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BULAWAYO professional boxing trainer Phillip Striker Ndlovu has bemoaned the lack of fights for his boxers. Striker believes something urgent must be done to rescue professional boxing not only in Bulawayo but the whole country. The man who has coached some of the biggest names in the sport in the last 20 years, believes that the successes of Langton “Schoolboy” Tinago, Arifonso Zvenyika and the late Kilimanjaro were no flukes.
Striker has coached the likes of Sipho Moyo, Ambrose Mlilo, Dube, Nokuthula Tshabangu and Modicai Donga all of whom have been national champions in their respective weight divisions. GVT AUDIT SNIFFS OUT SALARY CHEATS: Dealing with this kind of corruption will go a long way towards the success of Zim-Asset. The cornerstone of any professional fighter drastically improves reactions, counterattacks and movement; In other words “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” (Muhammad Ali).
Our amateur boxing program is a comprehensive program specifically tailored to improve your unique abilities.
A good trainer cares enough about each individual fighter to look as deeply as possible and scrutinize every characteristic that makes each person who they are. One of the sport’s most loyal sons, Striker said it was becoming increasingly frustrating standing in the gym and bellowing instructions to boxers who do not know when their next fight would be.

The sport must give a glimpse of hope to new comers and that can only happen with shows that also pay the boys reasonable purses. He said given a chance there are far too many gems to polish out there who are looking for a conducive environment for their talents to flourish in. They would be able to fend for themselves and to buy training equipment on their own,” said the veteran trainer.
While some fighters are ready to spar after a month of training, another fighter of the exact same physical condition and skill set may take two or three more months to be mentally prepared.
He said the enthusiasm boys showed on their first day when they resolved to turn professional is quickly fading away.
It was one of the most followed disciplines in the country with venues like the Large City Hall and Stanley Square filled at boxing bills,” said Phillip Striker.
We have had Rampage Ring Promotions, Reynolds Inn and New Windermere under Omega Sibanda doing a sterling job for the sport. Every sport has its elite athletes, but any of them would reach physical failure after a few rounds in the ring. We hope others can take the challenge and ensure Bulawayo stays the home of champions,” said Striker.

In a boxing match, you will have two opponents: the boxer in the opposite corner, and fatigue.
Not only must a boxer maintain his physical condition to throw punches and move constantly round after round, but also maintain his mental composure as he rapidly calculates his opponents next moves, as well as his own. This mental and physical combination can take an overwhelming toll on the body of even the most elite of athletes.
To combat and prepare for such exhaustion, a boxer must train mind and body alike, drilling cardio and technique religiously. Although there is no amateur requirement to become a professional boxer, amateur experience is highly recommended. Most successful professional boxers have not only amateur experience, but national and even Olympic experience as well. Above all, the successful boxer, whether professional or amateur, must rely on one key component: a good trainer.

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