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The first home exercise gym that we are going to talk about is the Powerline BSG10X home gym. The next gym on our list of Powerline home exercise gyms is the Powerline PHG1000X home gym. The last exercise gym that we are going to look at in the Powerline range is the Powerline P2X home gym. Easy-to-use, space-efficient and strong – the limited-edition premium 25th anniversary G6B25YR is simply one of the best home gyms on the market. Easy-to-use, space-efficient and strong – the limited-edition premium 25th anniversary G6B25YR is simply one of the most best home gyms in the marketplace. Patented Bi-Angular® converging press station replicates a free weight dumbbell press and produces 25% more muscle interaction. While any piece of equipment can be used to accomplish a goal, I like to build my home gym by thinking of different how each piece of equipment plays a roll in my method for building a complete body. Whether it’s a Jungle Gym or the TRX for suspension trainers or the original green disk, you can add a high degree of difficult to almost any bodyweight exercise with one of these pieces of equipment. Because floor presses and standing exercises will get old, one of your best investments is an adjustable bench. The kettlebell movement became a little overhyped in recent years, but they are a solid piece of equipment that will challenge your body much more than your dumbbells. Excellent workouts, Limited Space, and Quick Assembly are just three of the features offered by the Newest Powerline Home Gym, the BSG10! Traditional press bar is biomechanically designed for maximum chest concentration and outstanding muscle development. Lat pulldown station allows unlimited, full range of motion through unilateral, bilateral, converging or diverging movement. Telescoping, chrome plated, adjustable seat post for quick, smooth adjustment and proper body positioning. Air Elliptical is perfect for apartments or space limited areas, where space saving is a priority. Air Elliptical has a resistance control knob, allowing you to adjust the rigor of your workout at anytime. In a perfect world, everybody would be fit enough to be walking around the streets everyday with shredded torsos and toned arms hiding under their business suits or their casual shirts. Most of us have different excuses on how we could miss out on a workout session, or why our body is digesting junk food instead of something organic.
Fitness junkies can attest to most of us that, all but one of those mentioned should not be a factor, or a reason to skip a day’s worth of exercise.
We understand how difficult the daily grind is, especially to the employees who work 9 to 5 to sufficiently feed their families. If you don’t have the time or budget, or issues with location from either your house or your office, the best way to stay fit is to purchase a Home Gym. A lot of people are sceptical about using home gyms, especially for most of which prefer using free weights. We will break down the upside and downside of each type, and we will give you a brief summary for each technology, and our recommendation on what the best Home Gym is for you. Among the different types of Home Gyms, the Plate Loading system is the closest thing that you can get to a free weight set.
This gym again operates off its 160 pound weight stack and gives users the opportunity to complete lots of different workout exercises from it. Already certainly one of our hottest home gyms, we’ve added quite a lot of premium upgrades including an all-new aluminum pulley package and clear-coated red and black paint. A badass home requires just a few pieces of equipment, help from modern technology, and a little bit of creativity. This will allow you to hit decline, flight, and incline variations of all your favorite upper and lower body exercises. From getups, to swings, and clean and presses, you’ll pack your workout with metabolic moves that will eliminate fat from your body without ever needing a treadmill. But keep in mind unless you have a huge amount of space, this is more conducive to your outside gym, such as the street pavement or your backyard.

