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Dustin Bogle is an experienced personal trainer, group fitness instructor, nutritionist and fitness article writer.
Stationary biking is an exceptional exercise machine choice for anyone with past knee injuries or recovering from knee surgery. The resistance training machine allows you work on your lower body and leg muscles without harming your knees. But there are a few things I like about certain machines such as the elliptical and there are ways to use it that can help you get more fit and increase the after burn.
Elliptical machines are generally joint friendly because they can easily deliver gravity or sub-gravity loads – the force they produce in the joints is either body weight level or less.
Now, just to drive home the point about caloric burn, if I hop on an elliptical machine, at my body weight of ~200 lbs, and use a moderate level of effort for 45 minutes, I’ll burn about 480 calories.
I hold a dumb bell in one hand for the first minute then switch to the other hand for the second minute. I use a light weight PVC pipe filled with about 5 lbs of sand to do some over head presses. For you, remember to pay attention to the knee and ankle angles and if your body tolerates the loads, use the shorter, more intense training intervals to get the most out of your sessions. My step-by-step, advanced, scientifically-based program that will help millions of people struggling with knee arthritis and chondromalacia patella.
Running and other high-impact exercises can be counterproductive if you have ever had a knee injury or are coming off a knee surgery. According to Elliptical Trainer Review, elliptical machines are ideal for older adults and for those who tend to develop shin splits during exercise.
To use a rowing machine, the user straps in his feet and sits on a seat that moves forward and backward on a rail.
Lunges and deep squats are especially problematic to your knees because they place a large amount of stress on them.
My doctor said I am not to leave the bed until I see my ortho which isn’t for another two weeks.
The synovial fluid in your knee or hip joint for example, reduces friction and also acts as an additional layer of force absorption. On some machines, your ankle will move through a lot more dorsiflexion which can increase the load into the knee through a torsion effect on the joint.

I started with just simple 2 lb neoprene style weights that wrapped around the wrist then graduated to five pounds.
Doug is formerly an Associate Professor and Assistant Dean for Clinical Affairs at the University of Oklahoma Health Science and is the owner of Sports Center Physical Therapy in Austin, Tx. If you've struggled with tight hamstrings, you'll want this book in your arsenal (and I have FOUR other free books for you as well - click the image to discover them). High-impact exercises can pound on your joints; this is something you should avoid at all costs. The elliptical is much more forgiving on the joints, including the knees, compared to a treadmill and is the best option for people who want to do an upright exercise.
Next, the user grabs onto a bar located near his feet and pulls the bar toward his stomach while pushing with his feet and extending his back. Leg curls work the hamstring muscles on the back of your legs and can be performed lying on your stomach or seated with your back supported by the machine. In people who have conditions like degenerative joint disease or osteoarthritis, the fluid is thinner; a watery-like quality.
So, you would work hard for 15 seconds and then go easy for 45 seconds repeating that for about 20 minutes. If you look at the image of the three machines, image #1 has a much more acute angle of at the ankle than the other two machines.
But I do a couple of other things that can increase that burn to over 750 calories and as a fringe benefit, elevate my metabolism for another 24 hours. It increases the work load but it also activates my core muscles to help me hold my spine straight. However, if you find a low-impact machine that can help you achieve your fitness goals, your previous injuries should be of no concern.
The motions are a cross between biking and walking or running, using mainly your legs to propel movement.
The rowing machine builds your arms, legs and back without added tension on your knees, according to Rowing Machine Reviews. During these exercises it is extremely important that you never extend your kneecap past your toes. This gets a little technical but the more acute the angle the more twisting force occurs at the knee.

I have tried dumb bells but they’re a little awkward to hold during the rest period and impossible to rest on the machine that I have. The machine also provides a workout for your arms, which are the secondary force in the movement, by aiding the powerhouse of the exercise--your legs.
Most rowing machines have a resistance setting that can increase the friction of the chain attached to the bar and force you to use more upper-body strength. The upright bike is set up like a mountain bike and forces you to sit up, using your core muscles as you bike. Begin with light weights and work your way up to heavier weights slowly so you don't strain your knees. Make sure you have proper running shoes and replace them every three months or 300-500 miles.
Now, the really good news is that if you do this enough, the health of your joint improves as well. So, if you consider that you’ll spend 20-40 minutes and take perhaps up to 1000 of more steps, the total force into the knee can be quite high. So, in my case, considering what I’m trying to achieve with my training, an elliptical works well.
The old-tech rowing machines must be set before your begin to exercise, but most of the newer-tech rowing machines can change the resistance at the touch of a button. Like rowing machines, stationary bikes have a resistance setting that allows you to increase the friction on the pedals. Granted, as you increase the effort (which is either resistance or speed), you start moving out of gravity loads into super-gravity – which is a good thing.
Effect of work and recovery duration on skeletal muscle oxygenation and fuel use during sustained intermittent exercise.

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