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Simplicity and ease of use are not always easy to find with an efficient elliptical trainer but the V-Fit 2-in-1 cross trainer aims to do so with comfort and security. On closer inspection you will see that it also has over-sized foot-plates, a duel-action on the motion of the elliptical movement and adjustable rear frame end caps. Online reviews for this V-Fit Elliptical Machine are mixed but the majority of positive reviews claim that this machine delivers in the most important area of all – they feel as though they are receiving a great workout and are seeing results with their weight loss. In addition to these results, this V-Fit Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer has other advantages such as the portability, which is achieved through the rollers, the adjustable 8-step resistance system and the ease of use. Other comments mention the low price but, as the negative reviews show, this can have its downsides. This V-Fit 2-in-1 cross trainer is let down slightly by its cheaper nature and, despite the sturdy feeling mentioned above, there have been issues regarding the build quality. This low quality could be attributed to the materials and manufacturing but it could also be due to poor assembly because the manual that is included with this machine is difficult to understand. In short, it easy to see why some people would be confused by this midrange product; on the one hand it has plenty of benefits and recommended features but it also has its limitations.

You can check out more customer reviews about this V-Fit Magnetic 2-In-1 Cycle Elliptical Trainer at Amazon here.
Get a great workout while taking care of your joints with the Halley Elliptical S Motorized Cross Trainer.
Ideal for exercise enthusiasts, the Bremshey Explorer C 19 Front Drive Elliptical Cross Trainer is a high quality, front driven cross trainer.
Flexible and lightweight, the Nike Free Cross Compete cross trainer boasts everything you'll need for high intensity workouts.
The GO Cross F 30 cross trainer from Tunturi is a simple, no-nonsense, easy to use but high quality machine. If you`re not looking for a complex machine with features you`ll never use then the Tunturi GO Cross R 30 could well be the ideal cross trainer for you. The York Active 120 2 in 1 cycle cross trainer comes with a 7kg (15.4lbs) flywheel for quiet action and has a 3 piece crank system. The Kettler Skylon 3 ensures smooth and quiet operation thanks to the impressive 20kg (44lbs) flywheel and has a motor-adjustable magnetic-brake system.

This cycle elliptical machine looks basic at first; it has a minimal, black and silver, chip resistant steel frame, dimensions of L 135cm x W 75cm x H 160cm, thin handlebar uprights and a standard seated cycle.
When you read this list of specifications it sounds as though this V-Fit Magnetic Cross Trainer is a complex machine with lots of detailed design features and great potential for exercise. Buyers should be aware that the screws can come loose and the machine can become noisy but this is easily remedied by making sure you adjust and lubricate the trainer regularly. If you are looking for a high-tech, simplistic machine with little to no flaws then you may need to look elsewhere and pay a little more for the privilege. If, however, you are just looking for something simple that does the job with no frills then this V-Fit fitness machine is a recommendable cross trainer. If you're happy with your detective search, you will now have the information you need to buy on your new Weight Training items.
The GO Cross R 50 from Tunturi is rammed full of features and oozes quality at the same time.

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