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Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts and updates via email. I don’t usually talk a whole lot about the LEGO Creator theme here, as the mass-release LEGO Creator sets tend to not be very hyped or popular (in general). One of the most popular non-licensed things that LEGO has going these days is the outrageously popular series of LEGO Modular Buildings that are only available from the LEGO Stores and that tend to retail for $150 and up. Luckily, LEGO is stepping in later this year, as the LEGO Summer 2014 sets will include the attractive LEGO Creator Bike Shop and Cafe 31026, which is basically a cheaper baby-brother to the LEGO Modular Buildings! The LEGO 31026 Bike Shop and Cafe is a pretty adorable set that includes two separate buildings (a bike shop and a cafe, obviously), three minifigures (two generic male minifigures and one generic woman minifigure) and a yellow car with a bike rack (that you can really snap the LEGO bicycle onto). As the set is a LEGO Creator 3-in-1, you can also alternatively rebuild LEGO 31026 into a LEGO flower shop or auto repair shop! There comes a time in every cyclist's life when they must ship their precious steed somewhere new. The easiest way to get a bicycle-specific box is to go to your your local bike shop and ask for one that will fit your bike. Turn the fork and stem so they are facing backwards, and put the handlebar parallel to the frame.

If you are using a Cannondale box like the one pictured, you will remove both wheels and place them on one side of the box, with the frame on the other side of the cardboard divider. Attach the handlebar and other parts to the frame securely with tape and be sure to pad them, too. Bloom Bike Shop provides help for cyclists with bike repair and maintenance information in tutorials, how-to articles, and photo and video.
But every once in a while a LEGO Creator set comes along that you can instantly tell from the preview photos is going to make a huge splash and be super-popular with LEGO collectors. But not every LEGO fan (and collector!) can afford to drop 150 bucks and up for a single set, leaving many folks without a LEGO modular building in their life. This will make a terrific stepping-stone set for those not old enough to build the full LEGO Modular Buildings, or who can’t afford to do so. Other accessories included with the set include LEGO muffins (no, really), a very cool buildable LEGO bird, a LEGO money bill and more. I usually dislike alternate LEGO builds like this, but the 31026 LEGO Auto Repair Shop build is actually looking really snazzy! That’s less than nine cents per piece, and an overall outstanding value for a set that’s packed with play value!

Does this set strike you as a worthy, cheaper alternative to the amazing LEGO Modular Buildings series, or does the lower detail and price drop the LEGO Creator Bike Shop and Cafe 31026 set off of your wish list?
The bike will then be packed inside this special carton (otherwise we will ship it with our standard-carton).The bike is delivered completely ready to ride. If your bike has gears, shift to the largest rear cog and chainring before boxing the bike.
At over $100 in Canada, it doesn’t have even half the detail or attractiveness of one of the modulars, even the ho hum pet shop. The only thing you have to do is to mount the handlebar, the seat post, the front wheel and the pedals.

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