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Japan comes up with the weirdest exercise gadgets, but they’re usually targeted for the face. Korea proves they’re right up there with the Land of the Rising Sun when it comes to weird exercise machines with the┬áHorse Riding Fitness Ace Power.
As you can glean from its name, the exercise machine aims to let people mimic the action or movements that are associated with horseback riding. The device imitates the horse riding experience and promises to tone you up from the moment you mount the 'horse'.
This is the perfect machine for those who favour equestrian pursuits but can't find the time to leave the comfort of their lounge. The video, which has had over one million views and showcases the suggestive exercise tool, promises to 'fitness you up' and 'live longer for now.'The device emulates the motions of a horse rider, with sadlling, bucking and grinding all promising to toned your abs and legs.
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Move over Shake Weight, the Ace Power is making fitness moves even more awkward and suggestive. This power-packed gem mimics horse riding if a horse was a human that you were doing vile, adult, things to.
Whether your goal is rock-hard abs, an apple bottom, pecs that pop or perfect porn star pumping form, the Fitness Ace Power is for you! Sure, they say it is supposed to mimic the core workout you get when riding a horse (by toning your abs, thighs, and glutes), but give me a break. If I had to choose, I’d say the best feature of this machine is the way it lets you move in both an up and down motion, and thrusting motion, essentially covering every major sexual position in the process. Horse lovers are already whipping themselves into shape for the upcoming show season, even as winter winds continue to blow across much of the nation.
If you think about it, cross training with Pilates exercises for horseback riding makes perfect sense.

Picture people wide-legged and moving up and down while sitting on some odd machine, and, well, you’ll begin to feel uncomfortable yourself. This Korean-invented fitness device was inspired by horseback riding and supposedly tones your body by putting it through hilarious gyrating motions. I think what they really wanted was a workout machine that makes you look like you’re having air sex.
This is definitely not a fitness routine I picture myself doing with a group of people because I can’t even get through the whole commercial without cracking up!

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