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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. If you’ve already discovered the fitness benefits of cycling but don’t want to go out in abysmal weather then why not buy the Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand to help transform your bike into an indoor exercise bike? Feb 08, 2012- BestsellersThe Full-width Theme (template) is a very modern, simple, and fresh theme, with a focus on usability and fast, clean code.
You are here: Home › Products › cycling trainers › parts and accessories › Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand – Free Shipping! Train throughout the winter regardless of the weather with this smooth and quite Conquer magnetic resistance trainer. Train throughout the winter regardless of the weather with this Conquer Indoor Bicycle Cycling Trainer Exercise Stand. The Magnet Steel Exercise Trainer turns your traditional road bike into an inside exercise bicycle. One thing I have to recommend when working with these is to buy yourself a wheel block, so your back wheel is rarely in any danger of lifting started while pedaling.
And I realize this can come off as redundant when I say it, but this The Magnet Steel Exercise Trainer may also be folded, in case you want to get it away once you’re done making use of it or bring it with you, if you’re travelling, for example. Take a look at our comparison chart below for a quick overview of the various stationary bike stand models we have reviewed and work with.
You can sort the table columns by clicking on the column title (for example, if you want to sort them by price or weight or rating).
Cascade Fluid ProTop quality trainer, rated highly, thermally sealed fluid drive, very quiet, front riser included.
New Bicycle Bike Trainer Stand Indoor Kinetic Steel Frame Stationary ExerciseAdjustable Wind Resistance!
When anyone gets into road biking it is very apparent that if they want to become good at it, they need to train very regularly. A big problem with indoor trainers right when they came out was the damage that was often done to carpets and hardwood floors. In many cases, there are indoor trainers that do not properly secure the bike to the trainer.
When you are looking for a great indoor bicycle trainer, Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer is a great option. If you’re thinking of buying a bike trainer stand (commonly known as a stationary bike stand), my collection of comprehensive reviews, tips, and other helpful articles (for example, tips on how to stay sexy and slim over the winter using your trainer) really should point you in the right direction. To tell you the truth, being a bit of a cycling freak, I got very disillusioned a while back when searching for a solution to my often postponed winter training sessions.
Together with my wife (and her amazing support), I decided to set up this site as the ultimate resource for those of you also feeling the frustration and having plenty of questions left unanswered (How easy is it to set up a bike trainer stand?
I’ve bought a number of road and mountain bikes over the years, and can highly recommend the use of an indoor bike stand to keep your training sessions on track whatever the weather, be it excessive sunshine or cold, wintry snow.
And after getting my hands on one of the top models out there, the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, and getting asked by cyclist friends for my recommendations, the website was born! I’ve done all of the research and testing, all that’s left is for you to decide what best fits your budget and your training regime. Below I’ve collected the FIVE best stationary bike trainers out there, the ones you really should consider if you are serious about saving your winter riding sessions (you might also want to check out the THREE bestselling trainers for 2015).
And for those of you just starting out and new to the world of bike trainer stands, check out my guide to the different bike trainer stand models. The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine has been a long-standing favorite with many serious cyclists, as it simply oozes quality. OK, for those of you with limited pockets, and with perhaps less ambitious biking schedules, the Forza F2 trainer is a superb option to consider. The Blackburn Tech Mag 6 has been a bit of a bestseller on sites like Amazon over the last couple of years, and it’s no real wonder why. We’ve come across some great indoor trainers over the last few months, and in response to a few questions put our way (mainly, what trainers do we currently recommend for this or that budget), have come up with this little list of the three bestselling bike trainers of 2015.
We know that many of you are hunting a great trainer for a great price, and the bike trainers in this list definitely meet both criteria! This list also gives you an idea of what others are buying, the stands that others have also researched and tested. From our own testing and experience, any of these three will do the job…but if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch!
This trainer has regularly been at the top of the bestseller lists for what seems like years, and is definitely one of the top sellers on online stores such as Amazon. It’s certainly not one of the cheapest bike trainers out there, usually priced at just under $300, but the superior quality of this trainer is well renowned. We know many of you are searching for a great deal on an indoor trainer, and this one fits the bill perfectly! It’s certainly not on the same playing field as stands such as the CycleOps Fluid 2 (above), and the impressive Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (see below), but this trainer from Conquer has proven extremely popular on sites like Amazon, with a ton of satisfied customers. It fits a variety of wheel sizes too, including 26 inch, 27 inch, and 700c bikes, and that price tag (of around $70-80) is mighty hard to beat for value.
