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This Pilates rower was another thing I bought during my pilates fad which I used religiously for a few weeks only for it to be consigned to the back of the cupboard to gather dust when I moved on to my next exercise phase. I hate exercising and have a wardrobe full of gadgets and equipment that will tone me up as quickly as possible with minimum effort on my part.
Whilst trying to get back in shape after the birth of my daughter I needed something to sort out my stomach muscles so spoke to a friend of mine who is exercise mad and always in the gym. I am a bit of a couch potato when it comes to excersise, although, in the course of a day I do a huge amount of walking, which keeps me fit.
After my disaster with the Pineapple Thigh Toner ( previous review) I moved on to the Pineapple Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser. If you are looking to improve your endurance and strength, rowing machines are a great product to invest in!The Joy Sports Concept Air Power has been designed from materials of the selected quality. It is made by Pineapple who are a mid range brand I really like as I find their products to usually be top notch when it comes to quality and sturdiness which is an important feature when it comes to exercise equipment. It is basically a cheap and more easily stored version of a rowing machine that has no real electronics to it, it is just simple plastic.
I have also found the stretching to be beneficial to my back muscles as well.It is effectively a rubber rope with two foot rests, one point of warning is that these are certainly designed for women's feet, my other half cannot really get his size 10's in them without risking a break. The equipment that sees the light of day the most often are invariably the ones that make 'exercising' more fun and less of a chore. Thus, the rail system is constructed from aluminum which is attached to a steel base frame to obtain durability. The handle has a bit of padding so it does not rub on your hands however I still find it more comfortable to use this with some exercise gloves as I get a more comfortable grip.There are quite a few ways that you can use this device to stretch and tone your muscles and you are not just restricted to the conventional rowing action however if you do then I find that my abs get a decent work out.
While my friend was searching in JJBs for some new trainers, a pretty pink gadget caught my eye that was unlike anything that was already in my sometimes dusty collection. The foot ads are also very comfortable but I wouldn't want to use it without my shoes on as this would probably be uncomfortable but I haven't had any problems with them slipping or anything with my trainers on.This is a really easy piece of exercise equipment to use and could be used by any one of any fitness level, it is good for your arms as well to keep them toned up I have used this along with my abs roller for really nice results, no six pack or anything but a nice firm tummy again.
The rower is supposed to work your body just like a traditional rowing machine would but just with using the resistance of your own muscles to elongate and tighten them. I have also used it with my legs slightly off the ground and using it to tense out on my abs with both feet and shoulders raised off the ground.
The Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser by Pineapple is a piece of equipment that is designed to tone your abdominal, thigh and bottom muscles while strengthening your back and arm muscles.
Whilst there are many very expensive products on the market which claim to give you perfect abs, there is no point me wasting money on them, as I know I will be enthusiastic initially and then give up!
To use it you just need to put your feet in the stirrups and then grab the handle and make a rowing action. It can take a little bit of getting used to and I found I was not confident at first as I was worried about how strong the device would be.It has proven to be pretty study and the rubber rope has retained its elasticity and resistance pretty well over a four month period of use. However, if a product is cheap enough, and looks as though it will work, I will have a punt on it. The handle is attached to the stirrups by a cord which has a resistance to it which in turn makes you use your own muscles to work out your abs, legs and bum.

