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Rehabmart is proud to offer an extensive line of pediatric exercise therapy products from top quality venders that include Somatron, TFH, KidsFit, Southpaw Enterprises, Original Baby Company and Asa Products Inc. The Somatron Fitness Rocker is a compact, lightweight vibroacoustic therapy device which can be used to increase physical fitness, or just to have fun. Obstacle Box Sets can be used to quickly and easily build an indoor obstacle course for children, suitable for pediatric fitness centers. Pediatric Ankle Weights are comfortably padded to encourage but offer freedom of movement for children who need to strengthen lowers limbs. The Hollow Climbing Tree can be used in a pediatric fitness center or as part of an obstacle course to give children a full upper-body workout. The Elementary Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike is one of the smallest commercial quality exercise bikes on the market, specifically intended for use by very young children (6-12 years). Quality Climbing Wall Panels are perfect for constructing a climbing wall for use in exercise therapy.
The Cardio Recovery Board is specially designed kids exercise equipment, which is used to help the child's body recoup between cardio exercises. Wingbo Tummy Time Swing is the first swing for babies and young children to swing themselves, as they are supported comfortably in a healthy prone position on their tummies. The Junior Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike is a high-quality, compact exercise bike built for high-use commercial applications.
The Elementary Cardio Kids Manual Treadmill is specifically designed for children ages 7 and up. Instructional Cones can be used to hold instructions for exercises or machines, or as obstacles on an obstacle course. The Super Small Climbing Wall is designed especially for very young children (3-8 years old), with large, easy to grip, colorful handholds and a super-smooth panel surface that won't scratch knees or hands. The Super Small Manual Treadmill improves cardiovascular health, balance, coordination, and proprioception skills in very small children (3-8 years old), as well as helping to train gait and teach the concepts of sequencing and timing. The Cardio Kids Children's Rowing Machine is ideal for use in a pediatric fitness center during adult-supervised workouts. The Cardio Kids Junior Elliptical Trainer was carefully designed to supply just the right balance for growing bodies.
The Cardio Kids Elementary Elliptical Trainer was carefully designed to supply just the right balance for growing bodies.
This Children's Elliptical Total Body Trainer has all of the benefits of a typical elliptical machine but is designed especially for children.
The Skil-Carea„? Ex-Box provides a convenient platform for enabling a variety of strength-training, range-of-motion, flexibility-enhancing, and coordination exercises for children and adults.
Wisdom Wooden Box Sets provide whimsical wooden boxes for children to climb on, inscribed with key words that help teach strong character. The Elementary Cardio Kids Moonwalker is perfect for use in pediatric fitness centers during adult-supervised cardiovascular workouts.
The Junior Cardio Kids Skier allows children to have fun while exercising by mimicking the motions of a real-world skier. The Varsity One Ski Trainer can aid users in improving balance and in cardiovascular exercise. The Elementary Total Body Kidz Cycle can be used to exercise the user's upper body or lower body, or both at the same time. The HRC Kids Fully Recumbent Bike is heart-rate controlled, with four different adjustable computer programs included that can be fixed by facility operators to keep children in specific cardiovascular zones. The HRC Kids Fully Recumbent Bike is a recumbent exercise bike that helps kids as young as six years old exercise and stay in shape. The Junior Total Body Kidz Cycle is an exercise cycle that can be used to exercise the upper body, the lower body, or both at the same time. The Deluxe Climbing Wall Panel is ideal for use when building a climbing wall for exercise therapy or for an indoor gym.
Skil-Carea„? Cushion Grips are tapered to the natural contour of the hand and prevent children from digging their nails into their palm. Tumzee Tummy Time Seat has been recommended by doctors, occupational therapists and physical therapists for the development of fine and gross motor skills. Varsity One Recovery Boards are perfect for use during adult-supervised workouts in pediatric fitness centers, or in standard gym facilities; they can be used by high school students or adults. The Kids' Cardio Recovery Board is used as an extra exercise station, for exercises that help a child's body recover between uses of cardiovascular equipment and keep heart rate in the intended zone. The Set of Three Arches is useful in pediatric exercise therapy; use the small, medium, and large metal arches as uneven bars, to do pushups, as a tunnel to crawl through, or as hurdles on a track. The Floor Parallel Bars are a small piece of equipment usable in exercise therapy or in fitness centers. Wooden Obstacle Course Connectors are colorful wooden ramps (image shown) or beams (below) used to connect different parts of a kids' obstacle course. This Weighted Shopping Cart is useful for heavy work activities for children with sensory processing difficulties. The Fitness Bench is excellent seating for a pediatric gym, locker room, or fitness center. Using creative play, increase the challenge to your therapeutic activities with our Weighted Wheelbarrows (weights sold separately). The Pivoting Balance Beam can be set up between two sections of an obstacle course; when a child walks along it, it pivots on a lengthwise axis, necessitating balance.
