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Before you know it the holiday season will be here, so as the weather cools and the holiday tunes start playing, it’s time to start looking out for the best deals on the top items that make your shopping list. As the unofficial start to the holiday season, Black Friday has gained popularity year after year as retailers use this shopping holiday to lure shoppers in by offering incredible deals rarely found any other time of the year.
Elliptical trainers make excellent gifts as they are low-impact machines that are efficient and easy to use.
So if an elliptical trainer makes your holiday shopping list, either for yourself or someone else, first research some of the top brands and figure out how much you want to spend.
After looking at some top brands, and figuring out what type of elliptical trainer might be your top choice, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with features that are available on elliptical trainers. So once you’ve done your research and found a few brands that might be a good fit for you, you can watch out for 2015 Black Friday elliptical trainer deals and sales.
Please provide us with the following information and we'll have someone contact you to answer any questions and to find you the lowest price. If you are looking for top Black Friday elliptical trainer deals this holiday season, check out our newly updated Black Friday 2015 Deals post. One of the most popular brands, NordicTrack, has some amazing Black Friday deals this year that have already started on Thanksgiving Day.
What is the stride length (17 inches is the shortest and strides can go up to 25 inches or more)?
Each of these questions is important to narrow your wants and needs to make the best possible purchase. Updated: NordicTrack launched their Black Friday presale along with a Black Friday price guarantee so you can get a refund if anything goes on sale for cheaper on Black Friday.
With the inception of other big time shopping holidays like Cyber Monday, Black Friday has become more competitive than ever with some hard-to-match deals online. 2015 NordicTrack Elliptical Black Friday deals are typically some of the most competitive since so many people turn to this trusted brand for quality fitness equipment, especially around the holidays. Any one of these series could go on sale for Black Friday 2015, so get your shopping list ready with your top choices so you don’t miss this perfect opportunity to save some serious money.
Top fitness equipment manufacturers will be offering some unique deals, sales, and offers this year that include hourly sales, door busters, special reveals, timed sales, and more.
Once you’ve done some research and found a few models that might be a good fir for you, you can watch out for 2015 Black Friday elliptical trainer deals and sales, and check back here often as the 2015 holiday shopping season rolls around once again!
The DiamondBack 1260EF gets four-star and five-star reviews from Dick’s Sporting Goods customers. Key features are a 19” stride, a 19-pound flywheel, 10 incline levels and 15 preset programs. The DiamondBack 1260EF sells for $2199 and isn’t eligible for Dick’s Black Friday online coupons.
Topped with an iFit-ready 7″ touch display and 30 workout apps, ProForm’s Smart Strider 935 is an appealing elliptical under $1,000.
Truly easy assembly kicks off a good relationship between the Smart Strider 935 and new owners. Normally selling for $599, the front drive Nautilus E614 Elliptical with speakers is remarkably sturdy for its price category. The cheapest elliptical trainer with high ratings at Dick’s is the $159 Body Rider 2-in-1 Cardio Dual Trainer. Elsewhere this product sells for up to $599, which is overpriced for such an entry-level elliptical.
Despite its shortcomings, the Cardio Dual Trainer consistently earns enthusiastic customer reviews. When you give a gift for the holidays, you want to give something that shows you care and love and something the person get use out of. No matter who you give it to, your mom, sister or friend, it shows them you care about them and want them to be healthy and happy. If you’re looking for an elliptical that is compact yet powerful, this is a smart choice.
Made of durable steel, it has grips for stability and gives users an intense workout that is easy on their joints, ankles and back. At under $90 this full-size elliptical is a gem for anyone who wants a powerful upper and lower body workout. With adjustable tension and no slip pedals users can push themselves to the next level without straining or taxing their joints.
