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Join us for our Grand Opening Sale December 12th from 10am-7pm and December 13th from 10am-6pm. With Citi Bike becoming more and more popular in New York City, we thought we’d explore the impact of Citi Bike on NYC bike rentals. At The Bike GPS, we sure hope that the Citi Bike program leads to more people renting and buying bikes from local bike shops in and around New York City. Bicycling in ¬†Beverly Hills is not safe and, if the homeowners have anything to do with it, will remain unsafe for years to come. If folks see more New Yorkers biking to work, maybe they’ll want to buy or rent a bike. If you’re not already aware, Beverly Hills homeowners oppose the implementation of bike lanes in Beverly Hills.

The Bike GPS salutes California Governor Jerry Brown, who earned reelection tonight to serve a second straight terms as California’s chief executive. These places have the best prices and service, which is why I've used them since before this website existed.
The Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance, recently decided to drop the assault charges that were filed against Jose Henriquez. With over 32,000 folks in NYC already signed up for the Citi Bike program, one might conjecture that those are 32,000 fewer people renting bikes at local bike shops like Jeff’s Bicycles or Bicycle Habitat. Some of the owners of these bike businesses are of the belief that more people will rent bikes for leisurely bike rides (you get charged if you go over 45 minutes on a ride with the Citi Bike program). One particular Citi Bike station (where you pick up and return the bikes) happened to be removed because it was located right by Frank’s Bike Shop, a long-running NYC small business.

That remains to be seen but we sure hope that these owners are right for the sake of small bike businesses across the five boroughs of New York City. We cater to all levels of cyclists with a broad selection of road and commuting bikes, single speed, time trial, and kids bikes. MODSquad is the one-stop shopping venue for all family biking needs including: balance bikes, tricycles, infant seats and trailers.

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