You might have to suffer a bit more with noise during your training session, but still…check out the latest deals on Amazon for this stand. If you’re just a little serious (or even very serious) about your training schedule, then take our advice, buy this trainer. It’s certainly not the cheapest option, but goes head-to-head with the CycleOps Fluid 2 (see above) for value. COMING SOON: We know that some of you are looking for some real budget trainers, especially the beginners of you out there. Well, this is a question I’ve been asked literally hundreds of times, and is especially relevant for those of you just starting out on the bike trainer stand journey. The answer is fairly straightforward, but the video below does an even better job of explaining exactly how. The video demonstrates how to insert the skewer for the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine (I love this trainer – see my review), but don’t worry, it’s pretty much the same process for all bike trainers. We’re massive fans of high-end stationary bike trainers like the Cycleops Fluid 2 Indoor Bike trainer, but it’s perfectly understandable that the beginner cyclists and bargain-hunters of you out there will be unwilling to fork out so much money for an indoor trainer – especially if you’re buying a stationary trainer for the first time.
That being said, there are enough reliable low-budget options out there that you can enjoy the wonderful fitness benefits of indoor cycling without having to break the bank, and we’re going to recommend some of the best ones in this article. The best place to look for bargain prices on indoor bike trainers is probably the Internet, Amazon being a great example with its excellent selection of stationary trainers for under $75. We’ve prepared a comparison table listing some of the most popular bike stands out there and summarizing each model’s key features, but if it’s great bargains you’re looking for, read on. Finally, for a trainer in this price bracket, the Magnet Indoor Trainer is very sturdy indeed with a frame weighing in at 20 pounds. For one, this indoor  stand includes a good-quality Riser Block, saving you $10 – $20. It’s a bit noisier than the Magnet Exercise Trainer described above, but it’s nothing a good pair of headphones or earplugs can’t solve – stationary trainers at this price point are rarely quiet anyway. We’ve found the Soozier Bike Stand for around $60, but even if you can’t find a deal that’s quite as sweet, rest assured you won’t be paying more than $80 for this excellent indoor trainer!
In comparison to the two 20-pound bike stands discussed above, the Soozier isn’t quite as bulky, coming in at 11 pounds.
If you want to give bike trainer stands a shot, but aren’t willing to spend a few hundred dollars for one of those top models, you ought to check out one of these three products. So, you’re doing some investigating into buying a stationary bike stand but are currently lost due to the various types of trainer available – never fear, our introductory guide is here! The sheer variety of indoor bike trainers on the market might seem intimidating if you’ve never bought one before, but in response to popular demand, we’ve published this simple breakdown of the many types of bike trainers out there to help you along! If you’re keen to buy – don’t miss our guide to the best bike stands to consider buying in 2015! If you are serious about getting a realistic indoor cycling experience and price is not an issue, fluid trainers are your best bet.
Moreover, progressive training is a breeze with fluid trainers because they do all the adjustment for you. In our opinion, fluid trainers deliver a simulated road cycling experience that is second to none, both in terms of authenticity and fun! We highly recommend the Cycleops 2 Fluid Trainer, which we reviewed here as well as the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine which is quite possibly the best fluid trainer in the market today. Magnetic bike stand trainers are perhaps the classic indoor trainer, using magnetism to create drag against your bike wheel and produce resistance.
Magnetic trainers are also a little bit noisier compared to their fluid-based cousins, so if you intend to train late at night, they might not be the best options. The Magnet Steel Indoor Stand is one of our favorite magnetic trainers, especially with its crazy-low price tag. The latest development in the world of indoor bike trainers is the pivot trainer, touted as offering an incomparably realistic experience for cyclists used to pedaling over uneven terrain. The Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer is definitely the most complete pivot trainer out there at the moment, and seeing as the selection of pivot trainers available is relatively small, it’s the only one we can unhesitatingly recommend. It costs nearly twice as much as the already-pricey Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, but you’ll see from our Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer review that you get exactly what you pay for. The Roller is a pretty unique indoor trainer because you don’t actually attach your bike to it.

