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Let's be honest: There are few cardio workouts more painfully boring than jogging on the treadmill.
Despite its reputation as a soul-sucking human hamster wheel, the treadmill's benefits have made it one of the most ubiquitous pieces of gym equipment.
Check out these seven treadmill exercises if you're looking for a total-body workout that will make you smile as much as you sweat. Grab a set of five or 10-pound dumbbells and place them in the compartments next to the treadmill's display screen.
Putting the dumbbells back in the compartments, stand on the stationary sides of the treadmill belt as you increase the incline to its maximum, maintaining the same speed you selected for the lunges.
Maintaining your slow walking pace, face the right side of the treadmill with both feet on the belt. Return to a forward-facing position on the treadmill belt, and set the speed slightly faster than your average power-walking pace.
With the belt at slightly faster that your average power-walking pace, switch from walking to skipping. Working out outside has noted benefits over hitting the gym, including improved energy and a greater likelihood to keep exercising. The Proform Performance 400i treadmill has been around for a few years now – but Proform updates it every year. The main benefit of this treadmill is that it’s super-affordable, coming in under $600 with Free Shipping here.
Proform excels in make decent starter treadmills – they have the resources behind them to add a lot more to the treadmills (and keep the price down) than other brands. The Performance 400 offers you some decent basics including a 2.5 HP motor, iPod dock, iFit compability and EKG heart rate sensors.
You can also use the tablet to connect to iFit online and (if you have a subscription), you can watch real life trails pass you by in the tablet screen.
The best part is that you can run anywhere in the world – and watch real landmarks pass you by in the tablet screen.
While it’s an average belt size, some people may find the belt (55 inches long) to be a bit on the short side. You get all of the basics that you need (decent motor, average belt, incline, heart rate monitor) without paying for a lot of frills you don’t want. You can get the new 2016 Proform Performance 400i treadmill direct from the Manufacturer here. This is the one MOST IMPORTANT procedure required by the treadmill owner in prolonging their investment and maintaining the lifespan and overall operation of the Treadmill. Also you should have instructions on how to apply the lube and how much to use, otherwise you will do more harm than good - great for my repair business but not for your bank balance! ALL TREADMILLS REQUIRE GENERAL UPKEEP AND LUBRICATION - MAINTENANCE FREE EQUIPMENT JUST DOES NOT EXIST (WHATEVER THE MANUFACTURERS MAY CLAIM!).

Unlike conventional treadmills you see with a conveyor belt style running surface that is made from standard thin PVC, nylon and cotton, treadmill features a patented running surface of vulcanized rubber. About SlamchicaAleksandra Arsenovic graduated with a degree in economics and has a master degree in tourism. Yet many of us often resort to such drudgery -- especially during the winter months -- and wish all the while that time would somehow speed up.
There's more ways to use the treadmill than just interval sprints and endurance runs that not only work your muscles, but also make you feel excited to jump on and get moving.
Set the belt at a comfortable speed -- we recommend starting at no faster than half of your typical walking pace -- and begin to walk slowly.
Grab the dumbbells, rotate to face the back of the treadmill and begin walking to establish a comfortable pace. As you walk sideways, gradually increase the speed to just above your average walking pace. Once you feel comfortable, begin by kicking the right foot back as close to your butt as possible, focusing on engaging your glute and hamstring muscles.
After finding your steady pace, kick things up a notch: Drive your right knee toward your chest as you push off of the left foot, jumping as high (and as controlled) as you can with tall posture and core tight. Bring both feet together at the front of the treadmill and immediately lower into a squat position, keeping the knees safely behind the toes.
While standing on the stationary sides of the treadmill, decrease the speed to 0.5 to one mile per hour, and step off completely. With iFit you can download new workouts to your treadmill, track your workout stats online over time and race against your friends. There are built-in speakers  in the console so you can avoid using your earphones if you want.
It is not backlit (backlit consoles make it easier to read your workout stats) and it doesn’t show you a lot. Overall, not the best treadmill for heavy running – but walkers will be fine with it. This allows our running surface to last for more than 150,000 miles, roughly ten times longer than the belt of an average treadmill. The treadmill can increase its slant up to 15%, which is about average across all treadmills, and will allow you to feel the burn of a great hill workout.
Since she worked as a travel agent, she has traveled around the world and developed an interest in luxurious hotels and exotic destinations. It's one of the most efficient indoor cardiovascular exercises when it comes to burning calories and boosting metabolism long after the workout is over.
Holding the dumbbells in each hand, take one large step forward with your right foot, lowering into a lunge, keeping the knee in line with the second toe. Once you feel ready, curl the dumbbell in your right hand to your right shoulder and lower to the original position, taking two steps as you complete the one rep.

Step down and continue smoothly as you push off with the right foot, driving your left knee toward your chest. Let the belt carry you to the back of the treadmill, and then drive through your legs to jump forward, returning to the front of the treadmill in your initial squat position. Move to the back of the treadmill and assume a plank position, feet on the floor, hands on the stationary sides of the treadmill, hips in alignment with the shoulders. Here are some of the most common mistakes they see gymgoers make, and what we should be doing instead.
This commercial treadmill is made for running because of its high speed and larger surface area. As you return to the original position, immediately pull your left foot forward with another large step, lowering into the next lunge. Switch feet with a quick hop onto the right foot, then step to the left again with the left foot. Remaining light on the toes with your posture tall and core tight, continue alternating butt kicks for 30 seconds. When you're ready, place your hands on the moving belt, with the right beneath your shoulder and the left extended in front of you. As an editor of Extravaganzi she shares her knowledge about travels, fashion and accessories. Continue alternating bicep curls to the pace of your backwards walk until you've completed 10 to 15 reps on each side.
Take your time adjusting the speed until it feels comfortable to maintain a steady side shuffle.
4Front features state-of-the-art technology that provides the user with an experience unlike any other. These will be slower than side shuffles you would perform across the gym floor, so don't worry if you feel a little behind. Continue alternating hands as the belt rotates until you've completed 10 to 15 reps on each side. The treadmill belt is comprised of numerous individual shock-absorbing slats that have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissue; a comfort level you wont experience on a conventional treadmill. Continue for 30 seconds, slow the belt to your original walking speed and switch directions, then repeat. Be sure to keep your hips level throughout the exercise, avoiding any twisting motion as your hands move.

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