not the most aggressive seats available from the Porsche Exclusive catalogue, but the support is just right for using the car’s capabilities over public roads every day. The seven-speed PDK dual-clutch transmission with proper Sport steering wheel and shift paddles is, as always, a pure pleasure, even the gearshift lever gets the carbon-look detailing that festoons the cabin at key touchpoints. North America’s fortunate few 911 Turbo S Edition 918 Spyder buyers can expect to take delivery of their cars starting at some point mid-Summer, giving them just the tool to happily stave off their supercar cravings while they wait for their super-exotic 918 plug-in planet-hugger.
The prices of these two cars are are as impressive as the other numbers; $148,000 for the Turbo and $181,100 for the Turbo S. The folks at BBC suggested several alternatives to the 911 Turbo, all of which result in an impressive garage of modern sports and luxury vehicles.
To keep it realistic, at least one car must be something comfy to drive across the continent in, another must be something you can take to the track, and something that’s off-road capable. Sometimes spheres of interest intersect so perfectly; appreciation for weird cars and good beer. I had been in MI for the holidays and somehow it was in my fridge in NJ when I returned home.
The most inportant option is the only one that is not avaliable, no matter how much you beg there will be no manual transmission. If new, corvette ZR1 $112,600 + Cadillac CTS-V Wagon $64,515 = < one 911 turbo S, used the left over $4900 for tires, gas, and track time. The Impys changed quite a bit year to year during that era so personal taste does dictate choice.
That said, budgeting $35k for a Focus ST for me, $10k to spend on a used Miata and a bike, and $35k on a car for my wife (should she actually want a vehicle, or thinks she needs more than a decent Kia Soul), that leaves $100k to put towards either getting our future mortgage paid off quicker, or bumping us up that little bit closer to the house we actually want.

That leaves $160k, and for some odd reason there aren't very many results in that range on Craigslist.
Let's forget the bazillion amazing classic cars that can be had for a small fraction of the price of a 911 Turbo S. The price of the porsche would buy you a Liberty Ace (or Morgan 3 Wheeler, if you prefer the knockoff version), a Caterham Superlight, and a Ginetta G40, with room for a Beck Spyder to spare. And I'm left with about $17K to spend on whatever else (booze) until I reach the price of a 911 Turbo S. I told my 8th grade shop teacher I wanted to make a 1-wheel camping trailer for my shop project. 1989 Volvo 240 wagon, overhauled with a custom solid oak dash, leather seats, one hell of a sound system, racing kit, and v8 engine…. This website uses cookies to help us see how it is used and deliver an improved user experience. If you ordered your hybrid super dream car for all that money, wouldn’t you like to have something from the same company to tide you over while you waited for your late-2012 delivery? We’re nuts about the embrace and comfort of these chairs, as they have been studied practically to perfection.
The 911 Turbo will be available in the very fast base Turbo and a very fast-er Turbo S version.
This is without any options, which in typical Porsche fashion there will be plenty of, and without delivery fees, taxes, or rust protection. Nice looking ride, and everything I thought about its looks from pictures was confirmed in reality. I could probably free up $15k for the house or a couple trips or something by swapping the Focus for a nice Legacy 2.5GT Wagon.
Let's also forget the many commonly-available production cars that make vastly more economic and practical sense than the Porsche.
I spent the semester making stupid cutting-boards and toothpick holders instead, banished to the back of the shop.

Today, Volvo is splashing out press statements for warming up an old hit, yet I wonder why they choose that hit and not the 240.
The effect of the colours make this sunbed look stunning and an eyecatcher with shades of Mediterranean blue and turquoise. And it’s all but guaranteed that this Turbo S will go up in value over time, just like the Porsche 918.
When we showed up at the company’s hallowed engineering skunkworks in Weissach, even the Porsche employees who see incredible things every day swarmed around the car. The Turbo has 520hp and 524lb-ft of torque, and is capable of 0-60 is about 3.0 seconds flat, which is typically a conservative estimate by Porsche. It matched up too closely to the High Feature V6 to make it really worth all the maintenance headaches that can come with it.
So for track days or for eye candy, you'd be a fool to get the beastly Porsche, and frankly the Beck is more a real Porsche in my book than the new 911 anyway. The  Evolution series sunbeds feature advanced, reliable ventilation technology and this sunbed is also fitted with a range of optional extras such as the advanced Aquafresh function as well as Aromafresh which automatically combines a revitalising or relaxing program. We did the top-speed ‘Bahn Run, too, and this special Turbo S with rear wing up will fly solidly for minutes on end at 196 mph, leaving nothing but an acid green streak in the eyes of others. The S will have 560hp and 553 torques and will reach 60mph faster than light in 2.9 seconds. Yes, there are still rear seats – for wee Porschephiles only – and they get the green piping and special leather as well. The ergonomically shaped Body Soft acrylic base provides a relaxing tanning session, and the Stereo Sound which is fitted as standard, creates a perfect audio experience.

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