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There was another life, once upon a time, in which we attended corporate dinners, had a house and cars, and the trappings of a normal life and a promising career thinly veiled our gypsy hearts. I sat across the table from him at a corporate dinner and held my tongue as long as I could.
I sipped my wine, caught a sly look out of the corner of my eye from a friend who could hear my thoughts, and decided to enter the fray. Who would count living one’s life for slavery instead of dreams a virtue instead of a vice? By the end of the evening he’d made me a promise: Within one month he would take a two week vacation, hop on his motorcycle, and take a trip. Fly to Cusco, immerse yourself in highland culture, hike to Machu Picchu and back, the hard way. Spend a week in Mexico City studying art and archaeology and then a week in Oaxaca tasting mezcal and mole.
I know a woman, in her mid-sixties, who spends more than half of her time in Cambodia working with a family run orphanage as the result of a two week trip she took whilst recovering from a life trauma. It is in the living out loud of those small bites of freedom that our dreams grow, we meet people who stretch our paradigms, and the door to the great big world swings wide open. It is in those two week chunks that eyes are opened, compassion is developed, dreams are kindled, boxes are stretched, glass houses are shattered, and kids who’ve grown into adults with no sense of themselves in the bigger picture are brought to their knees at the abject joy and wonder of the world and the commonalities that run like threads between humanity on every corner of the planet. During that planning time we took our vacations on two wheels in order to train our bodies and our minds for the greater cause. My friend has a big dream: a month’s walk along the Camino de Santiago, in France and Spain.
If two weeks is all you’ve got, and a resort is the edge of your comfort zone, I say, “GO!” Do all you can do, and you’ll come back finding that you can actually do a little more. Oh, and the man with the piercing blue eyes who sent me that picture of his motorcycle and his smile six years ago?
Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century and have become one of the world’s principal means of transportation. Whether the talk is about UCI’s inaugural Cycling Gala and dinner this past weekend or about the Abu Dhabi Tour, there was one question that kept popping up in social media: where were the women? Alex at Velocentric shares his perspectives and concerns here: The UCI Abu Dhabi Tour: a (sexist) success? NPR has a great story on how indoor biking is helping incarcerated women battle weight gain. Singletrack magazine recently announced that Deputy Editor Jenn Hopkins has been living with cancer, and that her treatment options have come to an end and there is nothing more that can be done for Jenn.
A British cross-country and super endurance mountain bike rider, Jenn is an incredible athlete and equally well known for herwork as a writer, editor and contributor to various bike magazines and for being an ambassador for women’s cycling in the UK.

The best way to honour Jenn is to have more adventures on our bikes, and Total Women’s Cycling wants to encourage everyone to share these adventures with photos on social media tagged with the hashtag #forjenn, then share it on social media.
Elisa Longo Borghini won Giro dell’Emilia Donne last week, which was the last UCI race of the season. Accompanying Borghini on the podium were South African Ashleigh Moolman (Bigla) and American Amber Neben (BePink). The 12-time world champion has been sidelined on-and-off with injuries since December of last year, and only made a couple road race appearances this year.
Rabo Liv now reports that while Vos is doing well after a three-month resting period, she will remain “inactive,” meaning no cyclocross racing anytime soon. Marianne Vos, Hannah Barnes, Manon Carpenter and Lauren Kitchen launch Strongher initiative. And for all you readers in the Northern Hemisphere getting ready for wet fall riding, Total Women’s Cycling has some tips on keeping your waterproof gear waterproof. Negli altri giorni invece si puo andare in giro per Berlino ad assistere al consistente numero di eventi sia sportivi che culturali organizzati per rendere questa settimana una vera e propria celebrazione del ciclismo e delle persone che lo amano.
When you learn to think in three month chunks about your adventures, it can feel like two weeks isn’t even worth the effort. If two weeks is all you have, then it’s infinitely more worth the effort than at any other time.
The idea of big time journeying is a gentle unfolding that begins with a new backpack, a solid RTW ticket paid for up front, and hotels in safe districts booked weeks in advance.
She has a “real life” and a “real job.” She’s using every spare moment of her time off to train for our adventure this coming June. If you’re already traveling on a bigger scale, come out in support of the “little guy” and celebrate every attempt to live in the world, every heart that dares to brave the unknown, and every adventure in the making. Competitions involving cycling developed during the 20th century and have since become strongly popular. Of the 19 award categories, only five celebrated the achievements of female athletes, and perhaps the biggest omission was not having a team time trial award for the women’s world champs, Velocio-SRAM, when BMC was recognised for their title.
The story focuses on the efforts of the nonprofit group Gearing Up who have been persuading prison administrators to let them bring in bikes to teach indoor cycling.
With this final win, Borghini ends a successful season, which included wins at the Tour of Flanders, Route de France and teh Italian time trial championships. Marianne Vos will undergo some tests later this month to see how she’s doing and if she can start training again. BN just launched The Ascent, a fully supported 100-kilometre women’s only road ride in the Yarra Ranges on the outskirts of Melbourne to take place in April 2016.

La fiera alla Station Berlin e le numerose manifestazioni collaterali, dal 14 al 20 marzo faranno di Berlino la capitale della bicicletta.
If you get a two week vacation and that’s it, then it becomes even more imperative that you make the most of that time, to rejuvenate, to rest, to educate and inspire yourself, and to feed your soul. For some folks, getting out of their state for two weeks is seriously outside the box and a grand scale adventure.
She’s hiking, she’s traveling, she’s learning Spanish on her days off, she’s researching like crazy. Not only do they reenergize a person and give you the strength to carry on with the hard work of living and working, sometimes they are the catalyst to a whole new life. It seems he’s sold his house and his stuff, purchased a bus, and has taken his show on the road full time, touring the USA, working as he goes. Cycling competitions take place indoors and outdoors and the public mostly associate bikes with exterior environments - the most favored events being European tours especially the Italian Giro and the iconic Tour de France.
Even so, with five female athletes to be celebrated, only new world hour record holder, Molly Shaffer Van Houweling, was in attendance.
The organisation’s stated aim is to make bike riding easy for everyone, so when the female half of the population was continuously under-represented at its events, the group decided it needed to take the effort to include women a step further. Taking that first two week trip after college, or making the most of that precious vacation time is the definition of their wildest dreams. A month’s long, RTW journey isn’t the only way to travel in a way that is valuable to the soul. She’s taking a few days here and there to camp, and to load her backpack and tramp between cities in Canada, on foot. New world champion and world cup series winner Lizzie Armitstead was unable to attend, but where were the others? They’d take a train to where they left off and carry on as far as they could before taking the train home and back to work. If more people would take that two weeks and do something that mattered, to them personally, or to an organization they believe in, or to folks they’ve never met but have read about on a blog they follow, the world would be a better place. Yet in the recent years, the competition has been tarnished by various doping scandals and the public suddenly realized it was almost impossible to accomplish what the cyclists did without a little help…Champions such as Lance Armstrong thus fell from their pedestals. Should the awards have been held closer to the world championships –which is the end of the season for many athletes?

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