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Best Fitness home workout equipment is manufactured to the same high standards as those set by industry leader Body Solid. And thanks to the secure straps on the foot pedals, you can ride as fast and hard as you want. WEBSITE FOR SALE: This website and domain name are for sale, Click Here to email us if you are interested in buying. Booktopia - Personal Training With Jackie, 30 Day Fast Start by Jackie Warner, 9336178014817.
Affordably priced and ergonomically designed to fit any household, Best Fitness machines are tested tough and proven effective for a slimmer waistline, defined chest, stronger back, well muscled arms and legs and healthy cardiovascular workouts.Shift your cardio training into high gear with the Best Fitness BFSB10 Indoor Cycling Trainer. Such ride can be done in the context of a fund raiser or simply to create a unique and demanding challenge. You can try selecting from a similar category, or use the search box above to find your DVD. The BFSB10 lets you ride in the comfort and convenience of your own home, so you won’t have to deal with the unpredictability of outdoor terrain, rough weather, or nasty traffic.

Television star and celebrity personal trainer Jackie Warner is known for sculpting some of the best bodies. You’ll also have the freedom to close your eyes and concentrate on your pedal cadence without crashing into a tree. The training bike is outfitted with such features as quick-change tension controls that help simulate hills and valleys, along with a precision flywheel that generates a smooth ride at all tension settings.
Now you can experience the best of Jackie's personal training at home with her 30 Day Fast Start. The seat and handlebars are also fully adjustable, with 15 vertical seat settings and seven vertical handlebar adjustments.
TriJake Fitness has since grown into a first-class fitness and wellness organization within Read MoreAugust 2015 Cycling Workout: Lose Yourself! Get a FAST START and transform your body from head to toe using Jackie's secret Power Pyramid Training method pulled straight from the programs she uses with celebrity clients. Pyramid training is the fastest way to see changes your body whether you are just starting out or need to break through a plateau.

In these two power packed workouts you'll perform pyramid sets that combine Jackie's handpicked dynamically sequenced moves with high rep progression to put you in the ultimate fat burning zone.
You'll overload every major muscle group which is the fastest way to build lean muscle and turn your body into a fat burning machine! Beautiful cycling training videos for your workout on an exercise bike, spin bike, stationary bike, turbo trainer. In between resting and napping – no they’re not the same  – Here is a  created  Valentine’s Day inspired ride.

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