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A bicycle trainer (or a “trainer” as they are sometimes called) is a piece of equipment that makes it possible for you to ride your bicycle from a stationary position. They are used by cyclists who wish to warm up or cool down before or after a bicycle race or competition. And even more common, they are used by athletes of all different skill levels so they can ride their bikes inside when the weather conditions are less than ideal, when time is of the essence, or when the cyclist wishes to participate in other activities (such as watching TV, reading a book, or checking his or her email).
On a personal note: Just about every cyclist in the city where I live (including myself) has a bicycle trainer in his or her home.
There are a number of different types of bicycle trainers and each type operates in a different way. There are, however, two major types of bicycle trainers, with several sub-types underneath these two. In the photo above, the cyclist on the left is riding a bike positioned on top of a roller bicycle trainer.
Roller Bike Trainers are the most simply-designed bike trainers you will see, as they consist of nothing but a set of rollers that you ride your bike on top of. They provide a more realistic cycling experience because you have to maintain your balance, just as you would on a normal bike ride. The fact that you can shift your torso from side to side, like you would when on your regular bike, makes it feel like you aren’t riding in place, but that you are out there on the road. Learning how to balance and ride on rollers takes some time – even for experienced cyclists. The second major type of bicycle trainer is what is known as a Mechanical Resistance Bicycle Trainer. The resistance mechanism on these types of trainers come in 3 major sub-types: wind, magnetic, and fluid.
Because there is a frame to hold your rear wheel in place, keeping your balance on a mechanical bike trainer is a piece of cake.
They are relatively small (in comparison to Rollers) and won’t take up a lot of space in your home, basement or garage.
Because the rear wheel is locked in place by the frame of the roller, you don’t get that back and forth “road-like” feel that you get on Roller Bike Trainers. When it comes to Mechanical Bicycle Trainers, there are three main types that you will run across: Wind, Magnetic, and Fluid – each of which operates in a slightly different fashion.
Generally the least expensive of all the mechanical bicycle trainers, a wind bicycle trainer creates resistance by having the cyclist power a circular fan that blows air onto the wheel.
Because these types of trainers are relatively primitive in their design, they are inexpensive, less-likely to break that some of the more complicated bicycle trainers, and they provide a relatively road-like ride. The major drawbacks of wind bike trainers, however, are that they 1) create an incredible amount of noise… and 2) because the resistance to the wheel is created by wind and wind alone, the resistance is not as high as some cyclists would prefer. A magnetic bicycle trainer functions with the use of a magnetic flywheel on the back of the device.
The benefits of magnetic bicycle trainers are that they are nearly silent to operate (which makes them ideal if you plan to ride your bike while watching TV or making phone calls), but the drawback is that only a certain amount of resistance can be added before the trainer is prone to break. Fluid bicycle trains function as a sort of hybrid between magnetic bicycle trainers and a totally separate type of trainer that creates friction with the use of liquid resistance chambers. The major benefit of a fluid bike trainer is that as you begin to pedal faster and faster, the resistance to the rear wheel begins to progressively increase. There are centrifugal trainers, which like fluid trainers, get progressively more resistance as you increase your speed.
There are special “virtual reality” bike trainers, which are hooked up to electronic video game-type systems that measure the cyclist’s speed, cadence, and other such measurements while at the same time placing the cyclist in a virtual world of some kind via the use of video screens, audio projections, etc. But for the most part, we’ve covered all the major types of bicycle trainers in this article. It depends on you, your goals for the future, the type of cycling that you do, and how you plan to use your trainer. When it comes to whether or not you really need a bicycle trainer, I can’t make that call.
My opinion, after trying out and reaching dozens of different trainers for myself, is that price is usually a good indication of just how good a bicycle trainer you are getting. Great article and well timed as just this past weekend I started thinking about getting one of these in case it ever starts raining again in South Texas. You are right Greg, getting started on a bicycle trainer does take a little getting used to and it can become a bit boring after a while.

