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If this image belongs to you or is your intellectual property, please submit a copyright notification instead of reporting it. We encourage users to report abusive images and help us moderate the content on We Heart It. Following are 10 awesome gyms that should motivate you and give you inspiration, at least they do for me. DeFranco’s is the kind of gym most athletes can only dream of with programs and equipment specifically tailored for athletes. This guy is making good use of his new shed, with a comprehensive setup including full dumbbell set and rubber flooring.
This one is not so much about the gym, but about the guys who pulled it together and use it! Ok, so they weren’t all weight lifting in the strictest sense, but body weight exercise can be sufficiently intense even for an individual who can lift a lot of weight in a regular gym. Anyway, I hope you’ve been inspired to improve your home gym, join a more awesome gym, or just get out there and lift.
Daniel has a strong interest in evidence supported fitness training, preparation and supplementation. Due to lack of time, distance from a health club, or hectic work hours not everyone is able to train at a commercial gym.
What is the biggest advantage and drawback to having a home gym compared to having a membership? One of the great things about home gyms is individualization: You mold them to fit your particular goals and tastes.
Will it be your only gym (used frequently), used in conjunction with a commercial gym, or only used occasionally?
My commercial gym does, however, have plenty of bench pressing stations, so getting a bench pressing apparatus was not a priority. One of the few downsides of working out at home is the lack of a spotter or training partner. For any of the exercises you would consider doing at home, make sure that you can perform them safely under the conditions in your home gym. So you've thought the previous three questions through thoroughly and now its time to go to the sporting goods store, right?
The plates themselves can be used for numerous exercises (weighted sit-ups, Russian twists, etc.). I consider them slightly less important than a barbell simply because changing the weight takes a little more time and effort, and they become impractical for higher poundages (dumbbells over 100 pounds or so are often simply too bulky to use a full range of motion for many exercises). This is certainly a bit of an investment, but it can give you additional training flexibility and safety. While a rack does give you extra latitude in your exercise selection and performance, I should reiterate my feelings on the dangers of lifting alone.
One of the few great exercises that cannot be performed with dumbbells or barbells is the pull up. Altus Presents: Deluxe Chin Up Bar The Altus Deluxe Chin-Up Bar gives the ultimate upper body workout and more without the time or cost of a gym. A bench is a nice addition to your gym, but if money or space is short, it should not be a priority. Powertec Presents: Strength Utility Bench This bench is the ultimate utility bench for all types of applications.
It's not uncommon for grip to become the limiting factor in some of your pulling lifts. Heavy Sports Presents: Heavy Grip The Heavy Grips hand gripper series was developed for athletes who want to take the training of their grip strength to the next level. I choose to keep a stereo system in the adjoining room, for the same reasons that I do not have a mirror in my gym.
Machines are incredibly expensive, bulky, limited in function, and less effective than free weights. Limited Space Which Type Of Exercise Equipment Should One Buy If They Are Limited On Space? If space is at an absolute premium, you can go without the barbell and substitute dumbbell movements. Advantages & Drawbacks What Is The Biggest Advantage And Drawback To having A Home Gym Compared To Having A Membership?
Some gyms even ban certain lifts because they are too loud, destructive, or disruptive, but at home, it is your gym and you can do as you like! There is certainly an empowering element to working out in your own gym, but that power comes with a heft dose of responsibility. An Olympic Barbell And An Ample Quantity Of Plates: I use it mainly for Olympic and overhead movements, while saving heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench presses for the gym. Medicine Balls: I have a nice sturdy wall for twist throws, and I also use these for endurance workouts. When building a home gym, the first thing that you have to look at is what exactly your goal is while working out.
Limited On Space Which Type Of Exercise Equipment Should One Buy If They Are Limited On Space? If you train to gain size and mass, you will need to get a reasonable amount of weight, 200-350 pounds is enough for most people.
