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Perez, who is a comedian, has been in a wheelchair since 2004 after losing her legs in an accident.
Perez retweeted several of the tweets referencing her win, demonstrating she has a sense of humor about it all. She said Drew Carey offered to help her spin the wheel when it was her turn, but she wanted to do it herself and succeeded the first time at getting the wheel to make a full rotation, landing on $.75. After decades of effort, scientists in the United States have opened a new era of discovery by detecting gravitational waves 100 years after famed theoretical physicist Albert Einstein first predicted their existence in his general theory of relativity. Researchers from the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)—two observing stations located near Hanford, Washington and Livingston, Louisiana—announced the exciting breakthrough at the National Press Club in Washington, DC on Thursday, the Washington Post reports.
About 1.3 billion years ago two black holes swirled closer and closer together until they crashed in a furious bang. Although such cosmic events are believed to be common, LIGO researchers were the first to ever detect gravitational waves resulting from the collisions. CBS News reports they used vacuum tubes stretching 2.5 miles (4 km) arranged in an L-shape through which finely-tuned lasers were fired between mirrors. LIGO co-founder Kip Thorne of the California Institute of Technology, who along with Rainer Weiss of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and retired Caltech researcher Ronald Drever dedicated their careers to proving Einstein right, said that until now astronomers have viewed the universe as if it were a calm sea. The National Science Foundation had spent around $1.1 billion over the course of more than 40 years on the project, vindicating researchers who have fought hard against scientific naysayers and Republican-inspired cuts to the nation's science budgets. This Year’s CPAC Speakers: Three Generations of Stupid Bob Cesca on March 02, 2015 Sadly, the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference is over. To fair, there must be similar gatherings of the fringe left, and I can only imagine what a sardonic commentator might do with THAT speaker's' list! Jennifer Lawrence SPLITS from Coldplaya€™s Chris Martin a€“ so is she getting back with Nicholas Hoult?
She correctly guessed the price of the $3,695 sauna, meaning she also won the $2,400 treadmill. She said the strangest thing about her win was the reaction of the staff members on the show. Each black hole packed roughly 30 times the mass of our sun into a minute volume, and their head-on impact came as the two were approaching the speed of light.

Not only was the collision of the two black holes detected, a distinctive "chirp" was recorded as they hurtled toward each other. This effectively increased the distance the laser beams could travel to nearly 1,000 miles (1,600 km).
And while none of the speakers used Super Big Gulps as props this year, the level of stupid reached all new depths.
The staggering strength of the merger gave rise to a new black hole and created a gravitational field so strong that it distorted spacetime in waves that spread throughout space with a power about 50 times stronger than that of all the shining stars and galaxies in the observable universe. The signal closely matched what scientists had predicted working from Einstein's relatively equations. Gravitational waves compress and stretch space on such an infinitesimal scale by the time they are detectable on Earth that researchers had to find a way to measure such subatomic fluctuations in distance.
One speaker after another proved that far-right conservatives are more interested in thoughtless applause and bumper-sticker slogans than serious policymaking. For example, Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson delivered a speech in which he talked about sexually transmitted diseases. I give you CPAC science, by Phil Robertson:I mean, I’m reading this stuff from the CDC and it says, ‘how many sexual encounters does one have to have to catch a sexually transmitted illness?’ It said one. Who were these multi-generational representatives of the increasingly marginalized far-right brand?Generation X’er Sarah PalinJust off the heels of her bizarre speech at the Iowa Freedom Summit, leading many of us to question whether she was in the last throes of Syphilitic dementia, Palin was invited to deliver the opening night address. Her remarks centered around the troops and war (what else?), but after some predictable yankee-doodle-doofery she segued into a section about the brutal length of a typical Iraq or Afghanistan deployment — 45 months, compared with a 13 month deployment for Vietnam — and the toll that such deployments have taken on the troops.“The longer someone’s deployed, and then redeployed, well, the more likely they’ll suffer PTSD. And worse, aw friends, worse, the suicide rate — the suicide rate among our best and our brightest is 23 a day.”Naturally, she went on to blame Obama and the Veterans Administration for this, when the common denominator here isn’t either one, it’s two wars and the administration that established those outrageously long deployments. By the way, given the divorce rate, shouldn’t the pro-marriage people be a little less gung-ho about rushing to war?
It’s also worth noting that the Senate Republicans filibustered numerous bills designed to help veterans returning from war. 1293 — Disabled Veterans Home Improvement and Structural Alteration Grant Increase Act S.3457 — Veterans Jobs Corps ActYour “support the troops” party, ladies and gentlemen. Later, Palin was treated to a standing ovation when she said, “The only thing standing between the savages and us is the red, white and blue — the United States military.” So, just after blasting the terrible cost and consequences of war (PTSD, divorce rates, suicides) she announced that we ought to send our clearly exhausted military back to war against ISIS (which it is already), and even Boko Haram in Africa.

What could possibly go wrong?Palin continued:“It’s said that old men declare wars, and then they send the young ones to fight ‘em.
And it’s our duty to elect an honorable commander-in-chief who is willing to make the same sacrifices he sends others away to make.”I’m pretty sure it was she who just said “honorable” presidents ought to have military or even war-zone experience.
This is weird, of course, because none of the early contenders for the GOP presidential nomination have military experience. In addition, Ted Nugent, who’s Palin’s best friend right now, reportedly smeared feces all over his body in order to get a draft deferment.Palin went on to note that in the past, our leaders stood up to Nazis and fascists with “moral clarity.” You know what those leaders also had at their disposal? Someone should ask Palin if, considering the rate of suicides and divorce, whether she’d be up for supporting it. I think we can predict her response.Millennial TV host Tomi LahrenIn what was clearly an audition to be the next blonde bobblehead on Fox News Channel, Tomi Lehren (who?) successfully made Palin look like an elder statesman, and I wouldn’t be shocked if that was the goal. At 22-years-old, Tomi, who until a few months ago probably dotted the “i” in her name with a tiny heart, appeared as a token GOP Millennial.
I think Tomi was going for a “look at how manly those old ladies are” joke, but again, show me a male politician who wears pantsuits.
Doy.Baby Boomer Donald TrumpProving Tomi’s point that conservatives aren’t just old, white, rich guys, Trump — the whitest, old rich guy ever — was a featured guest over the weekend. Even though Trump has zero political aspirations — or, at least, zero serious political aspiration — he somehow keeps getting invited back to CPAC. If we had the right people, we could solve the ISIS problem and we could solve the Iran problem and a lot more quickly than you’d think.Did you catch that? If ISIS is such an existential threat — worse than the Nazis according to Sarah Palin — shouldn’t Trump tell us more about this magical negotiation tactic that he’d use to end the war with ISIS “more quickly than you’d think?” Of course he won’t tell us because it doesn’t exist. I refuse to believe that such nincompoopery works on anyone outside of the CPAC epistemic bubble.

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