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With hundreds of thousands (really millions, but we don't want to scare you) of combinations, we'd hate to limit you.
Wheelchair tandems have a heavy duty wheelchair as the main chassis component, onto which is attached a pedal powered propulsion unit which resembles the back end of a regular bike. Just as with new machines, our refurbished wheelchair tandems can be supplied or retro-fitted with an electric Power Assist System.
These are lighter and smaller than wheelchair transporters and are most suitable where only one person is to ride as passenger.

They become much more versatile and useful when the 'bike' component can be removed allowing the front end to function as a wheelchair in its own right. For this particular type of machine we prefer to offer used examples via our refurbished bike program.
They can also work in multi-user environments if prospective passengers can sit comfortably in the one-size-fits-most chair without needing a custom fit.
We endeavour to always have a good range of different models available - which we’d be happy to let you ride.

With a target selling price of between 30% and 70% of a new model (depending on age and condition) it’s a really cheap way into wheelchair tandem ownership.

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