A good quality set of Dumbbell and Barbell bars is also imperative, as cheaply made ones will tend to permanently bend over time as they won't be able to handle heavy loads of weight being put on it, especially for squats or bench presses. Powertec Presents: Strength Two Tier Dumbbell Rack This two tier dumbbell rack is the sleekest in its class. If you would like a faster way to load up your dumbbells with weight rather than the traditional way with plates you could go for something like the PowerBlock, which allows you to clip in additional weight with ease and is a lot faster than having to unscrew the rings at the end of dumbbells or barbells. A squat rack is a necessary to have if you are serious about your home workouts as they are necessary for being able to perform heavy squats safely, especially if you won't be working out with a spotter to help you with your reps. An adjustable bench to do your chess presses on, as well as leg curls and extensions on is also a necessary basic that should be a staple in any home gym. If you train for specific sports like boxing or triathlon you have to think about whether you want to get a punching bag and other equipment related to that specific sport. Cardio machines like treadmills or elliptical machines can be really expensive and take up a lot of room, especially if you are short on space. A small radio or sound system to play your music on while you train is an optional extra which can help you get in the mood of your workout and get you revved up to go for a couple more reps when there is good music going.
A mat to do any floor workouts or stretching, is also useful to use rather than working out on a hard surface.
Advantages & Drawbacks What Is The Biggest Advantage And Drawback To Having A Home Gym Compared To Having A Membership? The biggest advantage to having a home gym is that you save on time traveling back and forth, as well as gym fees. At home there may not be anyone there to encourage you on, and there will be plenty of distractions like the Basketball game on TV on in the next room.

This basement doubles up nicely as 99% home gym, and 1% wine cooler (looks closely in the middle of the pic!). Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Old Bodybuilding Days My God, Schwarzenegger was such a beast back in his old bodybuilding days, some bodybuilder said Arnold’s old biceps measured a total 22 inches when fully pumped!
Natural Bodybuilder Billie Paea at Golds Gym After sustaining a sustaining a career ending injury for sprinting, Billie Paea has turned to bodybuilding. Female Bodybuilder Denise Cassar Ripped Goddess Denise Cassar is the ripped and upcoming bodybuilder goddess who just won a national competition York. Legend of John Brzenk: Still Arm Wrestling at 50 Still arm wrestling at 50 years of age, John Brzenk is a beast!!! John Brzenk truly is a legend, there really hasn’t been anyone like him, that can take down both big and super huge competitors! To contradict what John Brzenk said in Pulling John documentary, Brzenk actually came clean and said pullups really aren’t the best thing for pulling. So what is John Brzenk up to lately, well like I said above, John Brzenk still arm wrestles at the age of 50. Before you pass judgment just remember he is a tech geek, you don’t see a computer nerd with an extravagant body like this. I would say amateur bodybuilder Michael Perrin is taking something to get definition and muscle mass like that without steroids. 100 Bodybuilders at 2014 Phantom Warrior Classic Almost 100 bodybuilders showed up at the 2014 Phantom Warrior Classic in Harker Heights High School, Texas. Judges look for symmetry, conditioning, aesthetics, poise and overall presentation within these bodybuilders. Music Artist Blames Steroids Trying to Kill Wife On top of being a Christian heavy metal singer and trying to pay an undercover cop to murder his wife, Tim Lambesis has pleaded not guilty and blaming steroids (roid rage) for influencing him to kill his wife.
Five Times More Soldiers Taking Steroids It was reported that five times more soldiers have been taking steroids in 2013 compared to 2008 when testing first started. Different Exercises with the Prowler Sled Believe it or not, there are many different exercises you can do with the prowler sled, instead of the typical standard exercise.
According to one news source, Jose Canseco was cleaning his gun, while actually leaving one bullet in the chamber.
What makes this incident even weirder, is Jose Canseco took to Twitter last night right after inside edition did a piece on the story, complaining how inside edition didn’t cover the story properly.
It’s absolutely amazing how trouble follows these athletes who have taken anabolic steroids.
Since Jose Canseco testified on Capitol Hill about taking anabolic steroids in 2005, he has participated in celebrity boxing, semi-pro baseball leagues, mixed martial arts, and even Celebrity Apprentice, each venture meeting with little success. But please keep in mind that reporting images that are not abusive is against our terms of service and can get your account blocked.
Our forum members share some great ideas right here so you can make a choice if a home gym is for you or not.
