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When all you want is to ride your bike and not deal with cleaning road grime off your bike, or worse, succumbing to the elements of winter, the CycleOps Magneto Trainer is the perfect solution.
The Magneto is designed to fit most common road and mountain bike tires from 26in to 700c, including those with 120mm, 130mm, and 135mm rear wheel spacing. With 2016 now upon us, we thought we’d take a quick look at the very best stationary bike stands you should be splashing your hard-earned cash on in 2016! We know there are plenty of you indoor trainer wannabes out there, hunting the perfect trainer stand to get your training and fitness in shape for the spring. Of course, there’s the brand name of CycleOps behind it, which is typically recognized throughout the industry as one of the quality names that serious cyclists should be aware of. Throughout 2015 we put in quite a few sessions on this trainer (see our review here), so can heartily recommend it. It might be a bit pricey, but it comes pre-assembled, so you can get training within minutes of receiving it! This trainer is class – and you can read all about it in our Top 3 trainer list, which lists the the best of the best. If anybody can give the boys from CycleOps a run for their money, it’s the guys over at Kurt Kinetic!
The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine is still one of the best stationary bike stands you can buy, and after a bit of a redesign in 2014, it looks set to stand the test of time still further (we still probably prefer the CycleOps Fluid 2 though!). The Road Machine is renowned for its non-leak fluid chamber, as well as a huge flywheel which ensures one of the most stable training sessions you’ll ever experience. If you’re feeling particularly extravagant and in need of even more bang for your buck, try their brand new smart version of the Road Machine, the Smart inRide sensor. One of the most popular trainers we’ve seen on sites like Amazon has to be this one – the Magnet trainer! This model from the guys at Kurt Kinetic is another one that has been around for awhile, and also refurbished in 2014 to give it that modern look and feel.
Don’t miss our ever-growing Buying Guide for a quick summary of many of the leading bike trainer stands on the market today!
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How the RDA System Works: The basic mechanism of the RDA system is a pair of rubber rollers that pinch the rear wheel rim from both the right and left side.
Durable Double-Layered Steel Frame: The RDA80 uses a durable and stylish double-layered steel Ergo-style frame.
Quiet and Controllable Magnetic Resistance System: Minoura pioneered the use of magnetic resistance on indoor bike trainers as an alternative to noisy fan resistance, uncontrollable roller pressure resistance, and fallible fluid resistance systems.
The RDA is not compatible with the latest disc brake specialized rim such as Mavic CrossMax Disc that doesn’t have 8-millimeter or wider vertical area on the rim side. Note on Tire Compatibility: The compatible tire diameter size (edge-to-edge) on the RDA80-D is from 510 millimeters to 660 millimeters.
Essentially, the flywheel is designed so that as you increase pedal speed, the resistance increases.
Which means, not surprisingly, that this baby is almost always on the list of bestselling bike trainers at stores like Amazon. An added bonus is its ability to take on 29 inch wheels, still not a common thing among many trainers. It will put a few $$ on the price tag, but enable wireless power-based workouts and fitness tests using the Kinetic inRide app!
It, like the Road Machine mentioned above, also has a smart version that uses the new Kinetic inRide app for perhaps the ultimate ride!
The clincher for many purchasing this trainer is, of course, the unique side to side rocking action which makes it feel like you really are pedaling away out on the road, especially for the climbers of you. Each rubber roller is pushed toward the rim by a spring so that both rollers chase the rim automatically. The frame’s main pillar is designed with multiple dimensions that change from rectangular to hexagonal gradually in order to be much stronger than plain tubing.
The patented Minoura system offers smooth and quiet operation through a simple mechanism: one fixed and one movable magnet face each other and push or pull against each other depending upon the position of the movable magnet. Minoura strongly recommends replacing your existing skewer with the supplied one before using the trainer.
However, the truly usable size of the RDA80-D is 540 millimeters or larger due to the bent bracket design where the Mag unit is mounted. Superb value, and, in our opinion, a must-buy if you’re looking for a decent trainer.

This is definitely one of the best trainers on the market – read our full review here.
And when you mix in the legendary huge Kurt Kinetic flywheel, the stability and resistance you need for an intense session is there to enhance your ride beyond anything else you’ve probably experienced. With the RDA80-D Trainer MTB riders can train indoors with their bikes to build up their muscles and increase their cardiopulmonary function–without the hassle of having to replace their knobby tire for a slick for use with a tire drive trainer.
The system’s resistance unit is driven through the left side via a V-belt while the right side roller supports the rim to avoid the damage to the wheel. The backside plate of the main pillar is an independent part, creating the frame’s two layers for lightweight durability and sturdy design. And–the RDA80-D system allows road bikers to warm-up and cool-down at a race events without worrying about wearing down their expensive race tires. Damage to the rim is avoided because the rollers don’t push hard enough to effect the rim surface.
The RDA80′s frame has a pair of brackets on each main pillar with long holes in which the Mag unit and the assistant roller are installed. As the force builds an alloy disc located between the magnets cuts the lines and generates the resistance power.
The magnetic resistance unit is self-cooling so that you can ride for hours without sending smoke signals.
Equipped with a magnetic resistance system that offers 7 resistance levels, the RDA80-D is a system designed for endurance, strength, and fitness training for cyclists of all stripes. In addition, the rubber rollers are constructed of a similar non-damaging rubber found on a standard brake shoe. By adjusting the roller position up and down, the frame can fit a wide variety of wheel sizes from 26-inch to 700c.
The resistance level is easy to control from low to high power by changing the angle of the movable magnet.

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