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My husband and I have used ellipticals in gyms for a few years now, and over time, we began to like them a lot better than regular treadmills.
Here is your chance to rant or rave about the elliptical you use at home or at the fitness center.
Proform Belts, Proform Rollers, Proform Keys, Proform Electronics, Proform Decks for Treadmill Repairs. Bob Block Fitness has been supplying the finest fitness equipment available in the world to the Indiana Community for over 30 years. Call 1-317-845-7700 during normal business hours and ask to be transferred to the service department.
I've been somewhat of a "treadmill" fan for most of my adult life and have owned three different models over the years. We also sell Treadmill parts if you decide to repair them yourself, and such as Proform belts, Proform rollers, Proform keys and Proform electronics.
Our vast experience allows us to provide specific recommendations to you about accomplishing your personal goals. Our trained, in-house staff of delivery and installation technicians will show up within 20 minutes of the time scheduled or we will call to explain.
If no one answers, please leave your name, number and a brief message for our service manager. Last September hurricane IKE rolled through my home town and brought with it 4 ft of flood water, that whipped out the first floor of my home AND my most recent treadmill.I started researching a replacement and simply thought I'd give one of the new ellipticals a try. I did negotiate with a local chain sports store for $100 off down too $1200 plus tax which put me about $17 over the internet. We will take into consideration your goals, your experience, your space, and your budget to get you the best possible selection of fitness equipment. With this information we can map out your home fitness room and start placing equipment into a drawing so you can see exactly what it all will look like in your home. The E25 looked inviting but for $300 more (E35) it comes with automatic everything and a better warranty.

Fan could be stronger.Be prepared to spend up to 4 hours assembling with step by step instructions. We will make sure your equipment is assembled properly and is in ideal working order before we move on to the next installation. If you are not completely satisfied with your delivery experience please contact your salesperson immediately. Number two on their list was the Sole E35 elliptical trainer, so I did extensive online research of Sole ellipticals. We did receive the parts for the Sole E35 within 3 business days, and I promptly called Danielle.
Your new equipment should be in perfect working order - and if it is not we want to know about it ASAP - so we can make it right immediately.
I read one review about the downward slope of the pedals and I do have to agree that sonmetimes my feet are fatigued by them. The flywheel is very awkward, I read other reviews about removing the arms which made things much easier. I've been on other ellipticals and they felt like they would just fall apart after 10 minuets.
It was heavy and awkward and I had absolutely NO experience putting anything mechanical together. Having a good set or ratchet wrench both American and metric sockets helps a lot, also a good set of Phillips screwdrivers should be used as well.
Sadly, there were many problems with those early treadmill models and my machine was repaired several times and finally completely replaced by the company.
I used the heck out of it - but it was never a very good machine and in 2004, I paid $2,000 for the mid-range model.My husband and I finally went to the source - the Sole Fitness website and we were VERY pleasantly surprised by the price of the Sole E35 elliptical trainer and the free shipping to boot. Do not over tighten the plastic covers as they could crack.This machine is very solid and should last for years. I called Atlantic Fitness again today, and was again told that Jeff works well into the night and has a huge territory.

Being that I did NOT want another experience like the one I had with the Treadclimber, my husband and I decided to pay the extra $239 for the "turn-key" delivery, where the elliptical was brought into the room of our choice and assembled. Been there, done that.We chose the Sole E35 over the Sole E25 because of the heart monitor, the fan, the MP3 hookup and speakers and the cup holders. It is a smoothe, gentle ride to say the least.Don't expect an easy workout - but you have SO much variety on the Sole E35 elliptical trainer, you can keep your own pace. One thing I learned was that getting the unit perfectly level was important for eliminating noise. I had a few creaks at first but once I got it settled in and level the little noises are gone.
I have been walking on this unit (25 to 30 minutes) nearly every day for almost 2 months now.
I read where the engineers designed the adjustable footplates because some users were complaining about their feet going to sleep. The adjustments don't really help me because they need to adjust BACKWARDS a couple of degrees.
I have to take my weight off of each foot and sort of drag my feet back into proper position in my shoe. This is a minor problem though, certainly not a deal breaker.In summary I think the feature set on this Sole elliptical trainer is very adequate and this is a nicely balanced unit at this price point. I've only had it a couple of months but I have been very pleased with my purchase and would definitely recommend the Sole E35 elliptical, especially to any of you big guys like me.

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