Sleek, lightweight and affordable, the Gazelle is one of the most well-known and effective machines on the market. Constructed with polished steel, it has dual motion arm and legs, giving users a gliding motion that packs a punch. It is a sturdy, dual motion machine that comes with an EKG heart rate monitor, making it great for those with medical issues or anyone looking to streamline their routine. Equipped with an LCD screen it has 14 workout apps and 14 digital resistance levels, so users can vary intensity to fit their level.
Considered the cream of the crop when it comes to ellipticals, the Schwinn 430 is a premium machine with a price tag to match. With its movable arms and extra-wide pedals it provides an intense workout with a seamless motion.
The dual LCD window lets users track up to 13 different stats and displays and the Schwinn Connect app motivates and guides them to reach their goals. Body Rider’s elliptical is a great value for your money, giving users a solid, full-body workout in any setting. It also has a quiet, flywheel design, so users can work out in any room without disturbing anyone else in the house. Full range workouts: With an elliptical you can do cardio and muscle strengthening, giving users the best of both worlds. Convenient Use: Some elliptical machines are small enough to fit under a work desk, so users can literally get in a workout anywhere thanks to their wide range of sizes. With all the Elliptical Machine Black Friday and Cyber Monday Discounts going on now is the time to grab one for you or a loved one. The Sole E55 is a top choice for shoppers seeking a compact yet high quality elliptical trainer.
Sole Fitness manufactures a full line of residential and light commercial cardio trainers including ellipticals, elliptical trainers, rowing machines and exercise bikes. The brand has earned a solid reputation by excelling with the basics: great construction and customer service. In my prep for upcoming Black Friday TV Segments, I needed a handy comparison list of most of the Black Friday sales so we’ve taken all the Black Friday Deals, for the most popular stores, and loaded them into a Spreadsheet to easily compare!

This Comparison Cheat Sheet could also help you to Price Match instead of venturing all over the place!! EXCEL VERSION – Download the Excel Spreadsheet and sort the list however you’d like! Bookmark our Black Friday Ads 2015 page with store hours and quick access to all the deals. If an elliptical trainer is on your list, then you are in luck, as there are plenty of elliptical machines on sale on Black Friday. But even before the actual day gets here, speculation has already started as there have been “leaked deals” by major brands that include offers like unprecedented savings and free shipping. They don’t take up as much space as say a treadmill, and they are typically very budget-friendly. If you need to learn about buying an elliptical machine, check out our elliptical buyer’s guide to help walk you through the process. Whether for yourself or someone else, NordicTrack Elliptical Trainers make the perfect gift, and there’s no better time than the massive Black Friday shopping holiday to take advantage of insanely discounted models to get the most bang for your buck.
Their elliptical trainers are some of the top-ranked models with unique designs and so many options and features for the money.
And if you are slightly hesitant about purchasing fitness equipment for a gift, don’t be!
Almost everyone has at least heard of this shopping holiday, if not participated in it themselves, and for many it’s the ideal time to get some pricier items purchased at slashed prices. That’s a lot of information to watch for, especially if you are shopping for multiple items on Black Friday, but we can bring you top deals that are well worth your time and money, without the hassle of obsessing over sales papers and commercials. ProForm is a trusted brand known for user-friendly models with lots of variety and options for customization like a power adjustable stride. Dick’s Sporting Goods is getting a head start on Black Friday elliptical trainer sales by offering free ground shipping to online shoppers.
Most will be matched at the manufacturers’ websites, plus comparable deals can be found on Amazon. The Sole E25 Elliptical earns excellent reviews, and on Black Friday its $1699 price will be cut in half.
The E25 has a 20″ stride, and to promote comfort Sole engineers angled the foot pedals by 2 degrees. There’s plenty of resistance at the upper end, so trainees can keep increasing the challenge level and avoid fitness plateaus. Heart rate can be monitored with conveniently-placed contact sensors or a wireless chest strap (not included). Customers get three years of coverage for the parts and electronics, and in-home labor is free for a year. Again, we recommend purchasing it directly from Sole Fitness to get the best customer service.