There are also a bunch of cycling specific videos out there (like these here, for example) that are videos that you watch while you are on the trainer. The LeMond Revolution is a direct drive trainer that connects directly to your drive train rather than pressing against your rear wheel.
I bought a fairly expensive stationary bike several years ago that I use a lot in the winter.Other than the feel of being on your own bike, is there a any real advantage from a being in shape standpoint to purchasing a trainer as opposed to using he stationary bike which I can program to give me the resisitance I need to get a good workout? The cost of a stationary bicycle vs the bicycle trainers in this article are going to be one of the major differences.
I definitely agree, by the way, that using a trainer is 100x better than using any stationary bike! I also have a 21 speed bike that I would like to use indoor with a Bicycle Trainer…Can I use the Gears to create resistance unlike the Exerciser. Most bicycle trainers are designed to be used with road bikes, just because that is the type of person who is probably going to actually want to ride a bike indoors – someone training for a race or event. This might seem like a really silly question, but when you use the skewer that came with your trainer for your back wheel do you leave it in when you take the bike off the trainer and ride on the road?
I generally switch back to the one that came with my bicycle and the one that came with the trainer just for the trainer.
I just started riding again a couple months ago after being away from it way too long, and would hate to have to severely curtail riding until the weather cools in September.
I use Spivi with a cadence sensor attached, does any of the trainers here transmit watts(power) data out for software like Spivi? I don’t think you necessarily need a trainer-specific tire, but you do need a tire with no tread on it. Many bike companies will not honor the frame warranty if a carbon fiber bike is used on a fixed trainer. Of course, not a lot of carbon fiber touring bikes, but many of us have different bikes for different types of riding and maybe some folks have a carbon road machine for non-touring riding. Question -is there any way to just replace the small roller on a mag trainer resistance unit other than buyint a whole new trainer? Take a look at our comparison chart below for a quick overview of the various stationary bike stand models we have reviewed and work with. You can sort the table columns by clicking on the column title (for example, if you want to sort them by price or weight or rating).
Cascade Fluid ProTop quality trainer, rated highly, thermally sealed fluid drive, very quiet, front riser included.
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In addition, it allows customers to return new and unused products in original factory condition within 30 days from the date of purchase. Buyer is responsible for return shipping costs and for sufficiently packing and insuring returned items unless otherwise agreed upon. Very much like treadmills allow you to run in place, bicycle trainers allow you to cycle in place. When a big snow storm moves in, you can become trapped in your home for days, and being able to exercise on a bicycle trainer is a great way to stay in shape and not let the passing storm get the best of you. To the rider’s left (our right) is a bicycle mounted on a mechanical bicycle trainer. With rollers there is nothing to hold your bike vertical, so you must maintain your own balance while on the rollers… and as you might suspect, the learning curve on rollers does take some time. It get its name because this type of bike trainer uses a mechanism of some kind to resist the motion of the wheels… and it has a frame that holds your rear wheel in a vertical position (making it easier to balance).
The magnetic pull that this device creates causes resistance to your bicycle’s rear wheel and by adjusting this resistance, you can make the bicycle easier or more difficult to ride.
Fluid bike trainers are the most complex of the bicycle trainers you will likely run across and because of this, they are more prone to breakage that the types we’ve discussed previously. This road-like feel is what many cyclists working on a bicycle trainer want to feel, but fluid bicycle trainers do have their drawbacks. But for cyclists who are serious about what they do, are training for an upcoming race or tour, or simply want a way to ride their bike when the weather outside is less than perfect, then at least giving a bicycle trainer a try is a great idea.
But I’m willing to bet that there are more than a few people reading this article who have experience with bicycle trainers of various types and could weigh in on this subject.
While the more expensive bicycle trainers are quiet(er), prove a road-like feel, and will last you a very long time. And would you recommend the trainer to other cyclists looking to buy a trainer for themselves? If you have any questions, leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you with an answer just as soon as I can.
