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When it comes to HIIT shoes, there are a number of brands which consumers favor such as Asics, New Balance etc. Strong lateral support: This is to support your feet when they are doing the side to side movements. Wraparound lacing: A wraparound lace helps to stabilize your feet when doing the side to side movement.
Low heel lift: Due to its rapid movement, you want to plant your feet as close to the ground as possible.
Insufficient cushioning for the ball of your foot: this is something important for older folks as they need more cushioning around this part of the feet. A slightly higher heel lift: A think half an inch lower on the heels will make this a perfect shoe for kickboxing. This is a solid testimonial and is a strong reason for you to consider this shoe as a candidate for the best men kickboxing shoe in 2015.
In terms of support for flat feet, I am fortunate to have another reviewer who has wide flat feet saying that this shoe is giving her the necessary arch support.
One of my most visited articles was the one I wrote on best cross training shoes for flat feet.
The good news is that almost every brand has cross trainers that are tailored to flat feet or people who have overpronated feet. For women who loved Asics and have flat feet, the Asics Fit Sana model is great for workouts and under 5km running.  It provide the motion control support needed for flat feet folks and is light weight as well.
For men, there is an equally stylish looking Asics cross trainers that is right for people with flat foot. The GEL-Craze TR design make sure your ankle will not roll with every impact your leg is making.
You can use this shoe for running as well although I don’t know how much support it can provide for long distance running.
Sorry folks but I can’t find any good adidas cross training shoes that are suitable for flat feet people. Sometimes, a picture do tell a thousand words and this is the case for New Balance Women’s WX1211 cross training shoe. In my previous reference to this shoe, I have mentioned that the stability provided by this shoe is amazing. Fortunately for men, there is an equivalent model labeled as New Balance 1260.  It boasts the same benefits as WX1211, with its solid arch support and heel cushioning. In terms of design, I am quite suprised there is only this color available as Nike is famous for its stylish and colorful selection.
The cushioning is also solid and reduces the stress you will have during the high impact workouts.
A stylish and nicely designed cross trainer for women who are flat footed.  In fact, I have seen so many reviewers from people who have other feet problems such as plantar fascitis and said this shoe is a relief. Another good news is that the Reebok Simplytone cross fitness shoe has a wide toe so it is great for folks who have wide feet as well. One of the most stylish Reebok cross trainers also happen to be the model that is best suited for flat feet people.
The problem with flat feet is that they do not cushion the impact when your feet lands on the ground.
Another important thing to note about flat feet is that the ankles tend to turn either inwards or outwards.

Whether it is Supinate or pronation, you need cross training shoes that provide good width support. Besides the aforementioned arch and ankle support that cross training shoes provides for people for flat, there is another noticeable difference. I have try to be as comprehensive as possible in this round up of the best cross training shoes for flat feet folks.
Researching the best running shoes for flat feet should be something that you take very seriously in order to avoid running injuries associated with this medical condition. In order to help you stay healthy and out of the doctora€™s office, we have decided to devote an entire page to discussing flat feet, and the best options for running shoes. Having flat feet, or no visible arch is a condition shared by 20-30% of the population, and is generally painless.
Overpronation occurs when your feet roll too far inwards during your stride, which throws off your bodya€™s alignment. As a result, runners with flat feet must take great care in choosing a running shoe, ensuring that it is designed to aid in overpronation. Motion control shoes also have a number of visible characteristics that will distinguish them from the crowd. To help you save time (which could be spent running!) wea€™ve put together a list of the best running shoes for flat feet. When it comes to overpronating running shoes, the Brooks Beast for men and the Brooks Ariel for women are two of the most highly rated lines in the industry.
The Asics GEL Foundation 9 is the latest member in the Asics Foundation line, and is consistently recognized as one the best options amongst overpronating shoes. The New Balance 587 is a motion control shoe designed for runners who severely overpronate and for larger runners. The Mizuno Alchemy 10 is a severe overpronation running shoe designed for athletes desiring maximum motion control.
This is because there is a lot of side to side movements as well as intense stop and start motions.
By keeping your feet strong planted near its center of gravity, it will avoid any potential injuries. Go for one that uses light materials such as mesh.  It is not only light but is great to allow air to flow freely and reduces the sweaty smell from your feet. If you need good cross trainers that are great for cardio kickboxing as well as caters to people with flat feet, good luck!
It absorbs the high impact movements while giving the firm support that such a cardio kickboxing workout requires. If you look at the image, it is actually pretty obvious it has a solid arch framework that can support any flat feet.
Although flat feet is the common term used, the technical term is overpronation.  This means the foot tend to roll inwards upon contact, which results in uneven distribution of the force of contact as well as inability of the foot to fully stablise the body. Since every one has his or her own brand favourite, the best way is to list all the different brands’ flat feet cross trainers and let you buy the brand you want, rather than just recommending a few selected brands that I have experience with. The shoe is also wider than usually so for men with width feet, this will not cramp your toes, especially when the high impact workouts such as P90 or insanity or HIIT.
They have a great selection running shoes for the flat footed but we all know running shoes are not the most ideal for high impact workouts.
You will notice from the outside that the arch support is stronger than usual and that is very important for person with flat foot.

More specifically, you will feel that your ankle has better support and your feet wouldn’t feel pain from the usual impact. If you have a husband or boyfriend suffering from flat feet, this is a worthy purchase for your consideration. I think that speaks a lot of how good this shoe is in terms of providing the necessary support needed. That is how I got to know that this is a great cross trainer for flat footed people who love Reebok shoes. When this happens, it will also cause injuries as your feet lack the support neeed to hold the weight of the body.
These shoes normally will have thicker cushion around your ankle areas to prevent them from pronating or supinating.
Motion control in general is develop for people with flat feet so they are also relevant to what you are looking for. I left out Puma and Ryka because the former is not famous for having great cross trainers while the latter only has female shoes. Which brands offer the best model that can give you adequate protection while making it comfortable to wear? At first, I thought the New Balance Women’s WX871 would be a great option since it provided such great support for me when I was wearing it years ago. Best of all, it is  incredibly light weight as well so you wouldn’t feel strange wearing that to a kickboxing class. Hence, what folks with flat feet or over pronation should look out for in a par of cross training shoes that remedies the problem through the design and support.
In other words, if you are in these shoes, the chances of you injuring your leg due to instability is reduced significantly. Running shoes tend to be lighter due it doesn’t need to built so much support for the arch and ankle.
Anyway, I have already highlighted some of the best Ryka cross training shoes in my previous article which you can take a look. Since I have enrollled in a HIIT kickboxing course before, here is what I think is the best shoes for kickboxing.
Some positive attributes that made a must buy for folks doing kickboxing or intense interval training. However,  I read about a reviewer who has flat feet and she mentioned that this New Balance shoe is not great for people like her.
If you know of models that are great for high intensity workouts, please recommend them here. They reviewed that wearing this on signficantly reduces the discomfort if you are a flat foot person.
However, it is still advisable for people with flat feet to get a cross training shoe even though it is heavier as they are more suited to protect your feet when running. Well, that rules this option and I have to dig really deep to find the best shoe for a flat feet person who does cardio kickboxing.

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