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Click on Ryu or Ken to choose your fighter!

Use the arrow keys to walk left, right, crouch, and jump

Press 'A' to punch, 'S' to kick, or 'D' to block

Sakura Studios Presents:

Street Fighter VI: The Final Chapter

This Javascript game was made by Justin Gothreau & Jonathan Marin of Humber College!

This is our Final Project for Humber College Game Programming: GAME152.

We had to create a functioning demo of a Street Fighter game.

Using sprites from Street FIghter: Third Strike, the arcade classic, we were able to create a fighting stage of Ryu or Ken versus Chun-Li, the three most popular fighters in Capcom's Street Fighter series.

This game has a simple state machine for Chun-Li, allowing her to switch between punching, kicking, blocking, and standing.


Using the combat buttons and your movement, reduce Chun-Li's health to zero before yours hits zero.

Hint: Try to block when she is attacking, and attack when she is standing