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Making a decision to purchase an elliptical trainer is a great one, since elliptical training can be both fun and beneficial to your health, however finding the best elliptical trainers that will suit your specific needs and budget takes time and research.
The problem is that almost every brand claims to offer the best elliptical trainers on the market. Take into account that your local fitness and even nationwide discount stores may not give the unbiased and objective elliptical reviews you may need.
Our recommendation is that you browse our website and compare the best performing, most current elliptical trainer models. We’ve done the research for you, so click on one of the links in the above table to find elliptical feature comparison tables, reviews and our top picks, to help you finding the Best Elliptical Machine within your price range. To learn more about how to find the best elliptical machine models for your needs, you can download our free elliptical trainer buying guide.
We really hope that our website has been helpful and we wish you success in finding the best elliptical trainers.
For many people, an exercise bike is the first piece of exercise equipment we bring into our homes, but it is important to choose a bike that is useful, and one that provides excellent value for the money.  Many a poor quality exercise bike has ended up being an expensive clothes rack, so it pays to do your homework and find out the factors that make a great exercise bike. In addition, exercise bikes can provide an excellent cardiovascular workout, and cardiovascular exercise has been shown time and time again to reduce the occurrence of many of our most serious diseases, including heart disease, diabetes and others.  Working out a couple of times a week on an exercise bike can provide excellent benefits, both in terms of weight loss and overall fitness. When shopping for an exercise bike, it is important to keep in mind that there are two different types of exercise bike – upright and recumbent.  Both styles have their own advantages and disadvantages, but for many shoppers the choice will boil down to personal taste. It is important to look for a minimum warranty that includes coverage of materials and labor for at least one year.  Some of the most expensive models of exercise bike come equipped with five year, ten year or even lifetime warranties on the frame, and some even kick in extensive warranty coverage on labor, parts and electronics as well. Elliptical trainers are one of the most recent innovations in the world of fitness equipment, combining the best features and benefits of an exercise bike and those of a treadmill into one combined package.  While an elliptical trainer can be a good choice for many people, it is important to know what to look for, and to know how these machines differ from both exercise bikes and treadmills. In addition, elliptical trainers can allow buyers with limited space to pack more fitness equipment into less space.  Many of us lack the space required for both an exercise bike and a full size treadmill, and a high quality elliptical trainer can provide the best of both worlds in a minimum of space.
On the negative side, elliptical trainers can be more difficult to learn to use than either exercise bikes or treadmills, and many first time users find it takes some time to learn how to use the machine properly.
Get a great workout while taking care of your joints with the Halley Elliptical S Motorized Cross Trainer.
Tone and strengthen the major muscles in you’re lower and upper body with the ProForm 380 Razor Elliptical Trainer. Ideal for exercise enthusiasts, the Bremshey Explorer C 19 Front Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer is a high quality, front driven cross trainer. With an attractive design and great performance, this Kettler elliptical cross trainer is sure to please.
Get an all-body workout in this elliptical cross trainer in the surroundings and comfort of your own home. This 2 in 1 elliptical trainer and exercise bike brings you the best of two workout machines with the cost and space of one. Take to the Viavito Sina elliptical cross trainer for effective, low-impact cardiovascular workouts with fluid motion thanks to the 9kg (19.8lbs) flywheel.