This Nashbar Roller trainer, for example, costs around $130 and has earned acclaim for its great build quality.
If you need proof of how modern technology has transformed the world of cycling, look no further than the Tacx iGenius Virtual Trainer, one of the best examples of virtual reality indoor bike trainers. Amazon is one of the retailers carrying this high-tech bike trainer, but it won’t come cheap. Wind Trainers are probably the cheapest trainers around, but we’d have to say that even cyclists with the lowest of budgets should avoid them. We’ve never encountered anything other than superb quality and helpful customer service service from these manufacturers. Whether you’re a serious cyclist or just a keen hobbyist, keeping in shape over the winter is a goal for many of you out there. Before getting on your bike, stretch your body to get your body’s muscles warmed up and ready to work. Just as you did when you started out, see Tip 2, ease out of your session with a slower intensity for 4-5 minutes. Get on your trainer at least 3 times a week, for something like 45 minutes each time, and you’ll quickly see those pounds dropping off! The resistance unit is an awesome piece of machinery that has ensured Kurt Kinetic’s range of trainer stands stay at the top of any wishlist or bestseller list. There’s also the 6.25 pounds of flywheel, more than double the next biggest on the market! The Kurt Kinetic Road Machine has attained something of a legendary status among fans of indoor bike trainers (see my review of it here), and for good reason – it offers superb build quality, a fantastic cycling experience and crazy durability.
This groundbreaking “rock and roll” motion comes courtesy of a Road Resistance unit and a rolling frame, the latest innovations from the world-renowned designers at Kinetic. They’ve even taken into account the fact that no one person’s road cycling experience is the same (because of differences in individual gait, height, weight and posture) by including customization options to ensure you can tailor the rolling motion to your preferences and discover the setting that works best for you and most accurately simulates your road cycling adventures.
Kurt Kinetic really is doing some amazing things with  bike trainer stands. Their trainers have always been renowned for their build quality, and this one is no different.
And despite its bulk, it folds away remarkably easily (and you’ll probably be folding it away often, seeing as it takes up so much space). If you’re going to shell out for the Rock and Roll Trainer, you may as well invest in the Turntable Riser Ring from Kinetic (click here to see and buy).
At this price, you might be forgiven for thinking that this Rock and Roll Trainer is strictly for professional cyclists only. Admittedly, many of you cyclists out there would hesitate at paying just over $300 for a stationary trainer that isn’t manufactured by a famous brand like Cycleops or Kinetic. Cascade boasts that the cycling experience is so addictive, you’ll train longer and harder. Another feature that justifies the Cascade Fluid Pro’s price tag is the high-tech thermally-sealed fluid drive. We’ve tested a good number of indoor trainers and it’s hard for one to really surprise us anymore, but we were truly impressed by the Cascade Fluid Pro. We got a quality experience right out of the box, because the trainer was so easy to set up with Cascade’s “quick connect”. The riding experience was seamless – as we rode through our gear range, resistance changes were slick and the trainer handled smoothly throughout.
The back flywheel just hums along quietly, producing much less noise than we’ve become accustomed to from many indoor trainers.
Thanks to the superb build quality of the trainer, you can pedal as hard as you want without worrying that the trainer is going to topple over. The trainer folds up really easily, which is important for those of us with limited floor-space in our houses. If your family members want to use the trainer, that’s just fine – the front riser that accompanies the Fluid Pro allows for three different height settings to get a perfect fit.
Reviews suggest that its ideal for you to use the quick release skewer provided with the trainer because it provides a better fit for the Fluid Pro. We’ve no hesitation about recommending this Cascade indoor trainer as one of the finest stationary bike trainers on the market. And if you’re hesitant about getting a stationary trainer, just remember – most of your competitors will be using one.
Indoor bike trainers aren’t the cheapest cycling accessory out there of course, but if you manage to find a durable one, they can provide awesome value for money. I suspect the Blackburn Mag 6 will last longer than the vast majority of trainers out there.
