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Simulate real, on-water rowing that delivers a great whole body workout, cardiovascular and calorie burn.
Whether you are looking to get back in shape, or want to tone your physique, The AIBI Fitness Trampoline provides a challenging workout that meets you where you are. Build a solid body with free weights, the proven muscle building technique used by professionals around the world.
Toggle Speed & Incline In handlebars allows quick speed and incline changes whiles on the run. Check here for some new or specific fitness equipment, such as T-Core, AIBI AB-X-Power and Shake weights are some new TV advertised products.

Get a great non-impact, cardiovascular workout without causing excessive pressure to the joints.
Integrated, comfortable handles make them easy, safe and quick to remove and replace from bars and racks. A comfortable and safe aerobic exercise to condition the body, improve fitness and flexibility. As a parent, I have not a lot of time to train, so when the kids go to bed, I go in my gym without going outside of the house. I was hesitating between the V6 and Torque F7 and the F7 is an inferior product and a higher price.

You can perform pretty much exercise you need, every each body part and because of the smooth ease of use you can quickly switch exercises. Nothing worse than having to wait on a machine at the gym or fumble around with a machine to set it up.

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