Basically you need to just lie down and mimic a rowing action and your body does the rest of the work for you.
In addition it is easy to wipe clean after use with a damp cloth and easy to store as it takes up little space.Overall a nice simple piece of kit that does work quite well and was certainly worth the price I paid for it.
The main body is a long rubber type rope which is a cute candyfloss pink in colour and it has two black foot rests with a pink strap to hold your feet in place. The rower is really easy to use but this is quite deceptive as you can do it and feel fine but the next day you can really feel the burn in your muscles which does show that it is working.
I would definitely recommend the Pineapple Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser and give it 4 out of 5 stars. The first thing I like about the "Rower", is the fact that it is small in size and can be stored away easily in a cupboard, unlike a large, bulky rowing machine! To be honest I found the rower to be a bit of a faff to use and used to put off doing it but to give it it's due credit it really does work at tightening the muscles and making them stronger and leaner in quite a short time if you stick with it. The only flaw that I can find in the Pineapple Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser is that there is no electronic counter to give you information on how many pulls ups you have done or any other information such as the amount of time you have spent during your exercise session or how many calories you are likely to have burned, but I guess that for ?5 I couldn't really expect much more from my device.Price and AvailabilityI bought my Pineapple Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser in TK Maxx for ?5, however this was probably a one off buy as they have new stock coming in all the time and never seem to re-order old stock back in.
Mine cost me ?9.99 from JJB but I'm sure if you shop around you'll find one for cheaper as it is also available from many online websites.
The Rower basically consists of a foamy handle at one end, a piece of rubbery stretchy piping in the middle, and some stirrup-like food pads at the bottom. It also was nothing like the pilates I learnt on the short course I did but you can pick up how to do it in a really short amount of time. How do you use it?The piece of equipment is simple to use and a variety of activities can be carried out using it. The idea is basically to do sit ups, the rubber tubing providing resistance, as well as assistance, in your excersise. As I mentioned for a mid range brand Pineapple are usually really good and this rower is no exception and everything about it is good quality right down to the rubber foam which covers the handles. The product is really easy to use, and suitable for people of different heights and builds, although it is primarily designed for women (ours is pink!). The flywheel is directly driven by a belt.If you want an intensive, low impact cardio workout that can also help tone your full body, a home rowing machine is an affordable and compact choice of fitness equipment.
It stops you from slipping and even now with it having been sat in a cupboard for ages has no sign of wanting to rip and come off. I had been very dubious after using or trying to use the Thigh Toner but my worries were soon forgotten. Rowing helps to improve your suppleness and posture, as well as developing many of your major muscle groups such as legs, arms, back, chest and abdominal, strengthens heart and lung functions. If you are interested in doing some mild pilates at home then this could be just the thing that you are looking for.
The resistant tubing is quite tough to pull and was a lot stronger than it actually looked.
It does work providing you are willing to put in the effort with it and as it is quite cheap and so easy to store without taking up much room you really aren't risking much by trying it out for yourself and seeing if you like it.

Another exercise that can be performed is one where you lay on your back with your legs knees bent and feet in the air. That is slow compared to 110 rotations per minute of a cyclist on a spinning bike but this is due to the greater resistance that you encounter at every stroke. The Pilates Rowing Action Exerciser lets enjoy aerobic conditioning and strength training exercises in the convenience of your own home.
For this reason, a rowing machine for strength training is better than a cross trainer, home trainer-bike or spinning bike. With the Joy Sports Concept Air Power and its good training program, preferably 4 to 5 times a week on the rowing machine, you will actually see the difference! But in general you can just have fun with this piece of equipment and try out different positions. Well, when I first had it, I was determined to spend 15 minutes every day doing rowing excersises!
I try to do twenty repetitions, rest, and then do twenty more but that can be varied according to ability and fitness.
The rower seemed to have a much more powerful effect on my arms than it did on my stomach, which didn't really feel any different after excersise. I don't usually use this for more than 15 minutes at a time because I feel that this is enough for me. I was impressed with the resistance level of the rubber, as I thought it would be a lot easier to pull than it was.
I find if I'm listening to something I can row for longer and it makes it a bit less boring.
The most important thing is to work through the burn as that's the way to see the quickest results which will in turn give you more motivation. I didn't really find that the rower pushed me aerobically, as I did not feel out of breath after using it and my heart rate didn't really go up much. As for the claims of toned things and buttocks, I can't really say I noticed much difference.
My interest in the product waned, and it ended up consigned to the cupboard, where it has been ever since, except when I get an occassional urge to excersise! Its small and flexible so can easily be stored in a cupboard or the bottom of the wardrobe. I dropped 2 stars because it gets boring and repetitive, and I did not find that it made much difference to my abs, buttocks or thighs. My friend got one too after I recommended it and she sometimes brings hers round and we exercise together.

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