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I get asked all the time to check stuff out for someone in the UK, or Germany, and I am quite disappointed in what I see.
I would buy the Fringesport Gold Package if it was sold in europe but I’ll go with the Warrior Crossfit Package from Rogue and then the power rack and the bench. If you have been researching power racks online for a while you are probably confused as hell! The WB-PR is primarily constructed with 60mm steel tubing with a 12 guage (2.5mm) wall thickness. Mr Universe Lee Priest demonstrates just some of the exercises that you can do with the Powertec Power Rack, Utility Bench, Barbell and Weights. The Powertec Power Rack System is the ultimate free weight training set up for the serious weight t.. We have finally got our hands on additional bar supports or “J-Hooks” for the Powertec Power Rack o.. The problem with the gym equipment market these days is that there is sometimes too much choice. As the popularity of CrossFit and strength training has grown, so has the demand for power cages. May 13, 2012 by Anne 17 Comments On Friday, a small group of fellow fitness bloggers and I were given the pleasure of attending a cool retreat with Reebok at their main headquarters in Canton, MA. It was an awesome day and a great look into Reebok as a brand, as well as an introduction to CrossFit, which Reebok has partnered with. I was really impressed by the company as a whole — their goal has been to make fitness into more of a FUN experience, hence the CrossFit partnership. A multi-level gym with all sorts of equipment and playing courts, and they also have their very own CrossFit box (e.g.
This box is unique in that it’s only for Reebok employees, and they really take advantage — apparently 450 (nearly 50%) of their employees belong to the box!
After our introduction to the brand in the morning, we headed over to the Reebok CrossFit ONE box to check it out for ourselves and get in a workout, all decked out in Reebok gear (that they sent to us before the event).
Before starting, we got an introduction to CrossFit from our trainers for the day: Caleb Diebolt, and Austin Malleolo, pictured below, who was a top finisher in the CrossFit Games in both 2010 and 2011.
We also got a tutorial on proper squatting form, and how to properly do the kettle bell swings and pull ups that would be part of our workout.
Once both Tina and I had run the 200 meters, we raced over to the kettle bells and got started — the 45 kettle bell swings were combined, so she would do 10, then I would do 10, etc.

We finished with 24 pull ups (12 each) — we were instructed how to use stretchy bands to make them more manageable. Pullups can be scaled based on what band to use, if anyone can’t do pullups, ring rows can be substituted to help build upper body strength to be able to get an assisted pullup. If anyone watched the last season of Biggest Loser Bob Harper used Crossfit to help his team lose weight.
Lose weight effortlessly, fuel right, and energize your runs with my Nutrition for Runners program!
Maybe you’re tired of paying good money at the global gym each and every month just to wait in line for one of the few useful pieces of equipment they have? They carry multiple lines and levels of quality, so some of it is nearly commercial looking, and some is very Amazon’ish. If shipping is required, someone will have to assist the driver unload these cartons, as they are both over the OHS limit of 25kgs. You can do all the compound exercises like bench press and squat, perfectly safe, without a spotter.
Being healthy doesn’t mean being at the gym bored by yourself — they are all about building community and having a good time while exercising. The thing that makes it great is the ability to scale the workout for any and all fitness levels. It’s a whole other world of equipment across the pond, and aside from the premium brands like Eleiko or the limited Rogue EU line-up, you guys have a lot of garbage vendors. It could never be as in depth as the US market that I already know and understand, and am able to test, but I could possibly at least discover who is worth even considering for equipment purchases. Apparently Reebok has done such a great job instilling this sense of fitness as fun in their 1,100 employees that the Reebok community has lost over 4,000 lb total over the last year!
I especially loved the CrossFit Performance Capri that they sent us — SO comfortable and I’ll be wearing these all the time.
I have a Groupon for a boot camp near me so I’m going to use that and then see about CrossFit from there! I do K-Bells (7lbs) is the best I can do for 45 min.It looks like you all had a very good time. By garbage vendors, I mean companies that do nothing but import the cheap stuff from China and stamp their names on the equipment. We were wearing the RealFlex Transition shoes, which I also really loved and will be getting a lot of use out of — not really for running (well, maybe short runs), but for cross training.

They are designed for heavy weight.And just what kind of weight are we talking about here???????If you are worried about giving your prized barbell too much of a hard time if you have steel spotter bars in your power rack, then you can use the Spud straps instead.
Please familiarise yourself with our Shipping Terms and Conditions.If you have any other questions just give us a call on 1300 790 432. Regardless of what your reasons are, I’m more than certain that they’re justified, and I support you! Matter of fact, for not much more money than you would spend on junk equipment at a chain sporting goods store, you can get your hands on commercial-grade equipment that will surely outlive us all. You can also see that the Powertec product lasts a lifetime by the age and condition of the 2nd hand units on sale. You can see it for yourself - 210kgs with ease.The Powertec Power Rack is the ultimate free weight training set up for the serious weight trainer. Let me give a few suggestions based on my own personal experience with my garage gym along with some good information I’ve picked up on the web from others who have done the same thing themselves.
This simple yet heavy duty power rack allows you to perform all the great free weight training movements with complete safety. Building a Garage Gym – Equipment Selection Of course the best equipment to start with will vary slightly from person to person, but I think that there are some essential pieces to consider right out of the gate when building a garage gym.
We got Mr Universe, Lee Priest, to demonstrate just some of the exercises you can do on this type of set up at home.Training safely is one of the greatest concerns for people training with free weights, especially at home. Some gym equipment manufacturers have capitalized on this fear by coming up with complicated and expensive systems that allow you to train safely. The links in this section link to more detailed guides for that specific piece of equipment. These systems are great but Powertec have made the safety issue a lot simpler and much more affordable.The Powertec Power Rack has adjustable spotter bars that can be moved into different positions for different exercises.
For example for bench press you set them just below your chest line in your pressing position.
The holes for the spotter bars on the Powertec Power Cage are only 4cm apart so they can be adjusted to accommodate all shapes and sizes.The Powertec Power Rack comes standard with chin up bars and adjustable dip handles.

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