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We are delighted to offer this powerful collection of seven training video programs in two series: Global One Series and Global Scenarios Series.
Together, the three videos of the Global One Series and the four videos of the Global Scenarios Series cover every skill area you want your international team to learn and master. Cross-Cultural Understanding is expertly designed for cultural diversity training, and questions and role play exercises are included for a complete training package. To prosper in today’s increasingly global business environment, you need to understand cultural influences on selling and negotiating. Organizations can request to review all three "Global One Series" videos above on one DVD at no cost for the purpose of purchase. As our world becomes a small village, your employees increasingly work with people from other cultures. As businesses increasingly outsource operations across the globe, it’s essential that you train your people on how to work effectively with other cultures.
Building the Virtual Team: Communication Across Cultures observes a group leader and the problems she faces in managing a virtual team, and tries to lead her managers in Asia, India, Africa and Latin America.
Designed to stimulate lively discussion and effective learning, this is an easy-to-use yet highly-effective team building training program. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, people encounter problems when communicating with people from other cultures. Cross-Cultural Communication: Managing Diversity at Work is a lively, engaging dramatization in which you’ll observe a manager failing to understand her employees and their culture. The Cultural Awareness training video is a powerful yet easy-to-use tool for cross-cultural sensitivity training for Americans and all cultures. In the Cultural Awareness training video (also available on DVD and online), you'll discover what happens when an American manager collides with his Muslim counterpart. With the Cultural Awareness training video, DVD and online program, you’ll: * Enjoy turnkey solutions: just pop in a DVD or VHS!
The Cultural Awareness training video, DVD and online program is essential for cross-cultural sensitivity training for Americans – and others - to foster cultural awareness in business places and the work environment. Organizations can request to review all four "Global Scenarios Series" videos above on one DVD at no cost for the purpose of purchase. In addition to the videos that offer general cross cultural skills training above, we also offer a “Doing-Business-In” series of videos, each covering the business cultural aspects of one specific country. To compete in South America's largest market, you need proper training; failure to prepare can lead to damaged relationships and lost business. This program is designed for business travelers, professionals working with Brazilians, as well as a Brazil cultural adaptation for expatriates. With Mexico playing a growing role in business today, it's essential to give your employees proper training to work effectively with Mexicans.
To survive in global business in Singapore and Southeast Asia, it's essential to have the right skills on how to conduct business in Singapore.
The CultureQuest Global Business Video Series are detailed education videos which highlight key global business issues. Global economies are evolving at different speeds and facing both opportunities and challenges.
India and China are among the world’s fastest growing economies which jointly contribute nearly 30% to global economic growth as the balance of economic power continues to shift from West to East. Global business has been growing rapidly in recent decades because of a number of political, economic, technical, and social factors. This video suggests that there is no absolute or definitive statement on what constitutes ethical behavior and that an individual’s sense of ethics is determined by a number of social, cultural, and religious factors and influences.
Home to more than 1.3 billion people, China is one of the fastest growing countries in the world. South Africa has emerged as a free-market economy with an active private sector; however, social and economic inequalities remain deeply ingrained. Leading global organizations have commended this collection and used it to train their teams to work more effectively across cultural differences. The other one is the "Doing Business in Southeast Asia Series" covering Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Cross-Cultural Understanding de-mystifies the complex topic of culture, and allows our teams to leverage differences and work effectively together. Click on the"Add To Cart" button that suits you, then choose your title from drop screen and proceed to pay via credit card. To survive in today’s global market, you must train your employees to work effectively with other cultures. To survive in business today, you need to master the often overlooked but potentially damaging impact of ancient culture on 21st century communications.
This cutting-edge dramatization will enable you to get maximum virtual team benefit, and an ideal training program for team building. This can lead to problems ranging from employee frustration and decreased efficiency, to losing billion dollar deals.
Click on your appropriate "Add To Cart" button then choose your title from drop screen and proceed to pay via credit card.
As our world becomes increasingly global, people are likely to work with people from other cultures. Click on the "Add To Cart" button that suits you best and choose your title from drop screen.
Doing Business In Chile is a complete training program for being profitable and avoiding business problems in Chile. Every day corporations are losing business and money because of poor communication and lack of understanding. With the expert training program Doing Business in Singapore, you'll discover this city-state's mysterious blend of modern business efficiency and ancient superstitious beliefs. The videos enable users to concisely understand the critical issues relevant to the topic at hand. Knowing the major markets and the stage of development for each allows businesses to determine how best to enter and expand.