If you already have a commercial gym membership, it makes sense to compensate for your gym's shortcomings.
If you cannot perform those movements safely, cross them off the list, along with the relevant equipment-assuming that equipment does not have other uses. Even at retail price, a barbell with a couple hundred pounds of weight will cost around $100. There absolutely no machine out there that has half the functions of a barbell, not even at quadruple the price! Unless you have loads of disposable income, fixed weight dumbbells are a poor choice for your home gym. In fact, if you picked just one of the above two training tools, you are now equipped to have a much better workout than the one that 90% of the commercial gym clientele gets. For example, without a rack, you would have to perform a power clean in order to perform overhead presses, and back squats would be extremely awkward. For example, having a squat rack does not mean you should be attempting anywhere near personal record back squats alone at home. Bear in mind that you may already have a sturdy bar, beam, or even a tree somewhere in your house or yard, making this investment unnecessary.
A bench gives you a few more options as far as the lifts you may perform, and an adjustable bench gives you a few more still. These high-quality aluminum-handled handgrippers are made in 50lb increments from 100lbs to 300lbs so that you can train your grip similar to training any other bodypart-- by increasing resistance.
Obviously, a cage or rack would be out of the question, and if you find yourself considering a machine, forget about it. Not only do you not have a spotter standing right there as you lift, but there is not even someone that can come running from across the gym if you get yourself into trouble. I occasionally use it for dragon flags or light bench pressing, but I do not consider it a core. It is great for both cardio and anaerobic workouts, and while I don't use it every day, it makes for a great change of pace. This will help guide you in what equipment you will need, and how much space you will need. A lot of the items you can find at garage sales in still good condition by people who no longer use them. Always try and get about 50 pounds more than what you can currently handle at the moment so that you have room to grow.
It also does not have to take up much space if you use ones similar to the one on the right.
It is usually a little bit more expensive, but comes in very handy if you are doing power sets and want to be able change weight fast. It would be really good if it had a pull up bar on it as well so that you can perform pull ups as well in your workout. This should be strong enough to be able to support you and the weight that you are working with. You can usually get them second hand in garage sales and the like, if you want one, but you can get just as an effective cardio workout by skipping rope for half an hour with a $5 skip rope, or go for a run if the weather is nice outside. Mirrors along one or more of the walls while a luxury, can aid you in watching your form, and making sure that you don't slack off on it. Gloves to wear while training with weights is also good to have to help prevent calluses developing on your hands. Made with genuine leather and four-way strench spandex and elastic wrist band, they're comfortable and strong. All the equipment may seem expensive at first, but after 2 or 3 years you would have paid it off from all the money that you have saved from the gym membership you used to pay monthly, as well as transportation costs. With a commercial gym you can at least be with people that have a similar goal to yours which may encourage you and spur you on.
I will be moving soon, and on the checklist for a new place is a small room or area I can use to work out in. We are your personal trainer, your nutritionist,your supplement expert, your lifting partner, your support group.

The month before, she placed fourth at the International Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (IBFA) Bodybuilding Championships in Rome. Sure he’s getting beat now every once in a while, just remember that Brzenk is all natural, and these other guys today I basically taking everything and anything get strong! Some bodybuilders might say that it’s all about technique, but really you have to have God given talent (genetics) to be able to have enormous strength to take down some of these strong competitors. Recently he did some kind of $1000 arm wrestling contest, where he would give $1000 to anyone who beats him.
Michael Perrin from the IT department at John Lewis head office can now dead theft over 500 pounds, that’s pretty incredible for some computer nerd!!!
Through months and months of harsh rigorous workout routines, these bodybuilders had only 90 seconds to show judges and spectators their ripped muscular bodies to take the Phantom Warrior Classic crown. It seems like people are just snapping life and right, maybe due to the poor economy and other factors influencing stress.
The Ministry of Defence suggests that since operations are winding down in Afghanistan, soldiers are turning to drugs in their spare time. Canseco said he thought the chamber was clear, but then all the sudden the gun went off, somehow he must’ve tapped the trigger or something else, which set the gun off.