The Inclined Rope Bridge is a fine addition to any pediatric obstacle course to increase aerobic activity and tactile perception.
The Super Small Moonwalker is intended for use by very young children (ages 3-8) and is used by pediatric physical therapists in exercise therapy and rehabilitation. Specifically designed for young children K-3rd grade with a super smooth surface that eliminates scratches on knees and hands, the 2-sided Elevated Climbing Wall provides children the chance to explore and learn about their environment while also being appropriately challenged.
The Pediatric Parallel Bars are a great addition to any pediatric fitness center, children's gymnastics class, or obstacle course.
The Junior Cardio Kids Moonwalker is perfect for use in pediatric fitness centers, in adult-supervised cardiovascular workouts.

The Varsity One Low Body Strider can be used to exercise simply, with the user's own body weight providing resistance. The Elementary Cardio Kids Stepper is a commercial-grade exercise machine built for heavy usage and sized for users from grades 3-6. The Varsity One Indoor Cycling Bike can stand up to heavy use in a fitness center, either from high school students or adults. The Junior Cardio Kids Stepper is a commercial-grade exercise machine built to withstand heavy use. The Elementary Cardio Kids Skier allows children to have fun while exercising by mimicking downhill skiing.
The Varsity One Royer can be used to mimic rowing, working all the major muscle groups through a wide range of motion. Most of the time, transactions outside of your local area involving money orders, cashier checks, wire transfers or shipping (especially overseas shipping) are scams or frauds. Yvan Pelletier, the club's sprint coach, is part of a program that started in January that's getting parents moving while their kids train.
One parent decided to become a full member of the club and get fit, which had others saying that they should do that as well. The club is training at the track at Base Gagetown, so there are a variety of fitness options for the parents to choose from.
While one has a goal of running a 10K in May and another would like to be able to jog with his daughter, others are just happy to be moving. The cost for parents to be part of the program is only $75, which is money well spent as far as most are concerned. Chantal Ouellette's daughter, 10-year-old Eugenie Gaujacq, is a member of The Fredericton Legion Track Club, which is how she got involved. When she started, she told him she had a knee injury on her right leg and an ankle injury on her left leg.
The coaches also made sure that Ouellette didn't overdo it, which can be tempting when someone starts working out. What she does varies week to week, which keeps it interesting, but her overall goal is to be able to run two kilometres.
She's feeling better, has more energy, her body shape has changed and she's lost weight, she says.
When she came to Canada from Germany, she settled down, had children and went to university. She and Ouellette knew one another, and she saw that Ouellette began working out in September.
Since he was waiting here for a couple of hours, doing nothing, he decided to put that time to good use. He's enjoying it, as he gets to be there for his daughter, 14-year-old Pascale Ouellette, but not be in her way. In this case, the kids were the inspiration for the parents, but now each can encourage the other to keep with it. Assistant coach James Dunn gives Alexie Noble, 12, special recognition for her accomplishments in the program.
Coloring Pages for children is a wonderful activity that encourages children to think in a creative way and arises their curiosity. Exercise also has therapeutic benefits for those who suffer from a chronic disease or disability.
Uniquely designed for children, Pediatric Ankle Weights are easily adjustable and constructed of durable nylon and non-toxic iron rods. The tree not only has a knotted rope inside, but handholds and footholds for easier bracing and climbing.
Use the Elementary Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike in a variety of facilities, including schools, rehabilitation, and clinics to help children recover from injury through cardio.
Two panels come with each Super Small Climbing Wall order; string more panels together to form a wall up to 80 ft.
It allows children to work major muscle groups smoothly and easily through a wide range of motion, by mimicking rowing. The Cardio Kids Junior Elliptical Trainer works the entire body and the user friendly electronics help children learn the value of a healthy exercise program (includes calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance).
The Cardio Kids Elementary Elliptical Trainer works the entire body and the user friendly electronics help children learn the value of a healthy exercise program (includes calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance). An electronic console tracks and displays a variety of exercise-related information including calories burned, active heart rate, speed, time, and distance. It features easy-attach and easy-release adjustable sockets that accepts exercise tubes and bands at all resistance levels (see below for optional sets).
This cruiser may play an important role in the development of a toddler's motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Several different Wisdom Wooden Box Set packages are available, with ramp connectors that make the sets great additions to any play floor or pediatric obstacle course. The upper-body ergometer works along with the user's movements on the kneeling bench to work core muscle groups. It exercises the central core muscles by having the user slide the feet back and forth to mimic skiing. Large, colorful handholds and a rugged surface help ensure the panel is safe to grab and climb.
The abundance of features helps motivate children to use it, including a 25-horsepower motor, safety handrails, a computer readout, and a steel-reinforced running frame.
