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I adore having plants and flowers in the yard but tending to them is not how I’d like to spend my time.
Our shared-yard had been neglected for over two years but, thankfully, the tenants before us structured a garden with lazy people in mind.
With good structure and hearty plants on our mind, we headed to the nursery and started anew. We love that our former tenants placed lattice along the back wall but they fell a little short when it came to the sides. So our garden didn’t turn into a hosta farm, we decided to branch out with a bit of Lily Turf.
I’ll report back at the end of summer with hopefully some progress to share but in the meantime, if anyone has any good gardening tips . Born in Hollywood, schooled in Amish country, and most recently residing in New York City, Anne E.
Extremely passionate about long-term travel, they've decided to take all they've learned from their two years on the road and help more people get out there and explore the globe with HoneyTrek Trip Coach, a one-on-one guide to world travel.
I also think that lattice will blend very well once the rain and snow weathers it a bit more (like the lattice along the back wall). Bathing suit season worries many females because we all want to rock that gorgeous bikini, monokini, etc.
The Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History and Princeton Architectural Press have collaborated on a new book that takes readers into one of America’s favorite dollhouses. Bird, who is a curator in the museum’s political history division, sheds light on Bradford’s accomplishments in the book. Take an eight page tour of the Dolls’ house and click on the close-ups of individual rooms filled with miniature furnishings. Treadmills, ellipticals and bikes – sole fitness equipment, Sole fitness features an full line of award winning fitness equipment: treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes and more!
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If you are looking for the best exercise equipment choices to design a home gym or just looking for one quality exercise product here are some of the better selections. It has 7,000 square feet of living space with eight bedrooms, four bathrooms, two basement apartments, and looks quite elegant and traditional inside.

It was created as a play space for kids, but adults like you and I would have fun playing in there too.
So my question this summer has become: How to have a pretty garden with the least amount of effort. They tiered the perimeter of the yard with wood and stone to make nice raised plant beds so even when the garden starts looking pretty chaotic, it still has decent structure. To cover the not-so-cute chain link fences we put up more lattice (that’s our lovely neighbor Bridget helping us secure the wood) and planted clematis to grow over it.
These spunky grasses will supposedly spread out to make nice groundcover, grow violet-blue flowers in the summer and dark berries in the fall.
Their writing and photography have also been featured in acclaimed publications such as Conde Nast Traveler, The Knot, and CBS Local. I can't believe I actually have something to contribute on this topic but back when I was in CT I used to have a few canna red king humbert plants which I loved! The lattice worked out great and one of the clematis grew like crazy and the other shriveled.
A chain link fence separates my yard from a school playground, and I’d love to hang lattice on the fence. The five-story dollhouse on view at the Museum of American History was designed, decorated and furnished by Bradford. At 128 pages, the book has more than 70 new and historic images that support Bird’s compelling narrative of Bradford’s creation. And with a bit of research on resilient plants for east coast living, we may have just figured it out. They also made the brilliant choice of buying the most self-sufficient, gorgeous, shade-loving plant: The Hosta.
We are banking on them being fairly independent in the future but for now we are watering them regularly. All we want to do is to be able to run down the beach in our sexy bathing suits, be carefree and not have to worry about what people think of how we look in our suits. It has 23 rooms and 1,354 miniature specimens, and its furnishings include linens, lamps, toys and even a goldfish bowl.
Close-up photography provides intricate details of each room in the dollhouse allowing readers a more intimate look at the lives of its residents.

I know this photo looks a little grim but any lush green you see on the ground is all hosta. So in a year or so, the hope is to see just a hint of lattice and a wall of fabulous foliage. Some of these were purchased, others were gifts, but Bradford channeled much of her creative side into the house by also using ordinary everyday things such as buttons for dinner plates and matchsticks for shelved books.
In 1951, Bradford’s collection was displayed in a specially built model house at the Arts and Industries Building and later moved to the new National Museum of History and Technology (renamed National Museum of American History in 1980).
In the photo of the dollhouse’s parlor, readers can see items such as tiny chess pieces, glass heirlooms and the aquarium that holds the family goldfish Goldie, Wiggle and Dart, as if the readers themselves were standing in the room. Pinkston discussed different bathing suit options women could wear to hide those areas of concern that make them feel self-conscious.
Before her death in 1970, Bradford frequently visited the exhibition, answering visitors’ questions, participating in the dollhouse’s semi-annual cleaning and setting out holiday decorations.
She helped one woman, who recently had a baby, cover her midsection while the bathing suit still gave her sex appeal. Granite, marble, and wood islands with additional seating brings guests and host together, this is the true tradition of French Country styling. It was a black, crochet material connecting the top and bottom to create the one piece suit. Countertops adorned with farmer’s house sinks, and pot filler faucets adjacent to the stove, are bonus touches that makes a French Country kitchen desirable.Collect this idea Remember the old world styling of metal candelabras made from forged iron?
Remember French Country, like other decor styles it is about evoking a familiar feeling of the traditional, simpler life and all the amenities that it offers.Collect this ideaFreshome Reader’s, do you remember the Cottage Style decor featured last week? Especially nowadays with celebrities who strut the beach in sarongs, skirts and more recently jumpsuits.
However, the biggest way to face bikini anxiety is carrying yourself with confidence; both Frankel and Pinkston agreed on this. I think these kitchens are too ornate for me personally.TopmoumouteI am French and I call tell that this is really old fashion style !

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