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As the only commercial fitness equipment manufacturer in the world dedicated exclusively to elliptical machines, we quickly have become an established leader in this highly competitive industry. Our mission is to focus on creating and producing superior elliptical machines that customers love and use to fuel their lives. Octane Fitness won Vendor of the Year from Anytime Fitness for its outstanding service to the company's 3,000 clubs worldwide. A Gym of One's Own - "Bob Greene got me into this elliptical machine, and I'm forever grateful. The Octane Fitness Q37ci elliptical machine was selected to be part of Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012. Presented by appliance DESIGN magazine, the 24th annual Excellence in Design competition recognizes outstanding achievements in innovation, design and functionality across eight product categories. After riding an Octane elliptical at a hotel fitness center, Greene immediately equipped his home and training studio with a standing and recumbent elliptical.
Octane is firmly planted in the top spot for the third consecutive year.  After climbing its way to the No. Specialty fitness retailers have named Octane Fitness products their top-selling ellipticals for six years in a row. It’s that time of the year, time to take a break from the holiday fun, the parties, and the good food and make best and worst lists. They’re popular because they’re usually cheaper and faster than high-efficiency top-loaders and front-loaders.
The best generally clean better and more efficiently than the best high-efficiency top-loaders. Subscribe now!Subscribe to for expert Ratings, buying advice and reliability on hundreds of products. It was a busy year in Consumer Reports' refrigerators lab, with more than 100 units passing through our temperature-controlled chambers. If you want a compact French-door model, look no further than the 33-inch-wide Kenmore Elite 71313, $1,600, which combines exceptional temperature control and energy efficiency, plus it’s one of the quietest models we tested.
Our top electronics products of 2014 showcases the standouts that performed best in our labs, where we put hundreds of products of all kinds through rigorous, expert, in-depth testing. We combed our Ratings in 10 key categories and selected those with the highest overall scores. They may not be the biggest names or have the jazziest designs, but they share one important attribute: they’re the best of the best from our tests.
It’s been a banner year for smart phones, with bigger, better, smarter models raising the bar to new heights.
The Samsung Galaxy S 5, the LG G3, and the Apple iPhone 6 all aced our tests and rose to the top of our Ratings, thanks in part to large, excellent displays, very good cameras, and an array of useful features.
The Galaxy S 5, for example, can survive a 30-minute dunk in about 3 feet of water and laugh off wind-swept debris.

Both the Samsung and the LG G3 can run multiple apps on one screen and have a first-rate virtual keyboard with five rows, a rarity.
The Apple iPhone 6 boasts a larger display than its predecessors and is a great choice if you’re invested in Apple’s content ecosystem.
NordicTrack elliptical trainers were developed to reflect the company’s unique Nordic ski machine, which gained popularity in the 1980s. Icon Fitness offers nine different NordicTrack elliptical trainers, including front drive, rear drive and center-drive trainers. The warranty offered on most NordicTrack ellipticals includes a lifetime guarantee on the frame, 3 years on the parts and 1 year on service. Consumer reviews on NordicTrack elliptical trainers often highlight the smooth elliptical motion and overall user comfort, regardless of whether the model they purchased was a cheaper or more expensive one. Some users tend to have issues with the machine’s assembly and the overall alignment of the bolts and screws. A number of consumers also mentioned that the company’s customer service that they experienced after buying a NordicTrack elliptical was not up to their standards, as they would have appreciated more timely and helpful support. For home users, personal trainers recommend NordicTrack elliptical trainers as a great choice. Our team is fueled by a relentless passion to create the absolute best elliptical machines ever. Most agitator washers we’ve tested cost less than $600 and do a normal wash in 40 to 50 minutes (using the normal wash heavy-soil setting). Some have deeper tubs, and some washers are also taller now, making it difficult for shorter people to retrieve laundry at the bottom of the tub. Most front-loaders can handle roughly 17 to 28-pound loads and spin even faster than high-efficiency top-loaders—more water is extracted, reducing drying time and energy use. A front-loader's high spin speeds might vibrate too much for the machine to be placed near living areas. You’ll see dozens of washers and be sure to check the brand reliability information and the compare-model tool to help you decide. In the process, our testers packed the refrigerators with 35,000 10-ounce boxes of frozen spinach to find the years' top models. Manufacturers continue to one-up each other in the capacity department by designing bigger and bigger refrigerators.
At the opposite end of the extreme, our testers also found a lot of compact refrigerators that make great fits for smaller kitchens.
Though it misses our recommended list, the $1,800 LG LFC22770ST is among our highest-scoring 30-inch-wide French-door bottom-freezers, with superb temperature control and quietness.
If you want to buy an outstanding American-made refrigerator, look no further than the $2,600 GE Profile PWE23KMDES French-door bottom-freezer, which is manufactured in GE's new factory in Louisville, KY.
The difference is, our list doesn’t just feature our personal favorites, based on subjective opinions. All ellipticals are reasonably priced, costing anywhere from $599 to $1,799.  Most models include features such as multiple resistance and incline levels, a heart rate monitor, and adjustable stride lengths. Many Nordictrack elliptical users are satisfied with their purchase and say that what they got is indeed what they paid for.

