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Colorful And Inspiring Home Gym Design - DigsDigs Search for: BEGIN TYPING YOUR SEARCH ABOVE AND PRESS RETURN TO SEARCH. Circuit training workouts can be a great way to accelerate the results you get from your training. Nope, today’s circuit training workouts are much more effective than the routines of the past. But we’re using traditional free weight training exercises as well as bodyweight exercises, not to mention training tools like ropes, chains, resistance bands, etc.
The typical circuits most of us remember involve the old time all in one multi-exercise machines like the Nautilus workout stations. A typical Nautilus training circuit will utilize anywhere from four to twelve exercises, each done for 10 to 20 repetitions. If you’re new to training, or even new to this type of training, a typical Nautilus style workout may be the way to go for you. You can get better results in less time by utilizing more full body and compound exercises that utilize more muscle mass, core strength, balance and agility.
This will allow you to work more muscle, burn more calories during the workout and accelerate your metabolism to burn even more calories AFTER your workout is completed. There are many, many ways to put together effective circuit training workouts that utilize not only different weights for various exercises but different pieces of equipment as well, from barbells to dumbbells to kettlebells to bodyweight exercises and more. For example, here’s a bodyweight workout, focusing more on getting your heat rate up, burning calories and boosting your metabolism, as opposed to a strength training circuit. You can do timed circuits like the bodyweight example above (you can do them with equipment, by the way). Any type or total reps workout, like the 300 workout, is a form of a circuit as well, such as the Kettlebell 300 Workout. There are a LOT of ways to put together circuit training workouts (lots of right ways and lots of wrong ways!) and I’ll be adding plenty more variations and exercises in upcoming articles. Recommended: Discover how you can lose body fat, build muscle, and increase your strength and cardio capacity quickly, by doing something that breaks all the rules about how to get leaner.

Gregg Gillies is a Certified Metabolic Trainer and author of the 5 star rated book, Flat Belly Blueprint, available for $2.99 (and instant download) on Amazon.
Recent Commentskranthi on Challenges of Installing an Indoor Vertical GardenRalph Eckland on 10 Beautiful Fireplace IdeasTerry F. Interior Others Awesome Home Gym Interior Ideas In Wonderful Grey And Blue Color Theme With Modern Style Decor And Fine Column Admirable Best Home Gym Designs uploaded by admin at July 10, 2014 in category Interior Design.
If you're interested to Interior Others Awesome Home Gym Interior Ideas In Wonderful Grey And Blue Color Theme With Modern Style Decor And Fine Column Admirable Best Home Gym Designs, you might also like to browse our gallery about Interior Design or view the great interior design below about Modern Minimalist Home Gym Design Ideas. According to popular surveys, both getting fit and losing weight are on top of the New Year’s resolution list of most folks. The great Interior Others Awesome Home Gym Interior Ideas In Wonderful Grey And Blue Color Theme With Modern Style Decor And Fine Column Admirable Best Home Gym Designs image in this page is one of the best photos that related to the main topics Modern Minimalist Home Gym Design Ideas.
This Interior Others Awesome Home Gym Interior Ideas In Wonderful Grey And Blue Color Theme With Modern Style Decor And Fine Column Admirable Best Home Gym Designs is the good choice for your new Interior Design.
Have a look at this training room: amazing bright colors inspire you to train and give you energy.
Yet all we end up doing is paying for a gym membership that we do not use beyond the first few days!
Please don't miss the main story of Modern Minimalist Home Gym Design Ideas if you think this is your style. One wall is mirror – a cool idea for training and a nice decoration solution – it broadens the space and gives you an opportunity to see if you do all the exercises correct. This time around though, it is time to shed that lethargic attitude (and the extra pounds gained thanks to holiday dinners!), and we are here, as always, to help. Add some colorful accessories and bright sport equipment – and your inspiring home gym is ready!
All you need is a nice little niche, and clarity regarding the equipment you need for your home gym workout routines. While some might prefer the complex machines, others could opt for simple weights and an exercise wall.Here are some fabulous ideas that will hopefully motivate you to get out of that chair and start burning some fat.

This is especially true in the case of beginners who bring along with them all the enthusiasm in the world on the first two days. Pretty soon, sore muscles and a busy workday ensure that they put off the gym routine indefinitely.
At the very least, you will find yourself working out a lot more often (even if the schedule is irregular) than when you had a membership at the local gym.
There are plenty of simple tricks that will enable you to design your own home gym on a stringent budget.
And if it feels like we are hammering home this aspect, it is because most home gym owners tend to buy plenty of stuff that eventually ends up in the storage room or the attic. Even the corner of the room can be turned into a workout area by adding a treadmill and a few weights. Most people will attest to the fact that running is one of the best ways to get a total workout without messing with complex routines. Since this also ensures you do not make any mistakes with your lifting reps, it is an addition that is both aesthetic and functional. Most homeowners tend to prefer a workout zone that combines the gym with another room, as it offers a practical, space-saving solution. Not only is a dual-use gym far less demanding on room, it also brings a fun and playful vibe to your fitness routines. This fun combination of spaces and the energy levels that the kids bring to the table can be pretty infectious! So why not let the walls of your home help you along? Custom-created wall murals and decals are both fun and easy to incorporate. A collage of images or even serene Buddha statues that take you to a higher plane of inner peace make amazing additions to the gym.

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