Both China and India are not emerging economies, they are actually “re-emerging.” China and India have particular strengths and competitive advantages that have allowed each of them to weather the global financial crisis better than most countries and to gain ground in the “catching-up game” with the developed world.
Despite the growth of global trade and investment, globalization video reviews the current essential issues that are being debated by governments, businesses, and NGOs. Viewers will hear how the role of ethics in management practices, global marketing, and corporate ethics and social responsibility differs from culture to culture.
From its vast deserts to its snowy mountain peaks, India is home to a host of different ethnicities and cultural traditions that can be traced back thousands of years. As global companies continue to enter its market, China’s large bureaucracy can be challenging to navigate. In an effort to demonstrate how culture impacts international business communications and operations, the video takes a close look at Latin America and examines the impact culture has on its people, economic and social development, and business. While the government has made a strong commitment to privatization and to attract foreign investment, South Africa is still challenged by corruption, problems with image and confidence, and poor social, labor, and economic conditions.
This functional training exercises will help you lose fat and gain lean muscle at the same time. His revolutionary scientific approach to training and nutrition has brought extraordinary results to thousands of clients including soccer moms and professional athletes, grandparents and grandchildren, and even a Heisman trophy winner. Building the Multicultural Team: Diversity in the Workplace will take you on an exciting journey to observe a global team in action.
In this exciting dramatization, you’ll profit from valuable lessons for success as your employees gain essential skills for being effective with other people and cultures. Doing Business in Argentina is a complete training program to help you and your employees be more profitable in one of South America's largest markets. Click on the "Add To Cart" button that suits you most, then choose your title from drop screen and proceed to pay via credit card. Find out how this country is different from its Latin American neighbors, from its unique history to strict attitude against corruption.
With the Doing Business in Mexico training program, you'll get essential insight into this critical market and its diverse people.
Choose your title from drop screen after you click on your appropriate "Add To Cart" button.

First, click on the "Add To Cart" button that suits you, then choose your title from drop screen and proceed to pay via credit card. Packed with facts on the do's in international business with Singapore, you'll master the business culture of Singapore. Click on the appropriate "Add To Cart" Button, then choose your title from drop screen and proceed to pay via credit card .
Designed for the academic and professional user as well as the global enthusiast, each video provides an in-depth understanding of a specific business issue. All the Videos below are availavle on DVD or Internet, Intranet and Extranet – Site License Options available. This video will review what is meant by the developed and developing worlds and will help viewers understand how to evaluate the expanding set of emerging market countries, which started as BRICs and has now expanded to include twenty-eight countries or more depending on the classifications used. This video will address the evolution of our understanding of global ethics in response to global political and economic challenges and opportunities.
Boasting a rich and complicated cultural heritage, India defies generalizations with its vast array of regional customs.
Joshua has a candid ability to connect and motivate his clients past the physical and emotional barriers that bind them. In this expert program, you'll be welcomed into the offices of top executives and discover the essentials of Argentina business culture. The people here are outgoing and physical; they celebrate - rather than litigate - gender differences. Learn essential people skills, from proper protocol, to building rapport and managing relationships. You'll learn how to see Mexicans as they really are, and how they see you and the world around them. It's loaded with Indonesian cultural facts, and essential information on Indonesian social and business customs.
You'll explore this tropical kingdom, where exotic traditions dance in harmony with high-tech innovations.
For example, you'll learn to recognize the fear of "loss of face," and discover when it's best to do business in the open - and when to go behind closed doors.
Wide differences in language, food, music, and other cultural elements make India an exciting adventure. His passion for fitness has led him to create HASfit, so that he may expand his reach to create a healthier world.
Discover how in Brazil professional culture, a more casual attitude dictates much of what does - and doesn't - get done; find out how to accomplish your objectives nonetheless.
Observe how locals negotiate, and get strategic advice from business leaders for making profitable deals.
For example, you'll need new communication skills to read body language and silence, and find out what's really being said.
Find out why you need to forgo your Western individuality to work effectively with the prevailing group mindset.
India’s recent emergence as a powerhouse in the outsourcing industry has inspired many to take a closer look at India’s economic opportunities. Gain access to the corridors of power - from financial stock to livestock - and learn what to do if negotiators get angry or just walk out. Whether starting a business in Chile and preparing for a top-level Chile business meeting, this program is essential for newcomers and establish global corporations alike. Find out how to get accurate information by recognizing when you're being told the whole story - and when you're not.
You'll explore business practices in Indonesia and learn essential techniques, from obtaining intelligence and negotiating successfully, to managing business and dealing with corruption.

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