Even though serious elliptical trainers will tell you that the Gazelle Edge is not a real elliptical machine, it is probably the most famous fold up and store away elliptical machine. A folding elliptical machine generally means you can lift up the pedals and motor to save space. If the fold up and folding elliptical machines are still too big for you, how about one that easily fits in your closest and slides under your bed?
The downside is with a motor much smaller than full size elliptical machines, they do not provide higher resistances.
There are many brands and a wide selection of elliptical trainer models to consider, but the final choice comes down to the features, quality and price. And therefore, even if you’ll take the time and literally evaluate dozens of elliptical machines looking for the best one for your individual needs, at the end you may simply end up confused and frustrated.
Also the elliptical machine prices at these stores in most cases will not match what you would find on the Internet.
We offer you objective elliptical reviews based on evaluation of 5 most current elliptical trainer models within each price category, based on features, quality and user reviews. When you've closed the file on your new Weight Training search, we're sure you'll find the best deal.
It’s not as compact as a fold up and takes up significantly more space than a mini elliptical. Mini elliptical trainers are basically a miniature version of their much larger bigger brother machines.
But if space constraints are your primary concern, the mini elliptical shines with the ability to be stowed away easily. Among many other good sites, Amazon for example, features most of the elliptical trainers at huge discounts compared to retail prices. The pedals of the bike should be easy to operate and provide smooth operation.  In addition, many models of exercise bike provide an easy way for users to strap their feet into place while riding. It is important to make sure that all the moving parts of the exercise bike, like the chain, are covered with a safety shroud.  This will help to ensure safe operation and make sure that small children and pets cannot be inadvertently injured by the device. In addition to these important factors, it is important to look for an exercise bike whose manufacturer provides a lengthy warranty.  The warranty period will of course vary from model to model and manufacturer to manufacturer, and while it is true that most of the time the most expensive models will have the longest warranties this is not always the case. If you don’t have a spare room or live in a small apartment, this article will show you the best space saver elliptical for your money.
Nonetheless, with the capability of folding the foot platforms and sliding the frame into a relatively flat area of space, it provides a convenient method of storage. In most cases free shipping is offered as well which sums up to significant savings for a big purchase such as this.
Although reviews were mixed, one of the most popular was the Proform 850 Spacesaver Elliptical as shown in the picture below. Frustrated and determined, Bryan turned to Brent Teal, a degreed mechanical engineer and competitive ultra marathoner.

Over the course of five years, Brent and Bryan poured countless hours into their project, developed numerous prototypes and finally began selling their invention to consumers in 2010. That said, we like for people to take it out for a good 15 to 30 minutes on their first try so they can experience how well it performs over a variety of terrain like hills, turns and so forth.
The athletes adopting the ElliptiGO tend to be seasoned runners who have let go of the a€?only running makes you fastera€? mentality for training, and have embraced the ElliptiGO as a way to cut down on running mileage while increasing their overall cardiovascular conditioning time with the theory that this will get them into better shape with less chance of injury. For a pro runner, that combination provides a tremendous advantage in terms of performance. These folks range in age from 40-70 and usually share a common enthusiasm for exercise and fitness a€“ even if they have allowed themselves to get out of shape recently.
And second, that the ElliptiGO was more equal to running than cycling is in terms of heart rate, rate of perceived exertion and energy expenditure. What types of events have you already held and how are you working to grow the sport?BP: One of our core missions as a company is to create a new sport around elliptical cycles.
Wea€™ve held two World Championships, which have drawn competitors from five countries so far. An Australian won the first championship and last year Team Canada won the team competition. The championship event consists of a 4,209 foot elevation gain through an 11.7-mile climb up Palomar Mountain in California, which is ranked the 16th toughest cycling climb in the country. We also do a flat course time-trial event, where many competitors will average over 20 mph. The climb feels like running a half-marathon and the time trial feels like running a 5K, so they are very different events, but very competitive and fun.
This year a group of customers secured an elliptical cycling category in a bike race in Ohio called Calvina€™s Challenge where ElliptiGO riders set records for fastest 100-mile ride and fastest 50-mile ride. Thirty-seven people have joined the Century Club so far, which consists of the first 100 riders to complete an organized cycling event of 100-miles or longer.
The bottom line is that ita€™s expensive because it works, and to get it to work, we had to use costly parts and materials. Youa€™ll see the quality of these parts and materials when you take a look at the ElliptiGO. It may be a couple years down the road before we can make that happen, but I’ll start taking names now!

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