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When most people think of cardio, they think of long, boring jogs, or endless hours on the elliptical. The picture to the right shows an extreme example of the different training outcomes of a marathoner (“steady state” cardio) and sprinter (high intensity interval training cardio). High Intensity Interval Training involves alternating between very intense bouts of exercise and low intensity exercise. As an added bonus, there’s also an afterburn effect known as EPOC (excess-post exercise oxygen consumption). My 12-Week BuiltLean Transformation Program is based on HIIT because it’s so effective at burning fat. If you are a beginner, I would recommend only trying HIIT if you can do a session of cardio for 20-30 minutes at 70-85% of your max heart rate. NOTE: Interval training should begin with a 3-5 minute warm up and end with a 3-5 minute cool down to prevent dizziness, or nausea. I do this HIIT workout all the time on a treadmill, jumping rope, or doing kettlebell swings. Any type of cardio can be used with interval training, but I would caution against running more than a few times per week, because the demands on your metabolic system and joints are significant. Impact of exercise intensity on body fatness and skeletal muscle metabolism” Metabolism, vol. Also, in terms of fat, can you please provide a comparison (i.e For a 175lb male, 20 mins of HIIT is equivalent of X minutes on a treadmill or X minutes on a an ellyptical)? I agree with most everything in this blog entry, especially about using HIIT to train as opposed to steady state cardio.
Ultimately, even though there is not doubt intervals are better than steady state, you picked images which would show the most contrast between a marathoner and a sprinter, which isn’t necessarily accurate. One more thing to mention is when I go for a jog, I love to incorporate a little interval training into it. My question basically is, how many minutes do you have to sprint to equal to 30 minutes of jogging? So assuming you weigh 175 pounds (80kg) and you jog for 30 minutes, which is around 7 METs, you are burning about 300 calories. I also want to emphasize in my opinion, HIIT is not about calorie burn, but about increasing your aerobic capacity substantially and improving your hormonal response.
Sprinters are mainly anaerobic and they have a lot more fast twitch muscle and their explosive speed depends on how much anaerobic power they can produce in a short amount of time.
I’d also add that elite endurance athletes do a lot more interval training than the average gym rat can ever imagine to do. Hi Greg, I thought (my mistake) it was obvious the picture was just an extreme example of both training outcomes and genetics.
Regarding interval training, the research study you presented uses an ergometer as the training modality.
Since Greg seems to be having a very similar issue to the one I had over two weeks ago, I’d like to reiterate (possibly more calmly) the issue with the two pictures you used. Comparing the average sprinter to the average marathoner (of similar age and ethnicity) would reveal a much more subtle difference.
Quite frankly, I feel it’s irresponsible for an otherwise knowledgeable fitness website to use this particular tactic.
The picture to the right highlights the difference between the body of a marathoner (“steady state” cardio) and sprinter (high intensity interval training cardio). I like to increase the incline to make it even harder on the intervals when running on a treadmill. I have been trying to lose my last bit of weight to hit my target goal of 175, currently at 187.
That’s great news that you have improved your body and lost 5kg in only one month with some help from interval training. It sounds like you have a positive mindset to help push you through and reach your potential. I am doing 3 min warm up and 20 min HIIT 15 secs intense and 15 secs slow in the spinning bike. You can start with doing 30 seconds hard on the elliptical, or stationary bike, then 1 minute resting and repeat.
1) I got on the treadmill on Tuesday and just barely got through 18 minutes (with a 4 minute warmup) and had to stop because my body was so fatigued… have others found that when they first started interval training that they hit a period of fatigue? 2) Since starting the higher intensity cardio and weight training I feel skinnier, firmer etc but gosh darn if the scale won’t budge. The Elite Interval Training app for Windows Phone 8 will help you create, organize and execute your interval training workouts with ease. Its intuitive features allow you to create individual exercises or bundle them all together in complete workouts to achieve great results. What is more, you will never miss a beat thanks to the perfectly aligned audio cues which will guide you to a flawlessly executed interval training workout.
The quick training option is for those of you who want to hit the ground running fast, very fast!
The intuitive addition of new exercises allows you to set up warm-up, cool-down and repetition times individually for each new exercise. Easily manage your list of exercises and seamlessly bundle them in complete workouts to achieve the results that you are after.
When people ask me about the history of Lactate Dynamics Training (1994) and the New Interval Training (1995) I answer that it really is a reflection of my own development as a coach. Roger Bannister had poignantly reinforced this intuitive process in 1955, shortly after becoming the first athlete to break four minutes for the mile, when he stated, “The human body is centuries in advance of the physiologist.” As a barrier-breaking athlete and a then medical student who was subsequently to become a world-renowned neurologist, he was in a position to speak on this subject. The practice of coaching is always in advance of research in exercise physiology, or in any of the sport sciences for that matter. With regards to human metabolism, the science eventually ‘caught up’ and clearly identified and explained what was happening in the training approaches I had developed all those years ago and why the methods were successful.
