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This 24 hour fitness location used to be kind of dated until the remodel and now it looks great. The gym is no longer just a 24 hour fitness sport, it is now a 24 hour fitness super sport and they did supersize it up quite a bit. Town centre location, two restaurants 24h room service, swimming pool, sauna & steam and treatment rooms, cable TV and Pay per view movies.
There are even the inspiring pictures to prove that in just six weeks or less you too can have a banging bod.It's a powerful and very profitable sell for industries that combined are worth close to $2 billion in Australia.Only, what if you don't need six weeks to get to sexy? Actually, it's not what they are selling but the levers they use to sell it by using before and after shots. If you want to see real transformations of before and after then look at metabolic precision under inspiration there is even a facebook page as well called amazing transformation or something like that. They moved the entrance around from bellflower blvd and put it closer to spring street but you still have to get in the front door in the back parking lot. I went in there today and hopped onto a elliptical machine and it had a tv mounted right on it. The diet and fitness industries have the answer right here.Promises of terrific transformations from fat to fully fit abound.
I think it's also this sort of image manipulation that is driving body dysmorphia in some fitness enthusiasts, particularly young men wanting to get ripped.
The staff never seems to clean it on a regular basis - I know this from all the water on the floor and the dirt mixed in it.
It looks like they took over a part of another building or something because it looks so much bigger!

I did work out too while I was there I enjoyed swimming and the stair master machines also did some weight training. The club that I work at is supposed to transition into a Super Sport at the end of this year. They populate the feed on Facebook as well as the advertising pages of magazines, plus TV commercials and shows.
They look at themselves in the mirror and then compare what they see to photoshopped and professionally shot images on the front of men's health magazines. These 'roid monkeys who hog the weights, never put those weights back on the rack, creating tripping hazards.
If you want athlete's foot and a whole other host of bacterial infections, I DARE you to walk in there barefoot. The faster the transformation, the more it leverages our greed to have it all without the effort. Upstairs in the fitness room they have weights its usually unlocked which is nice, since I rather work out privately in there, than outside with a crowd. The location in Monrovia is smaller, but at least I've seen them in there cleaning the place. People think they should always look like image 2, when the reality is that even people that take care of themselves and stay in shape are going to look fairly ordinary some of the time. Inside the Men's Restroom Area the restrooms are usually dirty all they time, with urine stains all over the seats.
I did a few push-ups and chin-ups, tweaked my bedroom lighting, sucked in, tightened my abs and BOOM!

I thought it would be awesome to go to a gym with indoor pools, get to work on my swimming even in the winter months. Apart from flexing, the only change in the second and third shots was the angle of the overhead bathroom light.The only difference in the before and after shots of the women, taken within two minutes of each other, was the pose. In the shots below there was also a change of bikini and she added a filter to the second shot. Worse than crawling out of a prison sewer pipe like Andy Dusfrene in the Shawshank Redemption.
This whole gym in general is disgusting,  I was almost too afraid to touch anything, sit down, swim, shower, or even bother getting changed (other than from my street shoes to my gym only sneakers). I heard about break ins, locker thefts, and car thefts so I parked my car in the public lot by the post office, and kept a very small gym bag near me to hold my change of clothes, towels (one for me to wipe sweat off machine, another to wipe sweat off of myself, and a swim towel), purse (placed in waterproof stuff sack), white heavy duty garbage bag for placing my gym clothes and my towel in so they won't get wet when I hang it up near me in the shower (while my gym bag itself is securely locked down nearby), shoe bag for my street shoes, gym only sneakers, specialized anti theft steel braided cable net designed to enclose and secure my gym bag to a fixed object (prevents people from walking off with my bag, opening the zipper to steal from my bag, and from slashing or cutting a hole in my bag to steal my things), a padlock to secure my gym bag anti theft device, shower supplies, shower slippers with their own waterproof bag, disenfectant spray, water bottle, car keys, blacklight device, hand sanitizer, flashlight, swimsuit, swim goggles, swimcap, and waterproof ditty bag to hold my wet bathing suit for after swims.
This gym was what made the shower white trash bag and the locking enclosure net most necessary, due to a lack of secure lockers and a lack of secure parking. I told him to shut up, called him jock itch, and told him that I was taking my business elsewhere, with my 24 Fitness Membership.

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