This machine is high quality, but it’s not exactly a bargain compared with the Sole E25 and other Sole ellipticals. Specs for this rear drive elliptical include an 18-pound flywheel, 24 resistance levels and a power adjustable incline with 10° maximum tilt.
It lets you virtually exercise along any Google Maps route: Virtually visit your favorite cities, train along the coast or trek through national parks.
The Smart Strider 935 normally sells for $999 on Amazon and for $1,299 on the ProForm website.
The Nautilus E614 has a long stride, but for people with larger frames the handlebars are spaced too narrowly for comfort. For better convenience and accuracy, some customers use this trainer with their own wireless heart rate monitors. For the best customer service we recommend shopping at Sole online instead; prices have already dropped, and over the holiday weekend Sole will match the deals seen at Dick’s Sporting Goods. The Stamina in motion is a foot pedal style elliptical that can slide under any desk, so it’s great for those who work long hours or have limited space in their homes. It also has an easy to read display on top of the base that shows strides, exercise time, and calories. With its moving arms it gives users the ability to work their arms and legs simultaneously, raising their metabolism while toning muscle. The Edge costs around $125 and is a nice gift for anyone who wants their machine to look as good as it works. Since it uses a gliding motion users can walk or run at any speed, stitching between the two smoothly. They can track their heart rate for a more effective routine and anyone with health issues can exercise safely. There are 2 user settings, so it’s great for multiple users and 22 programs with 20 levels of resistance for a truly customized routine that can fit any fitness level. It works upper and lower body, so users can get in their cardio and toning work in one session.
Elliptical machines are fun, intense work out devices that can adapt to any fitness level, so you can buy one for anyone and everyone.
The lowest price is for the Sole E25 elliptical, which is going for $999 (regularly priced at $1,699). The E25 is the most affordable Sole elliptical and one of the best overall elliptical deals under $1,000.
With Black Friday elliptical sales having started mid-November, products could go on back order soon.
Please Share --->040We’ve gathered ALL the Black Friday Deals for Activity Trackers & Exercise Equipment and loaded them into a handy spreadsheet to make it easy to compare and decide which one you want to buy!
And while navigating all of the “deals” offered on Black Friday is a job in and of itself and can be overwhelming, if you start early you can take advantage of some great deals.
Treadmills can be hard on the joints and aren’t for everyone, but elliptical trainers are easy on the joints and almost anyone of any age or physical ability can use them. Some popular brands that manufacture reliable elliptical trainers include NordicTrack, Sole, Horizon and Life Fitness.
You don’t want to miss out on online or in-store Black Friday deals and sales by waiting around for the best price to pop up, but we understand that you can sometimes be flooded by all of the deals and sales that are advertised on TV, online, etc.
NordicTrack elliptical trainers are especially ideal because they offer front-drive, rear-drive and center-drive models to fit your preference.
NordicTrack offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, free shipping, and excellent residential warranties. The popular retail holiday is something that many shoppers prepare for and anticipate for weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, with holiday shopping lists in hand.

To make sure you get the best model for the best price, start by doing a little research on the series offered by ProForm. Starting on Thanksgiving Day, customers online and in stores can get a doorbuster too: 50% off the top-notch Sole E25 Elliptical. Here we review the Black Friday sales on elliptical trainers that get the best reviews from Dick’s Sporting Goods customers. This design helps prevent the knee and ankle stress associated with using many other elliptical trainers. Compared with Sole ellipticals, this ProForm has less reliable engineering but more enticing workout guidance. For Black Friday at Dick’s (Thursday through Saturday) the price will drop to $949 with an automatic discount at checkout. Amazon beats the Dick’s Black Friday sale price when shipping is figured in; they sell it for $169 with free Prime delivery.
There is however, a gift that can make you, or anyone you give to it, close to perfect: an elliptical machine.
Most importantly, elliptical’s make exercise fun for everyone, and fun is the key to sticking to any routine. At just under $90 it’s a solid pick for apartment dwellers, those who work long hours or anyone who needs therapy.