I’m not particularly concerned about the noise produced by stationary bike trainers – I see it as a necessary evil – but if you’re bothered by that kind of thing, Blackburn could certainly afford to make their trainer a little bit quieter.
With a lifetime warranty, the Blackburn Mag-6 Indoors Trainer is really a superb investment for the committed cyclist.
I’ve wasted many an hour fiddling with malfunctioning indoor trainers, but I doubt I’ll have many issues with my Mag 6. If you already have a bike to use this stand is the perfect addition to get your back wheel generating power. We also offer a stationary trainer which also includes a resistance wheel which can be engaged for extra exercise and used seperately from the blender. PLEASE NOTE: The Stationary Stand is not compatible with internal geared hubs with control cables that come out of the end of the axle, or newer quick release skewers. This stand uses a state of the art magnet system to provide progressive magnetic resistance meaning that the resistance increases as the speed increases.
The manufacturer doesn’t mention any weight limit for folks to use this stand safely, but I’ve heard people weighing 220 pounds declared they’ve solved using the trainer stand with virtually no problems or mishaps whatsoever, for the reason that bike, once mounted on the stand, never shoved even slightest signs and symptoms of instability. The table will grow as we check out additional models, but for now the table includes many of the leading models out there.
Alternatively, to summarize it all for you and to save a few of your brain cells, check out our guide to the five BEST trainers to consider in 2015! If you have been considering buying an indoor bicycle trainer for some time now, the Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer is really a great pick.
Looking online for a solution left me even more frustrated, because, quite frankly, there are a lot of garbage websites out there. If after reading that you’re still not sure what you need, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!
You can find it online for around $50, so yes, definitely one for the budget conscious!  It really is great for beginners, and with hundreds of happy reviewers on sites like Amazon, it has definitely cornered the budget market (and is even often ranked as the number one bestseller). You can usually grab this trainer for around $100 and it’s perfect for those of you training a couple of times a week or after a less strenuous workout (but still a decent workout).
It’s not the cheapest of options, coming in at around $180, but I feel (like many others who have recommended it) this is an excellent compromise on the more luxury, top end models. The large flywheel that forms part of the impressive structure provides an awesomely realistic ride, and together with the self-cooling mechanism means this is one trainer you’re guaranteed to enjoy. And then when you also add the fact that the trainer frame is fold-able (so it can be stored or transported as required) and it also comes with a riser block (which you usually have to buy separately with almost ALL models)…well, it becomes a bit of a no-brainer for those of you looking for a superb deal. Its renowned non-leaking flywheel also ensures that this is one of the very best fluid-based trainers around – no more of those messy leaks to contend with. Brick-and-mortar bike shops do have some discounted items, but you definitely won’t find the massive variety of budget trainers that you will online.
At under $50, it’s insane value, and it’s got plenty of attractive features that belie its low price tag.
However, the bike stand isn’t difficult to use at all, and by using your common sense and following the images in the instructions, you’re unlikely to encounter any problems. Riser Blocks aren’t normally included with mid-range bike stands, much less a budget stand like this one. However this doesn’t seem to have adversely affected its stability much – we found this indoor bike stand safe and sturdy for the most part. They are capable of generating considerably more resistance than other types of indoor bike stands because they incorporate a fluid chamber inside their magnetic flywheel – that means tougher workouts and higher fitness levels.
Now that manufacturers have found more effective ways to stop the leakage problems that plagued earlier fluid trainers, there’s really no good reason for avoiding fluid trainers if you’re serious about your indoor training.
Magnetic trainers are the best mid-range option on the market as well as a great option for beginners. Their pivot mechanism creates a swaying motion, simulating the sensation of riding over potholes, speed bumps and hills! It provides you with the complete indoor training experience, simulating not just the sensation of outdoor cycling, but the sights and sounds as well.
If you’ve $1000 to spare, however, you won’t find any indoor bike trainer more memorable than this virtual trainer. They’re relics of a bygone era, producing a deafening whirr that will drown out whatever music or television program you have on and are generally very inconvenient to use. A few examples are Kinetic, Blackburn, Bell, Cycleops, Jet Black, Giant, Overdrive, Schwinn, Outback, Elite, Tacx, Minoura, and Forza. I know it is for my wife and I, and we go to great lengths to steer clear of that seasonal deluge of calories…but another GREAT way of keeping the body fat off is by using your bike trainer!