Canseco seems to be still searching for that fame and fortune that he once had while competing at the professional level of baseball. If, however, you plan to run marathons, a heavy bag probably should not be your first consideration. If, however, you live on a busy street or in an area with frequent inclement weather, a treadmill may be a valuable addition to your gym. My commercial gym, for example, has little room for doing Olympic lifts, so I made sure to get a barbell so I could train cleans and similar lifts at home. Its heavy duty construction provides flat to multiple incline angles right up to a near 90 degree shoulder press angle.
Medicine balls may bounce awkwardly, sometimes you miss a clean, and sometimes you lower that overhead press a little faster than you meant too. Others are just too narrowly focused to be a cost-effective tool or offer no progressive challenges.
You can get a fantastic workout with dumbbells, barbells, and your own body (push ups, etc.). If you are training for size and strength, you will need lots of weights, if you are training for endurance or speed you will need equipment related to that type of training. For other equipment, for example getting enough weight to train with, it is best to go to a Sports shop or a place like that to buy it.
Multifunction machines like a Nautilus Machine is usually not a good idea as they allow you to only have a limited range of motion, and also take up a lot of space.
The Strength Two Tier Dumbbell Rack can hold all styles of dumbbells and has built in corner stops at each end to prevent dumbbells from falling off the rack. You don't want to putting your dumbbells down after some heavy dumbbell flyes, only to find that they have rolled away from you when you go to pick them up again for another set. You can also customize the equipment to your training needs, and get equipment that you actually use on a regular basis. There will be a wider range of machines and equipment that is out of reach of most home users wallets, and the environment will (sometimes) help you to be psyched about working out.
We provide the technology, tools, andproducts you need to burn fat, build muscle, and become your best self. But the injury is not keeping him down, Billie Paea has departed all the way to the US for the world’s largest natural bodybuilding show, called the Natural Olympia championship in San Diego. Cassar has only been bodybuilding sins last November, after Birstall-based personal trainer, suggested she take it up because of her incredible genetics.
John Brzenk in his prime was basically a wrecking ball, whatever came in his path he would demolish.
A bunch of different categories were open to novice, teen and master bodybuilders, both women and men.
One things for sure though, more and more music artists are taking anabolic steroids to gain popularity. He said he heard it go off, then just grabbed the gun and put it on the table, but then looked at his hand and couldn’t believe his finger was completely blown off.
Or is it just the person from the get-go, that is willing to take any drug in the book to reach fame and fortune. What is important is having the willingness to get into whatever space you have and work hard. Some stores online sell weight cheaply but the shipping costs can blow out any savings from that.
Also a good quality surface that you can drop your weights on without damaging the floor is good for long term training. Right now he is training with all types of different machines and waits at Golds Gym in Gungahlin.
I thought the documentary Pulling John really summed up his legen, this and Bigger Stronger Faster are two of my favorite bodybuilding documentaries I can watch over and over again. I guess maybe he thinks now it’s more of a challenge to arm wrestle people at such an older age. It’s one of the most dedicating sports, where Michael Perrin has to eat eight meals a day workout five nights a week to build muscle mass and ripped muscles. I really think it is the second one, since you really have to be fucked up in the head to take a drug with severe side effects. As an added bonus, many of these free-standing units also have dip bars, allowing you to perform another great movement. Paea said his background in hip-hop, will definitely help him in his posing routines and make him stand out from the competition, Billie Paea was not only a sprinter, but also a renowned hip-hop dancer. One would never think she gave birth to two children after looking at such a perfect physique. There’s something about documentaries that are so enjoyable to watch for me, maybe because they are real instead of these fake movies and reality TV shows.
Last year he won the Junior World Bodybuilding Championship in Miami, now he’s working on becoming a power lifter as well, not only has he been lifted 507 pounds, but he has also benched press 350 pounds. It was an exciting night to say the least, originally only 20 competitors competed at the first Phantom Warrior Classic. Denise said it takes a strict diet, which means giving up treats such as chocolate and other munchies.
And with all the different protein supplements online, some of these bodybuilders nowadays, may be able to achieve such muscle mass without anabolic steroids. But many of these athletes are willing to do so and you have to be sort of messed up in the head to think this way.

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