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The Cybex Arc Trainer and an elliptical are both cardio machines which eliminate the shock caused by running. Keeping over 3,500 fitness professionals up to date with relevant industry news published on the website. Running any business these days is tough and with the ‘fitness industry’ continuing to have growth spurts in many sectors, it’s more crucial than ever to have the most up to date knowledge from commercial and domestic gym and fitness equipment suppliers to enable you to deliver the right solutions for your business and onto your club members and clients or for your own domestic use. With content coming in daily from Australia and overseas, the WNiF website, monthly eNewsletter (8,000+ subscribers), weekly 'News Feed' (3,500+ subscribers) and the quarterly magazine (50,000+ readership) is the “Ultimate Go-To For What’s New” in the fitness industry.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month-created to raise awareness and encourage early detection and treatment of this disease. The month of October has also been designated as DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AWARENESS MONTH, signified by the color purple. Locally the Montgomery County Women's Center works tirelessly to address the problems faced by women, children and men in our community. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. For suspension and shock absorption, the Arc Trainer design allows its users to eliminate the constant pressure applied to their knees and hips, through the unique mechanics designed only for the Arc Trainer. Knee and joint pain is typically associated with treadmills and other forms of cardiovascular equipment, such as cross-trainers and stair steppers. Stress on your knees, ankles or hips can leave even the most determined athletes resting on the sidelines, therefore, make sure you get an elliptical that is gentle on your tendons and joints, such as this bio-mechanically flawless Cybex Arc Trainer.
Its flawless, detail oriented mechanics, allow for use at top speeds, while remaining quiet and secure. Currently, Cybex manufactures a wide array of health club quality fitness equipment, including treadmills, exercise bikes and their world-renowned Arc Trainer.

Sign up for our Weekly News Feed, selecting at least one category that best represents your business. For me it happened on August 15, when I was diagnosed with an ascending aortic dissection aneurysm and a malfunctioning aortic valve.
They do this by providing safe shelter, legal and counseling services and, perhaps most important, going into the schools to present anti-bullying, safe dating and date rape drug awareness classes. If you are truly seeking good health and a nicer figure, we promise you this Cybex Arc Trainer will be your new best friend.
The Arc trainer is widely popular due to its dependable structural integrity, high mechanical capacity and the way it is anthropomorphized to such an extent that the Arc Trainer perfectly mimics the natural stride length of its user. Tremendous progress has been made in detection and treatment, but we still have a long way to go to completely eradicate this and all other cancers.Diet and exercise has been shown to help in the prevention of certain cancers, breast cancer being one of them.
The fact that it's not huge, overwhelming, or crowded was--and still is--a big plus for me.
In fact we have quite a few members who have battled cancer and they attest to how important physical fitness is to their well-being. We are proud to introduce our Mini Workshops to help you put some challenge, fun and productivity back into your workouts.
We are proud to support all those fighting this dreaded disease and look forward to the day no one comes to us to help with this fight.Please support organizations that are working to eradicate Breast Cancer.
I appreciate the efforts (like this member profile) to help the members become acquainted and encourage one another. Every life is precious and worth saving.And, remember to schedule your mammogram-or remind your loved one. This is my story and I share it with you in the hopes that it will inspire and motivate you to take care of your body by using it and fueling it to maintain optimum fitness and health.August 15 was a relatively normal Monday morning.

In case that doesn't work out, I will be happy with building strength and endurance, retaining flexibility and a healthy heart, and keeping my clothes size in check. I was training my usual early morning clients, Donna and Martha, and we were talking about our weekends.
I mentioned that I had several nights of poor sleep over the weekend, waking up a little short of breath and then falling back to sleep numerous times. I usually spend a total of 25-30 minutes on the bike and Arc, 15-20 minutes at the weight machines, and 15-20 minutes stretching. In my rationalization of the situation, I believed I was having some anxiety issues and since I felt better by Monday morning, I wasn't concerned. I go to bed late and generally like 7 hours of sleep, so I haven't made my workout a first-thing-in-the-morning commitment. My husband and I are fortunate to travel often, and when we're gone, we usually do lots of walking and climbing stairs and sometimes hillsides. I have found that if I am even somewhat serious about exercising, it's easier to make other healthful choices, like drinking more water and eating less of what I usually want but shouldn't have.
Craig Boudreaux, Village Medical Centers) at noon and after listening to my heart with his stethoscope he said "There's something wrong with your heart valve." That's not what I expected to hear.

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