Touching your toes, and trunk rotations are perfect to start with; if you feel the need for more, try some knee highs or leg swings, focusing more on the legs as that’s where most of your energy will be targeting in your training session.
Get comfortable on your seat,and slowly but surely increase your rate over a period of 4-5 minutes.

That means pedal at a very intense rate for something like 30 seconds, and then ease off for the next 30-60 seconds. Use your trainer’s resistance to build up an even more intense session, which will help both your cardio efforts and your leg muscles. Most fitness experts will suggest this is a must, and it really does help your muscles unwind and loosen up from a particularly intense session.
Well, the non-leaky unit is a big game-changer in regards to all those cheaper fluid units out there: and when we say non-leak, we mean non-leak.
This huge flywheel also couples with an almost 3 inch roller to ensure less heat is directed at the resistance chamber. However, it’s no longer the finest bike trainer stand Kinetic has to offer – the Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer has stolen its crown.
It’s the general consensus among cyclists that even the best stationary trainers will never be able to replicate the exhilarating feel of riding on the road, but this Kinetic bike trainer is a true game-changer.
In addition, the heavier flywheel does not seem to have impacted the noise level at all, which is welcome news for those of you who like to train at unearthly hours.
It takes the authenticity of your indoor cycling experience to a new level and helps you get the most out of your expensive new trainer.
In reality, however, anyone who is serious about improving their cycling performance and getting the maximum possible benefits from their indoor practice should seriously consider investing in this Kinetic product. But rest assured, the Cascade Fluid Pro Trainer delivers an indoor riding experience that is every bit as enjoyable, realistic and challenging as high-end trainers from those renowned brands.
We didn’t believe it at first, and to be honest dismissed it as more marketing bluff, but the moment you climb on and start pedaling, the truth of that statement becomes apparent – pedaling feels as smooth as silk and is so satisfying, you won’t want to stop. In about 10 minutes, we had this trainer running smoothly – it might take slightly longer if you’ve never set up one of these before, but rest assured the process is intuitive and fuss-free.
If you’re tired of training with headphones (they do tend to slip and slide and become quite annoying once you start to sweat) this will be welcome news.
With cheaper and more wobbly trainers, we sometimes felt wary about pushing ourselves because we didn’t want to get pinned under our bike – not with the Fluid Pro! If you’re not using it, just fold it and put it under the bed or in your storeroom – out of sight, out of mind! It belongs in the same category as the similarly-priced CycleOps Fluid 2 and the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine, which are widely considered to be two of the best indoor trainers around. When the snow starts to fall and the endless rain makes the roads too slick to cycle, our fitness levels start to plummet and it can often seem as though our hard work throughout the cycling season is going to go to waste.
Mine does, and they’re almost as passionate as I am about keeping their fitness levels high in the off-season.
It’s by no means the loudest indoor trainer I’ve tested, but it’s definitely not the quietest ever, so I wouldn’t go using it at full speed in the middle of the night when your family’s asleep. Instead of spending the winter months moping about because the weather’s so awful, work up a sweat with this stationary bike stand and start preparing for your next cycling session.
With a price tag of around $200, this trainer is more expensive than some, but with its enhanced lifespan, I’m pretty sure I’m going to be reaping the benefits of my investment for many years to come. Mount your Fender Blender Universale bike for stationary smoothie making, or your Generator Wheel to start cranking out watts.
This stationary stand is compatible with the Fender Blender Universale, Spin Art attachment, and Generator Wheel. If you would like an "older" replacement quick release skewer added to your order at no charge, please add a note to your order. The stand folds down easily for travel and storage and is designed to remain quiet while being used. It features a sturdy steel frame that support most users, and it’s that will work with both road and mountain bikes sporting 700c, 26? or 27? wheels. Moving home to Australia.New Portable Indoor Exercise Magnetic Resistance Bicycle Trainer Bike StandShip from CA,NJ! This leaves the front wheel resting on the floor surface, which in turn causes much damage to the floors. With the Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer, the mounting cups are sturdy enough to prevent this from happening while you are training. Superb for the serious amateur, and even the professional, it also comes with a lifetime guarantee. For one, it’s got 5 different resistance settings which can be easily changed from your handlebars. Unlike most cheap bike stands, this 20-pound trainer is made entirely out of heavy-duty metal.