But there is a way to approach spot reduction and stubborn fat loss to transform your body. A stable platform and multiple seat adjustments let the BSG10 accommodate many users of all sizes. Just click on the tech spec tab to see the many features built into this incredible new Powerline gym.
It will provide a low impact upper and lower body workout using the natural elliptical motion to eliminate stress on joints and ankles. Moreover, the Air Elliptical allows forward and backward pedalling, mimicking the same realism found in traditional cycling. The ProGear 300LS Air Elliptical is constructed using a combination of steel and plastic for added durability. For the people who can’t find time to stay fit, it would be hard to deny the fact that what we live in is a fast-paced life where we spend 8 hours or more in the office, at least 6 to 8 hours in bed, probably an hour total travelling to different destinations, and a few more to eat, drink, and spend time with family and friends. Regardless of what our priorities in life are, your health should and will always be on top of your list. Though we do agree that motivation is the most difficult aspect to overcome, the other issues such as time, budget, location, or even safety shouldn’t be an excuse. Since they worked hard, they have to party hard, as their mindset has always been Rest & Recreation after office hours before heading off to bed. Here is where we help you and narrow down your choices to the best home gyms available in the market today that is a very good replacement to free weights.
The most common home gym types use pin stacks, while there are home gyms that use plate loading resistance.
We will be basing each type of Home Gym on different brands and models of the world’s top makers of fitness equipment so we can determine the pros and cons of each type of Home Gym.
The term is coined because there is a stack of weight connected to the cable pulley, and you can adjust the weight by placing the pin on the preferred weight. If the stack limit is 150 lbs, you will be unable to add more resistance to the workouts that you perform on a pin stack Home Gym. It is called such because you load plates to the device to provide the resistance that you need for each workout. While most home gyms can stack up to 200 lbs., the maximum weight utilization for Lever Gyms is up to 500 lbs.
The Pin Stacks may give you more options in placing your Home Gym in a small quarter, but the weight resistance may become inconsistent and the limited weight options make it improbable for you to progress on improving your strength gains. And as a person who works 9 to 5, even if I spend a couple of hours eating dinner outside, I know that once I get home, I have all the time in my hands to workout and not worry about anything else. Don’t worry you are not alone, more people than ever are throwing in the towel at their local gym and investing that time and money into an home exercise gym.
Because instead of having weight stacks located on it, this model operate from standard weight plates that you need to add to the machine yourself. Located on the gym is a chest and shoulder press station and low and high pulley systems which you can do lots of fantastic exercises from such as the lat pulldown or the standing bicep curl.
Because magazines have limited space (and I like to write too much), these are my unedited answers to those questions. You don’t need anything for exercises like squats and lunges, but an adjustable pullup bar can work wonders for pullups, inverted rows, and pushup ladders. M&F advisor Ben Bruno has destroyed my legs to the point of crawling after a killer Valslide lunge combination.
I said 150s.) But unless you have a Wahlberg like budget (and biceps) that’s probably not going to happen. All of the high impact resistant nylon pulleys and 2200lb tensile strength steel cables have been hung and strung by the factory. The ProGear 300LS Air Elliptical has a resistance control knob, allowing you to adjust the rigor of your workout at anytime. Data regarding distance, speed and heart rate can also be easily seen while active on the LCD display in the control panel.
The cliche “Health is Wealth” has been overused, only because those three words tell it as it is.

It utilizes only a small space in your house, it provides versatility in exercise execution, and assures safety for people who have no time to drag their gym partner to their home, or if the spotter is not available.
People who own a home gym saves money in three ways: no membership fees, it reduces the purchase of additional equipment, and no transportation expenses are needed to travel to the gym.
To get a closer look on pin stacks, we choose one of the best pin stack Home Gyms right now, the BodySolid Powerline PHG1000X. Powertec are the leading makers of Plate Loading Home Gyms, and one of their more popular models is the Powertec Workbench LeverGym.
Production of resistance bands for Home Gyms has decreased due to the durability of the resistance band as opposed to its users. The Resistance Band or Power Rod resistance is far off compared to the other home gyms in terms of resistance accuracy and long-term consistency. There is also high, mid and low pulleys systems on the gym to add even more total body exercises to your workout routine. The only disadvantage to this is, one you need to buy these weight plates separately and two it takes much longer to change the weight on the gym that you want for the exercise that you are doing.
The adjustable dumbbells save space, money, and will help you add resistance so you can get jacked without ever leaving your home. And as the last item has mentioned, you don’t need to travel around the city, which means more time for yourself, and location is no longer a problem. Nowadays, Home Gym makers have replaced resistance bands with Power Rods to withstand a higher frequency of usage. The Plate Loading Home Gym’s levers provide a lesser angle of motion compared to cables, it works similar to executing a Bench Press without worrying about getting dropped on by a 300 pound barbell, or hurting your back while performing a heavy load of Shrugs.
And during the weekends, my kids can learn the art of exercise with me, instead of getting fat in front of the television the whole day.
One of the best things about this gym is that it is already more than half assembled when it arrives on your doorstep. Exercising regularly can relieve you of stress after work, and can be an effective way to enhance mental toughness that would definitely help you fight stress in the first place, and keep you alert the whole day. Levers are also more durable compared to cables that may break, or power rods that may snap. Because the hours that they want to workout, lots of commercial gyms are not open at that time. This makes assembly quick and easy, giving you more time to get started with your home workouts.  Another good thing about this home gym is the small space needed to house the machine. So if you are on a tight budget for an home gym machine, this may just be the model for you.
All these models of Powerline home gyms come with a 10 year warranty of the framework and 1 year on all other parts. And Mark Wahlberg has a gym that could rival, well, pretty much any place you’d want to lift.
I have a client that packed on 12 pounds of muscle in 3 months working out at home with dumbbells that topped out at 70 pounds. If you are looking for an home gym on a tight budget, then one budget brand out there that lots of home gym users, use to train at home on is Powerline. To use this machine you only need a space of 6ft by 4ft, its compact and small design is so popular with home gym users limited on space within their homes.
Located on the machine is a chest press, leg curling station and high, mid and low pulleys. Giving you the ability to add lots and lots of excellent muscle and strength building exercises to your workout. Let’s take a quick look at four models of Powerline gyms that are currently out there for sale in the marketplace.

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