Let’s go back a moment to my own development as a practising coach since this tells the story of New Interval Training. But, I also had an awareness of my ignorance and recognised that others had much more knowledge and experience than me and I sought out the expert coaches of the day at every opportunity.
Beginner coaches were very fortunate back then, as all of the British National Coaches of the 1970s were professionally required to be very involved with preparing and supporting the ‘coaches of tomorrow’.

If we take the time to ‘climb the stairs of our ancestors’ we can identify key individuals who introduced systems or methods that significantly influenced the coaching of their day and subsequently. When I started coaching, the physiology of endurance running was based on notions of the energy systems operating as completely separate, compartmentalised entities. When I started coaching, the physiology of endurance running was based on notions of the three metabolic energy systems operating as completely separate, compartmentalised entities. One day, I can recall clearly it was in the early 70s, I was listening to Brendan Foster, the well respected and renowned British athlete, speaking about his experiences of running races on the track and over the country with the newly emerging Kenyan distance athletes. Foster spoke about tactical positioning in races and that when he was running behind the Kenyan athletes it was unsettling because at one moment he would be comfortable, running within himself, and the next moment feel like he was struggling to stay in contact.
What Brendan said made me reflect on how we were preparing endurance athletes at that time to race to their potential.
If you're in a relationship, it puts pressure on both people to come up with something romantic and sweet and loving on a random day in February.
I'm all in favor of a holiday dedicated to love, but let's be honest, that's what the December holidays have become -- a time to cherish your family and friends. Let's make the hearts that are tacked up everywhere stand for heart-healthy as we mix some tough strength exercises with killer cardio intervals. Complete as many repetitions of each exercise as possible in 1 minute, resting only between sets. If you want to burn fat and improve your endurance HIIT cardio workouts are the best choice. There are several benefits of doing high intensity interval training, especially if you want to get rid of body fat. Several studies have proved that this type of workout is the most efficient way to burn body fat. Other studies have proved HIIT programs keep the fat burning processes 24 hours after finishing the training. A study has also proved that HIIT cardio exercises support fat loss better than other activities because it burns more fat cells to provide the energy for the body. Intensive exercising is also beneficial for lean muscle building since it raises the amount of hormones in the body that are responsible for muscle growth.
What should already have been made clear is that for HIIT to work to its full potential, you really do have to give it everything you have during the high intensity periods of your HIIT workout.
Here I have collected some HIIT cardio workouts at home that I have already tried and suitable for both men and women. A 15 minute intense routine from Brandon Carter improving the core and the explosiveness of your body.
There is no question that these healthy activities are beneficial for developing the cardiovascular system and burning calories. My wife’s favorite program with the best compound exercises such as high knees, burpees, mountain climbers and squats.
Using light weights for high-intensity interval training makes it even more efficient, However, spend enough time with warming up and stretching before starting to avoid injuries. Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Reddit Buffer PocketLast updated by James at October 8, 2015. Other: Email Share Tweet 0 0 High intensity interval training (HIIT) has become all the rage in the workout world. Two weeks of high-intensity aerobic interval training increases the capacity for fat oxidation during exercise in women. Metabolic adaptations to short-term high-intensity interval training: a little pain for a lot of gain?.
Aerobic interval training versus continuous moderate exercise as a treatment for the metabolic syndrome: a pilot study. High-intensity aerobic interval training increases fat and carbohydrate metabolic capacities in human skeletal muscle. The effect of a brief sprint interval exercise on growth factors and inflammatory mediators. I do have a question though that has been on my mind for a while and it will be nice if anyone can also contribute to the answer. There may be no definite answer but it would be appreciated if I get a rough figure at least. Quite simply, that is why science uses averages: The extreme case gives a misleading result and does not accurately reflect the reality for 99% of cases.
I commend you for taking the constructive criticism in stride, something I often find myself hard to do.
Anyways, I have been jogging around 3.5-4 miles a day on the treadmill at 5 MPH (haven’t tried faster just to make sure I can keep the pace) and I was wondering how much HIIT you would recommend to compete with that? I do get the burn in my chest, I am sweating profusely and on my last cycle I feel like puking. I think that you must write more on this subject, it won’t be a taboo topic but typically persons are not sufficient to speak on such topics.
Like many of the best innovations, they were developed over a considerable period of time, being born out of intuition, followed by the twin pillars of experimentation and success. This is because effective coaches are always innovating in the field and are concerned with producing direct, visible performance benefits over time, more time than researchers can usually apply. It led to the methods having an identity and accurate descriptive names of Lactate Dynamics Training and New Interval Training, based on the underlying processes at work. I have been fortunate enough to have coached over two centuries, beginning in the very early 1970s.
