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For well over a decade, the Taiwanese conglomerate Dyaco, has been renowned for manufacturing ‘Sole’ and ‘Spirit’ fitness equipment, picking up numerous consumer awards along the way.
Since arriving on the scene in the United States, the Xterra range of products has steadily grown in popularity and five years later it has finally arrived here in the UK. For well under ?1000, top-end models feature a basic amount of inbuilt ‘extras’ such as MP3 connectivity, high quality speaker systems and a cooling fan; but what they lack in ‘gadgetry’ is certainly made up for in performance!
The solid construction and use of high quality components throughout is also combined with a Lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on parts and 2 years labour, to give peace of mind in the durability and longevity of the machines. Whilst every effort is made to give you accurate information we cannot guarantee the technical specification. The ECT 880 is among the better cross trainers from MultiSports and is advertised as a commercial unit. Total body workout – The handlebars move with the pedals to exercise the upper and lower body at once. Preset workouts –This machine has eight program modes with adjustable tension plus a fitness test.
Heart rate monitor – This unit includes a grip heart rate monitor and can be used with a wireless system.
Poor warranty – The standard MultiSports elliptical warranty includes a lifetime warranty on the frame and a year of protection on moving parts. The ECT 880 is a smooth-running cross trainer that offers plenty of resistance, good program variety, and stability even for hefty users. The ECT 880 is one of the best ellipticals from MultiSports, but it doesn’t hurt to compare prices. Assembly of the cross trainer was less fiddly than most models (including its smaller brother the 950) which was a real bonus and with clear instructions and not too many steps it was ready to use in around 40 minutes. Once built, just like it’s younger brother, visually it’s a case of function over form.
At the end of the day, it’s about how good this elliptical is for the job in hand rather than how pretty it looks, so we got down to business and once on it we were impressed with the action. Moving through the 20 resistance levels is smooth and consistent with the top level of resistance providing what should be enough grunt to challenge even those who are already in good shape. The console has a 5″ backlit LCD display with a blue background and white text display which is clear and easy to read. In terms of programmes, there are 20 built-in workouts which are divided into speed and calorie goal exercises. Like its little brother, it is impossible to use the 1100 without noticing all the buttons on the console relating to iFit (this console is iFit Live compatible).

Other positives for the console are that it has a built-in wireless heart rate receiver allowing heart rate controlled training which at this price point is not necessarily something we would expect to see as standard.
One downside to the console is that while you can get personalised calorie consumption figures based on age, weight, gender and height there are no built-in user profiles so you have to purchase an iFit Live module in order to gain access to that feature.
The 1100 has a max user weight of 125kg (275.6lbs) and a two year parts and labour manufacturer’s warranty (though you must register the machine with Icon Health and Fitness within 28 days of purchase in order to get the second year of cover).
Moving this machine around is not the easiest of tasks, though it is made easier than it otherwise would be by the addition of a sturdy handle on the rear stabiliser.
The HealthRider 1100 is a stable, smooth and quiet elliptical that punches above its weight. In 2009, a third brand was born from the same prestigious manufacturers, by the name of ‘Xterra’ (inspired by the famous series of off-road triathlon races). Although aimed at a price point to make them a more affordable option to the premium sister brands of Sole and Spirit, Xterra machines boast many similar selling points.
Some models offer up to 20 levels of electronic incline, handlebar controls and a challenging array of inbuilt programs inc heart rate controlled sessions and user-defined programs. Unlike some other MultiSports ellipticals, it has a long stride and narrowly-spaced pedals. Its main drawback is its short and limited warranty, but keep in mind that the warranty is designed with commercial use in mind. The HealthRider Club Series H140e is a very similar machine that sometimes sells for less than the MultiSports model.
It is manufactured by Icon Health & Fitness, the world’s largest fitness equipment manufacturer.
That being said, with black and silver colours dominating and with clean modern lines it should fit into most environments without causing offence. If ever there were proof of why you’d want a hefty flywheel in an elliptical it is to be found here on the 1100.
Even at the highest resistance level the action remains smooth and silent thanks to that big flywheel. First impressions are that the console appears to be quite complex, featuring a lot of brightly coloured buttons and a display full of information but this is a bit deceptive. As each is selected (using the dedicated speed or calorie programme buttons), the resistance profile of the programme, as well as its duration is displayed on the LCD display.
But it’s important to highlight that the 1100 is perfectly usable and provides a very good workout without using any of the iFit functionality. It also has reasonable built-in speakers and allows you to plug in a music source via a standard 3.5mm audio jack.

This allows you to pick up the back of the machine and tilt it onto the transport wheels at the front. It's got an 18 inch stride length and a nice range of programmes as well as a manual mode but it's the action that surprises.
Showcasing Dyaco’s 30 years of fitness equipment manufacturing expertise, these elliptical cross trainers are also designed with a great focus on user comfort to ensure the user and their joints of a smooth and stress-free elliptical action.
Just keep scrolling through until you get the desired programme and when you’re ready to start, just start pedalling.
Despite this, we’d strongly suggest picking the place its’ going to live and leaving it there! You can expect the same degree of biomechanical innovation such as a natural 2 degree inward slope to the pedals and a narrow ‘Q-factor’ (distance between footplates). The ECT 880’s MSRP of $2875 seems high, but online shoppers can get this elliptical for 25% off. The HealthRider 1100 is the mid-point elliptical in the range and having already tested the 950 we were looking forward to seeing what its bigger brother had to offer. It’s quiet, smooth, stable and consistent, making for a really comfortable workout experience. It’s not something that each user will change for themselves on a workout to workout basis. This is down to some great features such as being able to start using the machine by simply getting on and pedalling and doing nothing more than adjusting the resistance. The pedals are 19 cm apart making for reasonably comfortable ergonomics for your average or tall user but this could potentially be an issue for those smaller in stature.
The feature of a water bottle holder at a sensible height right in front of you on the main post is a nice touch too. While in use the 1100 is virtually silent as you’d expect from a cross trainer with magnetic resistance.
This speed combined with being able to select any resistance level with a single touch of a button works really well for interval training.
In truth, it really doesn’t get a lot easier than that and selecting a programme is a simple case of pressing the desired type of workout which is identified by the button eg.

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