Equipped with an elastic band to prevent being dropped, the Skil-Carea„? Cushion Grip provides a mild form of hand exercise.The Skil-Carea„? Cushion Grip is offered with the option of being filled with either a highly resilient polyester pile or water-based gel that may be warmed for therapeutic purposes. Out of the Set of Three Arches, the small arch is blue, the medium arch is yellow, and the large arch is red. The pattern of painted squares makes the Wooden Obstacle Course Connectors easy to see and easier to follow. It has a powder-coated steel frame with a yellow finish and a wood top, and is built to last.

The Weighted Wheelbarrows are a great way to provide heavy work and address bilateral skills and motor planning.
Encourage kids to jump the colorful hurdles or climb over them for additional exercise therapy. You can support the Inclined Rope Bridge with blocks on both sides to create a bridge or on one side to create a ramp children can walk up and over. Using the Super Small Moonwalker also helps kids with balance, stride length and control, and differentiation.
The Elevated Climbing wall is completely portable and provides stimulation and enhancement to the vestibular system, gross motor skills and tactile perception. The tension and speed control can be almost infinitely adjusted, and can be mounted in any of three positions depending on the average weight of the people who will use it. The bike has adjustable toe clips, seats, and handlebars, and casters to make the bike easy to store and transport when not in use.
The tension and speed control are almost infinitely adjustable; the shock can be mounted in any of three positions, depending on the weight of the likely users.
Customers will save money as we are more economical by being more efficient from our experience and knowledge.
They're driving their kids here and now they're spending the same amount of time (they used to spend waiting) to get their exercise," says Pelletier.
Germain Landry and Fernand Ouellette are fathers with children in the club and are both working to improve their fitness. I used to run four or five kilometres a night 25 years ago, so I wanted to roll back to that and shed a few pounds," he says. It is an educational tool and is considered an important contribution to a child's development. Each Hollow Climbing Tree has lifelike bark around the outside and fake leaves and branches at the top.
An adjustable incline allows for smooth walking or jogging, and allows the maximum speed of the Elementary Cardio Kids Manual Treadmill to be easily controlled. Encouraging a child to jump over the Obstacle Jumps can improve gross motor skills, balance, and health. The incorporated onboard computer records distance traveled, time, speed, heart rate, and calories burned.
Coasting along outdoors on the Mobo Tot heightens a child's observation skills and stimulates imagination. The Elementary Cardio Kids Moonwalker is used by putting one's feet on the footrests and moonwalking back and forth in place.
Use the Junior Spin Bike as part of a cardiovascular workout at home, in a clinic, or at a pediatric fitness center. The Junior Cardio Kids Skier elevates the heart rate and improves a user's balance, making it ideal for use in a cardiovascular workout. Each package includes aerobic charts, muscle posters, and station cards to help teach children about muscles and muscle movement. Use the Elementary Total Body Kidz Cycle as part of a cardiovascular training program in a rehabilatation clinic or a pediatric fitness center.
This bike has four adjustable exercise programs and adjustable resistance for varying levels of challenge.
The Junior Total Body Kidz Cycle's onboard computer provides different programs depending on the needs of user and instructor. Deluxe Climbing Wall Panels can be fit together to form a climbing wall up to 80 feet wide. Varsity One Recovery Boards are used to help the body recover between exercise, while maintaining the target heart rate zone.
The Weighted Wheelbarrows can be ordered with a single front wheel, ideal for addressing balance and coordination skills, or two front wheels, providing more stability and support.
The bright handles on either side make the Inclined Rope Bridge colorful and easy to transport and store. To use the moonwalker, simply put one's feet on the platforms and flex and extend the legs. The Pediatric Parallel Bars are great for exercise therapy and building gross motor skills. To use the Junior Cardio Kids Moonwalker, simply put one's feet on the footrests and moonwalk back and forth in place.
The Varsity One Low Body Strider can be used to help maintain a user's heart rate as part of a cardiovascular circuit.
The Elementary Cardio Kids Skier helps in a cardiovascular workout by raising heart rate and improving balance and reaction time. The onboard computer records calories burned, distance traveled, speed, the user's heart rate and time. Beyond the educational virtues, coloring sessions allow us, the adults, a little peace and quiet while the boy or girl enjoy coloring. If the Skil-Carea„? Ex-Box is being used by an individual in a wheelchair, make certain that the wheelchair brakes are locked and the individual's seat belt is secured as a precautionary measure.
The durable, powder-coated steel frame of the Junior Kidzcore Kneel and Spin has casters for easy transport and storage.
Not to mention the result: coloring pages for preschoolers are proudly presented at the nursery, kindergarten or even grandma and grandpa's living room! Please note the images are not hosted on our servers, hence some of the images might not download. If you like to completely remove your website from our search engine index, please follow the instructions below, "Remove from Index".

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