Somewhere around those speeds the gyroscopic effect of the spinning tires helps keeps you upright.
When I ride my trainer, I always listen to music, watch TV or do something like that to keep my mind entertained while riding.

And the videos give you a sort of POV view of some spectacular bicycle routes all around the world.
Then you need to look at that company’s website and see if they have any dealers in Poland or the neighboring countries. That’s probably why you are finding it difficult to find a bicycle trainer that will work with your beach cruiser.
I am currently in the process of building a recumbent and have been wondering about the power outputs of different chain management configurations.
The table will grow as we check out additional models, but for now the table includes many of the leading models out there. Alternatively, to summarize it all for you and to save a few of your brain cells, check out our guide to the five BEST trainers to consider in 2015! The "off" amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller's price on eBay. If you reside in an EU member state besides UK, import VAT on this purchase is not recoverable. Please note, all returns must be pre-approved by Discount Tommy and have a return merchandise authorization (RMA) number--unauthorized returns will not be accepted. Discount Tommy will replace the item with an identical item, issue a full store credit for the value of the item, or issue a refund for the value of the item, minus a 20% restocking fee.
If your purchase has been damaged during shipping, a damage claim will be filed, the product will be returned to us, and a replacement will be shipped at our expense. When first learning how to use roller bike trainers, it is helpful to have something to hold on to so that you are less likely to ride off the sides of the rollers or fall to the ground while learning to balance. Mainly the fact that over time the trainer is prone to overheat, expand, and begin to leak.
Or maybe, just maybe, another cyclist here at Bicycle Touring Pro with extensive trainer experience will weigh in and answer your question as well. So you ride your bike, watch the videos while you are cycling, and are kind of taken on a digital bike ride while at the same time exploring a new place through your television set. I know what when I bought my bicycle trainer, the size of the thing was extremely important to me, as I didn’t want to have to store a really big thing in my tiny home. In that country I’m not sure where you would be able to purchase any of these trainers. What you may have to do is, instead of trying to find a trainer that fits your bicycle, find a bicycle (or at the very least, a rear bicycle wheel) that fits on your bicycle trainer. I have seen that most trainers have power curves relating wheel rpm and resistance force to power. Specifically I’d like to be able to read a book propped up on a stand or on my handlebar bag while spinning in place. All returned merchandise must be in the original packaging with the authorization (RMA#) clearly printed on the outside of the package. Instead, it is a device that attaches to your regular bicycle so that you can ride your bike in a stationary position.
If I were just on the bicycle and riding while staring at the wall in front of me, I probably wouldn’t last more than a few minutes. But I think the biggest difference between a stationary bicycle and a bicycle trainer is that, like you pointed out, with a bicycle trainer you can ride in a stationary position on YOUR OWN BICYCLE. If you donate $10 USD or more I will mail you a postcard from wherever I happen to be in the world as a little thank you gift. Do a quick search for bicycle trainer videos and you will find all kinds of these videos – shot in really cool spots all over the world.
To many cyclists, myself included, this is pretty important, because as you ride with a bicycle trainer, you are actually training to ride YOUR OWN bike. Try picking out a location that interests you the most and try watching that video in conjunction with your time on the bicycle trainer. Going with a stationary bicycle might be better if you are cycling just to get in better shape. I bet it will help a lot to fight whatever boredom you might be experiencing while on your trainer.
But using your own bike on a bicycle trainer is the way to go, I think, if you are training for an upcoming ride, race, tour, etc. While a trainer is great to get that workout in, it does not replace the skills learned by actually getting out on the road.
Even if you have rollers, it doesn’t teach you how to ride with traffic and be aware of your surroundings. I say this seemingly obvious point because I know people who think they can do all their training for an event like the Seattle to Portland Bike Ride on an indoor trainer or in a Spin class. A trainer shouldn’t replace actual riding, but it is a great way to stay in shape over the winter so when Spring rolls around you are ready to get out and ride!

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