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Broadly speaking road bikes will have narrow, smoother tyres and MTBs will have fatter knobbly tyres.
Your new bike will come with tyres ideally matched to the type of bike, so there isn’t usually much to be decided at this stage. When deciding on the correct type of tyre to use on your bike, your main consideration should be the surface or surfaces that you ride on.
If all of your cycling is done on tarmac, then a slick tyre is simply the best type you can use. Knobbly tyres, unlike slick tyres, have a high level of rolling resistance, making them slow on tarmac and requiring quite a bit of effort to push.
These results are provided AS AN INDICATION and, BEFORE purchasing the tyres, BE SURE TO CONSULT a Pirelli dealer in order to check the technical and legal constraints that may be an obstacle to the replacement proposed.

However, after riding the bike for a while you may find that for your typical use a different tyre would suit better. They will give far more speed and require less effort at the pedals due to a lower level of rolling resistance. For example, a 700c rim can use a slim 700 x 18c tyre, which is mainly used for road racing.
These come with various tread patterns which are chosen for use depending upon how muddy the ground is. They are generally made from aluminium, or may have carbon fibre rims on very expensive bikes. Better quality wheels will be lighter, stronger and due to better bearings in the hub they will be smoother when spinning.

Up to 1.95″ are available, but do remember that the extra width takes away from the advantages that a slick tyre offers! MTB and hybrid wheels are made to be stronger with weight a secondary factor, while road wheels are made to be light and aerodynamic, whilst also being strong enough to be fit for their purpose.
Although this type of tyre does not give the extreme advantage of either tyre in their sole environment, it does provide an excellent balance of the two and is extremely useful for people who use their bike regularly on all types of surface.

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