The magnetic mechanism is limited in its capacity to create resistance and magnetic indoor trainers aren’t the most durable around, so frequent rigorous training will take its toll over time.
This obviously takes considerable balance and skill and so is not for the faint-hearted, but it provides the side-to-side rocking motion of the pivot trainer at a much cheaper price. Keep doing this for up to ten minutes at first, as long as you include it in a much longer session (let’s say 45 minutes). There is also the  90ml of medical grade silicon, which is thermal dynamically neutral (which basically means your workload is measurable, repeatable, and consistent). With its unique side-to-side rocking motion, it delivers a cycling experience that’s constantly fresh, always challenging and endlessly exciting – just like road cycling. The hundreds of glowing reviews on the Internet, posted by happy customers ranging from the casual hobbyist to the national athlete, attest to that.
You’re paying top dollar, but you’re getting a top-notch product that feels and looks like the best the industry has to offer. As similar indoor trainers like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine have shown, thermally-sealed fluid drives work wonders when it comes to preventing leaks. If you don’t, you may encounter some difficulties (or not – the reviews aren’t conclusive), but we just wanted to point that out in case! There are no shortage of cheaper options on the market, but if you want an immaculate indoor riding experience that’s lifelike, fun and suited to your rigorous training schedule, you can’t go wrong with this awesome product from Cascade! The Blackburn Mag 6 offers 6 resistance levels, and trust me – even if you’re a seasoned cyclist, you’ll find Levels 4 through 6 offer a heart-pumping workout. Moreover, instead of a drive-shaft mechanism which is susceptible to jamming or leaking, Blackburn’s incorporated a magnetic resistance mechanism to fend off these common problems.
If you pop in some earphones, you can barely hear the whirr of the trainer, so I don’t think it’s a big issue at all. If you intend to use this for a Generator Wheel please include that in the 'comments' when checking out.
Making sure that the wheels live in place is addressed easily by operating an adjustment knob. For road bikers, there are stationary solutions that can help keep the stamina up in any athlete.
Slippage of indoor trainers can often result in injury, but the sturdy design of the Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer will keep you from having any sort of harsh injury while training in your home.
This makes it suitable for progressive training since you’ll constantly have something to work towards – watch your fitness levels soar as you progress from one resistance level to the next.
This ensures greater stability – if you’ve ever used a cheap plastic stationary stand, you’ll know how important this is! Like the Magnet, the Soozier indoor trainer features five resistance levels adjusted via the handlebar. It’s one of my favorite things about cycling outdoors – coasting along at top speed is one of the most invigorating experiences in the world!
Without a doubt, the Kinetic Rock and Roll Trainer makes our list of the best bike stands for 2014. If you get yourselves one of these Blackburn Mag 6 trainers, you can turn that potential ordeal into one heck of an advantage. With its adjustable seat height and variable resistance, even my daughter could get in a bit of exercise in the cold winter months. I had an absolute blast pushing myself last winter and mastered level 6 by the beginning of spring.
There are 5 internal resistance settings available which see how hard you need to pedal for that rear wheel to maneuver. When road bikers don’t to have a stationary bike taking up room in their apartment or house, they can always have a bicycle trainer stand.
If the highest resistance level isn’t tough enough for you, this trainer also offers progressive magnetic resistance which increases with your pedal speed for a real challenge. It also comes with a single-adjustment magnetic resistance mechanism – it’s a bit awkward to have to get off your bike to adjust it, but we’re so happy to get adjustable resistance at this price point, we’re willing to overlook that.
For a bike stand under $75, this bike trainer is really pretty quiet, although you might want to pop some headphones on if you’re using mountain bike treads (as with any stationary trainer, mountain bike tires will create more noise than will road tires). Well, this heavier flywheel ensures this bike  trainer recreates that effect even though you’re indoors. The front wheel block will save hundreds of dollars of repairs on expensive floor surfaces. The Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer is a very popular and affordable indoor trainer that many bikers would love.

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