A good choice for stay at home parents, teens, or anyone who wants to lose weight, it’s a steal thanks to the Elliptical Machine Christmas Sale going on right now. There is also a 5-function computer screen to track speed, distance, time, and other stats. This professional grade machine features a recumbent seat and adjustable pedal height, so it’s perfect for anyone who needs to exercise without straining their backs. Users love how smooth and effective they are, giving them a fat-burning, muscle building workoutwithout stressing or taxing muscles. The features are impressive throughout the lineup; even on the cheapest ellipticals the drives are heavy, wireless heart rate control is supported, and speakers are included. It also feels like a health club trainer with extras including a fan, a beverage holder and speakers. And while some other brands focus on high-tech entertainment, Sole Fitness focuses on smart biomechanics.
If you are tempted by sales and deals leading up to Black Friday, try to resist because it is really is worth the wait!
If you are thinking of purchasing an elliptical trainer for someone special on your holiday shopping list this year, it’s a good idea to start shopping around now. These are best-selling, award-winning machines that range in their offerings and price points. The average levels of resistance most elliptical trainers offer is somewhere around 20, but that number can vary widely. As the experts on best-selling, award-winning elliptical trainers on the market, like NordicTrack, we do the dirty work and bring you the best Black Friday deals, sales, and discounts just in time for the official kick off to the holiday shopping season. As a brand, NordicTrack is one of Icon Fitness’ leading brands with decades of experience in the fitness equipment arena. If you are thinking of purchasing an elliptical trainer for this upcoming holiday season, consider yourself among these shoppers anticipating deals for Black Friday 2015 because there’s no better time to buy!
The Endurance Series is a line of front-drive elliptical trainers that are among some of the most popular models.
Most other elliptical trainers will be reduced by $50 or $100 with automatic discounts at online checkout. Elliptical machines are all the rage these days, combining cardio and strength training to give users a energy-filled workout that sheds pounds and improves health. All that, plus a no-skid frame makes the Edge great for young families or anyone who wants a seamless workout.
These machines get the job done and are a must under everyone’s tree- including yours!
Backed with Sole Fitness’s usual warranties, these are among the best Sole elliptical deals of 2015. On Sole ellipticals this is most evident in the stride; features such as tilted pedals and long strides create comfortable, lower impact elliptical paths. Finally, the flywheel weight tells you how durable, reliable and quiet the machine will be when in operation: very important qualities, so the heavier the flywheel, the better. In fact, among their very first machines were elliptical trainers before they started making treadmills or anything else, so they are truly experts in low-impact fitness equipment that creates fast results. These machines come in a variety of styles, making them great in offices, apartments or homes, so users can exercise at their convenience.
Advantages of buying Sole ellipticals directly from the manufacturer include getting the same low sale prices plus free shipping, no sales tax and an industry-leading warranty. Consistently positive reviews from customers regarding Sole customer service help make Sole ellipticals a smart choice. This is their time to promote their equipment and bring in buyers, so watch out for Black Friday sales ads, online ads, commercials, leaked deals etc. These series take the traditional elliptical trainer to another level, and make great gifts too.
If you know someone who you want to give one to this holiday season read our review, then go check out the Elliptical Machine Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals going on. The SmartStrider Series is another favorite among users as it’s a comfortable rear-drive design that folds for convenience.
The Pro Series are also front-drive models, with high-performance features like a power adjustable stride and high-tech consoles.
Many brands that ship directly to consumers offer deals via their website which may not be available through retailers.
If you have a tech-savvy individual on your holiday shopping list this year, keep an eye out for Black Friday deals on these models in particular.
Plus you have the advantage of buying direct through the manufacturer which from our experience tends to get you a better level of specialized customer service. Finally, the Hybrid Trainer and Hybrid Trainer Pro are unique options that are affordable, priced under $600, and can be used as a recumbent bike or elliptical trainer.

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