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The benefits of a home gym are immense – the convenience factor cannot be substituted – especially when working on skills you need to polish up in your own time. A great point to getting started would be identifying what you are looking to achieve from your training; your equipment has to be goal specific so that you can achieve a maximum results – it will help you a great deal when it comes to deciding on what equipment you will need.
Naturally, you are going to need equipment that is going to give you some iron lungs and the tools to sharpen your metabolic conditioning (i.e.
An intensity focussed home gym is going to require heavier loads to help with your strength and conditioning, as well as other equipment that is going to set you up for variations of high intensity workouts. For all of you functional fitness and CrossFit competitors, you are going to need a home gym setup that will allow you to properly train for events, and in general, and it should let you push yourself to the maximum limit.
About Rise To ItRise To It is the new blog website for REBEL Elite Fitness, which brings you comprehensive and valuable content in the health and fitness industry. REBEL Elite Fitness is Africa's premier supplier of functional fitness equipment and the distribution agent for inov-8, Concept2, PurePharma, Dynamax, SPIbelt and SPORTTAPE in South Africa. In the first post of this series (Building a Home Gym Version 1.0), I started the creation of my home gym in a storage room in our basement. In the second post (Building a Home Gym Version 2.0), I cleared out the room and added some new equipment.

When I started looking online for power racks, I quickly realized that the more affordable ones were not very durable and the commercial ones were quite pricey. I decided to finish off the room, so I drywalled the walls, gave them a coat of paint and installed 4 can lights. There are countless kettlebell workouts that will help you take your metabolic conditioning to the next level. Pull-ups will up your heart rate, improve core strength and give you a great metabolic conditioning workout.
You can execute several explosive and high intensity exercises, such as clean and jerks, the various shoulder to overhead presses, deadlifts, thrusters, and so on – all the important weightlifting movements.
The bulk of your home gym is going to feature several, if not all, elements from the fitness and intensity orientated gym (above). This equipment will take your functional fitness and CrossFit to the next level and then some… especially if utilised correctly.
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In fact, make a note to read our feature on kettlebell training – perfecting the American kettlebell swing.
In fact, ten minutes of intense skipping can loosely translated into half an hour of running and it is brilliant for coordination – imagine what variations like double-unders can do for you.
You can train your glutes, hamstrings, and more, which helps the entire posterior chain development. It should also be noted that when buying quality equipment and gear for your home gym setup, your best bet would be to buy it from Rebel Elite Fitness to ensure that you are getting a premium products at great prices.
Previously independent, but fully supported and sponsored by inov-8 and REBEL Elite Fitness, as of March 2015 it is the new exciting and official blog home for REBEL Elite Fitness! An excellent skipping rope worth buying, which we featured, is the REBEL Enduro-Max Cable Jump Rope.

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