These assembly issues, if not resolved, usually result in noisy elliptical machines that wear out quicker than they should.
When calling ICON customer service for assistance, many people commented that they did not get the help they needed.
For people who are looking for a reliable machine with many features such as an adjustable stride length and a large display screen, NordicTrack is an affordable mid-range option. Front-loaders tend to be very quiet, and many can be stacked with a dryer to save floor space. As 2014 comes to a close, Samsung leads the pack with its Samsung Chef Collection RF34H9960S4, $5,400, whose 23.4 cubic feet of usable capacity is the most we've ever measured.
That includes a pair of cabinet-depth models with superb peformance: the Samsung RF23HSESBSR, $3,330, a four-door unit with a pullout middle drawer and the side-by-side Samsung RS22HDHPNSR, $2,400.
The cabinet-depth fridge is tied for the highest overall score, thanks to its superb temperature control and energy efficiency.
The Kenmore 69313, $950, is the only bottom-freezer on our picks list that sells for less than $1,000; not only that, the 30-inch-wide unit boasts superb temperature control, efficiency, and quietness.
Among models tested this year that are still on the market, the $800 Haier HT21TS45SW earned impressive marks, including very good temperature control and excellent efficiency.
NordicTrack produces not only elliptical machines but exercise equipment of all sorts, including treadmills, exercise bikes and incline trainers.
All NordicTrack machines come with a 30 day money back guarantee should there be problems or you are not satisfied with your purchase. Although alignment issues are common among the Nordictrack line, this can easily be solved by exchanging your machine.
Fitness professionals do recommend, however, that spending a little more for a moderately priced model is well worth it, rather than saving a couple of hundred dollars and buying the cheapest model. Some refrigerators stood out for superb performance, others for their innovative features, exceptional value, or record-high storage. The four-door fridge has a unique configuration, with with an upper fresh-food section behind traditional French-doors and two side-by-side bottom freezer compartments, one of which can convert to an additional refrigerator chamber. It's also available in GE's exclusive slate finish, a matte, fingerprint-resistant alternative to stainless steel, which it also comes in. Spending more for the Kenmore Elite 79043, $1,510 gets you even better performance in a 33-inch-wide refrigerator.
NordicTrack’s products are a mid-range line well suited for home use, and are often noted for their sleek design and comfort. According to some users and other professionals, more stability and quality seem to be needed in the front drive elliptical units.
At first glance, the cabinet-depth models looks like a four-door bottom-freezer, but the upper-right quadrant of the fridge is actually a door-in-door compartment that opens with the press of a button; to open the entire fresh-food section, you pull on the horizontal handle. Quickly becoming recognized as a bargain brand producing good quality machines that are sold at a lower price, NordicTrack has some of the best deals in their price range.

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