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Manufactured by Sole Fitness, this bad boy is one of the best you'll find in terms of value for money. While it's designed for home use, it comes with all the features of a commercial machine. While this may not be the best elliptical on the market, it's definitely one of the most affordable. It has a very smooth, natural stride that is easy on your knees and hips, and you'll love the MP3-compatible speakers built into the elliptical. A downsized version of the classic elliptical machine, this is a trainer for those who want to keep their workouts nice and cheap. It comes with its own abdominal support pad, comfort grip handlebars, and a smooth ride that makes it easy to walk for hours. I bought this, willing to take the chance because of the low price, but not expecting much. By the company that brought you the bikes you loved as a child, this elliptical machine is a durable, high-tech option that's surprisingly affordable.
With 22 training programs, 20 levels of resistance, and settings for up to 2 users, it's a good option for your home gym.
This machine comes with 20 levels of difficulty, and you'll love the smooth, natural stride of this elliptical trainer. I researched a lot of elliptical trainers on my own and read a Consumer Reports article that rEfated several. I purchased this in May of this year and wanted to wait several months before reviewing it.
I am physically fit, and I find that this stepper gets my heart rate up in a matter of minutes. This machine can handle up to 375 pounds of weight, and yet it's surprisingly portable and compact.
It is designed to reduce the strain on your hips, plus it has all the convenient features you're looking for in a workout machine. The BF-E1 elliptical is relatively quiet (so I can hear the TV audio), has varying resistance levels (for better workout), is relatively compact (saves space), has extensive exercise modes settings, and even is effective for a 6ft1in guy, as me (I had expected it to appeal primarily to women).
I bought it two years ago, I really happy with this machine, my wife and my son also like it very much. Yet another elliptical machine by Sole Fitness, the E35 is a sturdy, reliable trainer that gives you total control over your workout.
It comes with its own heart rate strap, adjustable pedals, and is able to carry up to 375 pounds. The thing is SOLID and it's so quiet I can use it in the same room as someone else watching TV without cranking the volume. Top 10 Best Compact Ellipticals 2013, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating Elliptical Trainer offers multiple workout programs for every fitness goal.
With a weight capacity of 275 pounds, the ProGear 500LS Flywheel Drive Energy Elliptical with Heart Pulse Sensors features an LCD display that shows time, speed, heart rate, distance and calories burned.

The Exerpeutic Aero Air Ellipticals comes with a workout computer and adjustable magnetic tension. With 20 resistance levels and 20 incline levels, the AFG 3.1 AE Elliptical will give you the best elliptical workout with its 10 programs. Selected by a leading magazine as a€?Best Buya€?, the Nautilus E514 Elliptical Trainer offers smooth upper and lower body workout with its 17 programs and 6 resistance levels.
The compact design of the Nautilus E514c Elliptical Trainer (2013) is matched with an oversized console for easy readings. The high quality Schwinn 431 Elliptical Trainer offers multiple workout programs for every fitness goal.
The Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer offers a smooth upper and lower body workout with its 8 resistance levels and LCD console. With an ergonomic 14-inch stride, the Xterra Elliptical Trainer offers a smooth and comfortable motion forward and reverse.
The Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse eliminates bouncy movement for more stable workouts. The Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer features a patented elliptical motion design with a chain-driven flywheel for quiet and smooth workouts. We like the E95 Sole Elliptical, a cross-training elliptical that's got all the versatility you need. With its snazzy LCD screen, cooling fan, and speakers, it's a user-friendly elliptical.
I can get a decent workout with it, and I don't even miss the Life Fitness machines that I used at the gym. It has a sliding,swinging motion that can go quite fast if you want with little demand on joints. At a shipping weight of 226 pounds, your workout will begin with simply getting it into the house.
I assembled it myself but could of used some help removing it from the crate and getting it off the pallet. The Diamondback Fitness 1260Ef is very solid, sturdy and provides a great workout with many great options.
When you use the arm pulleys at the same time you are stepping, it really elevates the level of exercise, and becomes a total body workout. Its pedals are well designed for safety because BF-E1's lower sidewalls prevent possible jamming a toe, when one is mindlessly pedaling. It was a little tough to assemble and may require 2 people if you cannot lift a heavy base. It is designed to reduce stress on the joints with its dual-action arms giving a more upper body workout.
It has an LED console display, rubberized footpad, speakers and an in-out jack for added motivation.
It comes with telemetry, chest and grip for heart rate monitoring along with a powerful fan.

It features ergonomic handles, articulating footplates, built-in fan, reading rack, and water bottle holder. It features an 8-level magnetic tension, an easy to read LCD display, and pulse pads for heart rate monitoring. It comes with dual-action handlebars for upper and lower body workouts as well as a workout video.
I think we had to lube the bars under the rollers a few times but that was it for maintenance. Most of that time was just taking things out of the box, organizing the pieces and cleaning up afterwards.
Various small parts came in separate plastic blister package compartments, making it easy to keep track of what parts are needed for each assembly step. I wanted a machine that gave me a good workout, easy on my knees, portable and did not take up a lot of space. In addition, because you are essentially balancing yourself while using the stepper, you are also working on your core without even realizing it. I did a few years of research and tested out a bunch of different machines before I took the plunge and I am really glad I did. Overall this is a very good machine with plenty of options to keep your workout changing.It does take a little while to assemble, probably 3 hrs or so taking your time to make sure it is correct. The main piece is pretty heavy, so it may be better if you had another person to help you with.
Even the best elliptical machines by top names that I felt were really good do not compare well to this trainer. Feels like a club-quality machine and was the only thing in a reasonable price range that did so out of all of those we tried. I am 34 and began running about 6 months ago to get in shape; since that becomes a little more challenging in winter months in the northern states, I wanted to eventually switch to an elliptical. There are a couple of videos on you tube by Slayerwalleye there were a huge help during the assembly. I haven't used all of the programs or speakers yet, mostly just been running on it for a bit each morning, and sometimes at night.
I've noticed that my thighs have gotten firmer and when I go up and down stairs my knees no longer hurt. It was quiet when I first started using it, but after using it on a regular basis it has started to squeak a bit, but not very loud that it distracts from TV viewing.
My muscles are getting a workout but it just doesn't feel quite as agonizing as the running and the impact is low so my limps and aches are gone.

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