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Village Cycles opened in May 1987 in a small shop in the centre of Richmond’s business area. Jim has been at the helm of the business since the beginning and brings with him a vast knowledge of the bike industry, racing and bikes themselves.
Sue, Jim’s wife, also has a background in cycling, having raced in the Commonwealth Games and World Championships on the road. The whole team is passionate about cycling with a good mix of BMXers, Mountain bikers and Roadies – so there is expertise in all fields of cycling. Village Cycles sell a full range of road, MTB, recreational and childrens bikes as well as bike servicing. The aim of the photo shoot was to capture the variety of products and the service delivered at the popular Queen St store in Richmond near Nelson. In just over a week, Richmond will be packed with cycling fans of all stripes–albeit less tightly than we may have assumed.
After recovering from that first injury and achieving some competitive success, Tim transitioned into working in business for a number of years. Alongside our local bike shops, other businesses are up to some pretty cool bike-related things: enter Quickness RVA2. StreetCar Cafe, located in the Northside, is also pulling together food and bikes–the business hopes to link a bike repair shop to its already operational restaurant. Outside the realm of business, a number of community organizations are at work on the advocacy side of things. RVA MORE is an all-volunteer player in the advocacy game, focused particularly on improving mountain biking in Greater Richmond.

When I first meet Phil, he is hunched over a workbench, teaching a VCU student how to change an inner tube. The shop has partnered with Goatacado to create a restaurant space inside the Carytown location. Bike Walk RVA Academy is responsible for Richmond Bike Month, which is in turn responsible for the Ride of Shame: Donut Crawl. He has raced, himself, for over 40 years on both the road and track and has been a NZ Team mechanic at Olympic and Commonwealth Games and World Championships. She does the administrative, behind-the-scenes stuff and is keen to help with any women-specific advice. The brief was to provide web designers, Lucid Design in Nelson, with images that would communicate all of the products and services offered for the newly created Village Cycles website.
As fans flock to the city streets for the big event, Richmonders will get a closer look at the international cycling community (at least those with enough disposable income to travel), as well as a front row seat to witness apex cyclists doing their thing. He grinned widely as he recounted the story, his fingers prodding at the place where screws are still holding his bones in place.
He married this business savvy to his passion for cycling in 2007 when he opened Carytown Bicycle Company. Quickness is a courier service that delivers food from local restaurants all around the city via bike. Their hope is to serve a community of commuters through repair clinics and community-use tools, focusing especially on those who commute by bike out of necessity1. They have done a great deal of work on the trails around the James, and regularly organize group rides.

He is supported in the shop by a team of three full-time, qualified mechanics and two very experienced shop staff. But observant natives will notice something more impressive still after the races end and the streets are swept relatively clean; a thriving, diverse local bike culture that has been pedaling along for years. Supporting these cycling subcultures is a collection of businesses and groups that have been creating momentum around bikes for a long time, from many different angles. Tim sees the shop as something more than a place to purchase and maintain bikes, although they strive for excellence in those things; it is an investment in the culture of Richmond overall. Check out their website for more information about which restaurants are within range of your house or workplace. I've been to many a bike shop in my day and the guys that work there are usually the hardcore biker (motorcycle) tattooed, pierced type with the worst customer service skills known to man and even just a little friendliness goes a long way. Tim lights up when he describes his hopes about lifestyle culture; more biking, more healthy food1, more active communities. Soon, he found himself not just getting his bike fixed, but learning how to do the work himself.

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