I didn’t want to copy these other coaches but I did want to engage them, listen, watch, question, comprehend and filter their coaching wisdom, distilling it into an eclectic foundation for my coaching. From these active, experienced coaches I was instructed on the importance of knowing the history of training in athletics. Coaches then were told and taught that different activities and intensities would cause a ‘switching’ in the body from aerobic to anaerobic processes and from one energy system to another. At that time Brendan was making the transition from a 1500m athlete to become a 5,000m and then eventually a 10,000m runner, who would win the Bronze medal in the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. Another moment later again, he would find that he was almost tripping over himself as they had slowed once more. It seemed that the idea of a ‘sound pace judgement’ tied to target times was founded in the western cultures with the idea of an even pace being best for performance.

And if you're single it puts pressure on you to find romance and basically just makes you feel like you're the loneliest person in the world who will definitely die alone as you see your paired-up friends get chocolate or flowers (that are monstrously overpriced, by the way, because of this ridiculous holiday). I decided to create this Heartbreaker High Intensity Interval Training Workout because there's no better way to feel awesome than to work your ass off and rain sweat on this silly holiday. I'm a lawyer by day, runner by dawn and dusk (and some other stuff thrown in when I have time!).
In this video the most efficient bodyweight exercises are combined such as burpees, squats, jumping jacks, etc. High jumping, planks, mountain climbers, push-ups and other efficient bodyweight exercises are added. If you want to lose weight, burn fat or just one to improve your general condition any of these regimens can be done.
The gentleman you used for your marathoner is of different descent than the gentlemen used to illustrate a sprinter. Endurance events are aerobic in nature which requires high VO2Max numbers and superb oxygen delivery to the muscles. If I do intervals it’s at least 16 repeats of 200, 10 repeats of 400 or 6 repeats of 800 meter sprints at various speeds (the longer the interval the slower the speed).
Although the extreme example you provided is TECHNICALLY accurate, it appears to be a deliberate attempt to mislead your readers.
Unless all of your readers are in this 99%, then the presentation you have given is not accurate.
For ladies, high intensity interval training won’t make you very muscular, but does help you get leaner faster. Much later, the intuition and practice came to be supported and refined by stumbling upon and recognising the implications of the findings and new knowledge that had come from ground-breaking scientific research on lactate metabolism. These so-called ‘empirical means’ of evaluating the effectiveness of doing ‘something’ are variously respected by physiologists who for their research pursuits, quite rightly, need precise environments and concrete data to clearly show whether something ‘works’, or not. Since the 1980s we have seen a proliferation in the number and variety of training theories presented, from an increasing number of elite coaches. The accepted coaching wisdom was that best endurance performances resulted from an even pace and that athletes should train to run at even target-timed paces.
He observed that the Kenyans were running at slightly varying paces; not sufficient necessarily to be observable to a spectator but sufficient to be noticeable within the race and to challenge the other athletes. The physiologists in fact had proposed that this was the best way to produce the fastest times.
This blog is a record of my attempt to balance work, running, and exploring my new home in Southern California. You can find bodyweight cardio programs and ones that need equipment in order to increase the resistance.
When it comes to just jogging, I’m able to go for 40 mins and thats under very hot weather because at the moment I live in Kuwait. You need to stay up at or above lactate threshold for 2+ minutes to get the benefits of interval training. It relies on slow twitch muscles and the less weight the athlete has to carry the better off they are.
If we look at the history of planned endurance running training from its beginnings it reveals many individual systems and ideologies that have enjoyed popular acceptance.
Many of these elite coaches are professional and usually draw various inspirations from the past. Even then, I had a small problem with this ‘even pace’ work because I knew of the earlier success of Holmer’s Fartlek training. Always spend time with warming up and stretching before and spend time with cooling down as well. Since HIIT workouts don’t consume much time or require equipment, they can easily fit into the busiest of schedules, making them convenient and easy. In addition, the man used to illustrate a marathoner is significantly older than the man used to illustrate the sprinter. Regarding the exercise, I would not recommend exercising too intensely, because you may burn yourself out. I just knew that I could coach well and I just knew that I could help others to achieve their potential. A few come into coaching directly from the sciences, such as exercise physiology and others, more from observation of what is taking place in international competition today, as former athletes or agents. My blog is intended as a motivational tool for myself and others, and to share and hear the experiences of others. They’ve also proven to be incredibly effective at increasing metabolism, burning fat, and improving endurance. Muscle mass (as well as the ability to put on muscle mass) decreases with age, and the roughly 20 years between these two men are certainly enough to make a difference.
But to say that HIIT works for your benefit so you won’t end up looking like the guy on the left is just stupid. I don’t see your average gym rat running that long ever let alone running it at the intensities I run it at.
I sensed that this thing called coaching could be one of the greatest of all possible life journeys. Most recently, nationally imposed programmes have tended to impact athletes’ development and performance profiles with varying degrees of success. For newcomers to HIIT, you may want to consider getting a pair of shoes specifically for interval training.
While most cross trainers will get the job done, the sneakers that will perform best are those that are fairly minimal without forgoing the lateral support you’ll need for quick movements. 1 minute running, 1 minute rest) and increasing the number of cycles (I wouldn’t go much above 10). When you’re going 110%, the last thing you want is a clunky pair of shoes holding you back.

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