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In my article on the best shoes for high impact workouts,  I recommended some models for step aerobics.
The MX20v3 is one of the best new balance cross training shoe for men.  They have excellent traction as well as great agility and are ideal for things like step aerobics that require such features.
However, do note that they have little insole cushioning because these are minimalist shoes. If you need more recommendations, here is another article I wrote about the best sneakers for step aerobics. In the following section, I am focusing on more men shoes for step aerobics since I have covered the women shoes quite extensively in my previous articles. The Reebok Nano 4 is made especially for gym workouts such as step aerobics.  There is a lot to like for this shoe even though it is not meant for me LOL.
However, do note that this model has a narrow fitting relative to brands such as Nike and it is a good pair of cross training shoe for people with narrow feet.  If your feet is wide, you might feel uncomfortable wearing them especially if you stick to your true sizing.
If you like to consider this shoe, I want to alert you that it is very difficult to buy them offline as I have mentioned that they are not the most well known model. When it comes to buying the best shoes for step aerobics, you need to be mindful of a few things. Ryka is one of my favourite brand for women cross training sneakers so my review here might be a bit bias!
This is the Rythmic aerobics model and is well suited for any high impact aerobics including Zumba, Jazzercise etc. However, this particular does not offer much arch support as is evidence from the image above.
The comfort is especially obvious when you are doing lots of high impact cardio actions such as step aerobics. When doing the purchase, make sure you differentiate between Gel Runnning and Gel Training.
New Balance is another favourite brand of mine as I love that they cut out the advertising crap and focus on making better shoes. As the name implies, this is a shoe that allows our feet to breath through its mesh materials. In terms of design, it has a pretty roomy toe box, although not too wide to have too much room. Sporting-Shoes is your premier specialty sporting goods retailer featuring top sports brands such as Nike, adidas, DC, Precor, Diamondback, Roxy, Quiksilver, New Balance, Under Armour, Columbia, and The North Face in clothing, shoes, and sports equipment.

The Nike Free TR Training Shoe combines a barefoot-like feel with added support that delivers durability and flexibility for serious training sessions. However, it seems like the interest in this workout is highest among my readers so I though I should do a separate recommendation list that focuses solely on step aerobics shoes or sneakers. The traction comes from the vibram outsole while the light weightiness is due to the use of mesh material. At first, you might feel a little uncomfortable but over time, these type of minimalist shoes help to develop the natural strength of your feet. Currently, they seems to be glued to the bottom, which they might not be as durable as I prefer.
Reebok really spare nothing in coming out with feature that cater specially to the cross training crowd.
Usually, minimalist shoes such as this has very little insole cushioning for the feet so some might not get used to it.
I have seen many reviewers talking about using them for P90x, weight lighting and even squats so it seems to be a great shoe for different types of cross training activities. It caught my eye due to a review that was done one a previous version of this shoe.  In it, the reviewer specifically used it for step aerobics because of its bouncing effect that complements the workout well. When you step on it with force, these cells will cushion the force and make it more comfortable for the feet. Your best bet is actually Amazon and the link I have provided above takes you exactly to the page that you can read more information or make the purchase.
Stability is an important factor, followed by support for lateral movements as well as being light weight and comfortable. It provides great stability for your dance moves without restricting your spinning or lateral movements.
That is the hallmark of all Ryka shoes so if you haven’t try a pair before, this is a good chance to see what everyone is talking about. If you are flat feet or need such support, check out my recommendations on the best cross training shoe for arch support.
If you are worried, just store a couple of pairs to try for the size and return those that do not fit well.
It is slightly more expensive than Ryka although the difference is not that big in my humble opinion. It is perfect for high impact aerobics where our feet tend to sweat a lot and needs the air circulation to prevent it our feet from being stinky.

I owned 2 personally, which is the Ryka and the Asics, while the rest are have well rated opinions on Amazon.
We offer sports shoes sale for all sports activities including fitness, tennis, basketball, fishing, soccer, skateboarding, golf, fitness, baseball, running, camping, SCUBA, and swimming. Features synthetic-leather overlays on the upper to provide support and durability in high-wear areas, while Flywire panels add lockdown and lightweight support. However, despite being light weighted, it provides very solid support during your high impact step aerobic workouts.
For the upper layer, it is what it called the RopePro outsole to protect your feet against abrasion during activities such as rope climbing.  So exterior wise, it is pretty solid as well. Since I am not a man and can’t test this out, I advice you to order a few pairs to try out the sizing. With these few factors in mind, here are some of the best step aerobics sneakers that I have either worn personally, or have heard very good feedback from my peers. Some other sneakers brand might be stable but their sole design somehow inhibits your feet movement especially spinning. This is especially easy with Amazon as they offer a very nice return policy with no questions asked.
Wow, I must say the fame Gel cushioning technology does really work as it provides a very comfortable experience that is different from Ryka. We also offer expert advice, sports equipment rentals and adventure travel, including Canyoneering, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Trekking, Outdoor Photography, Mountaineering, and more!
The midsole of the Free TR is designed to wrap up around the foot, giving you better lateral stability.
As such, I have seen folks wearing these for stuff such as Zumba, PS90 and other kinds of more intensive step aerobics. It has a low heel drop of only 4mm and yet has a comfortable interior to cushion your feet from all the pounding it is going to take from the step aerobics.

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