2) Gendered magazines offer highly stylized guides to the good life-and play on our insecurities. 3) A content analysis of relationship advice in Cosmopolitan shows a move away from long-term relationship advice. Magazines exist, not to sell their content to their readers, but to sell their readers to their advertisers. Thirty-five years later, Cosmopolitan completely switched its focus, publishing more than 100 articles on short- and medium-term relationships and just six articles on marriage. Relationships come and go, but Cosmopolitan will give you advice on how to attract men for whatever short-term period you would like them in your life.

In 1965 there were 32 articles that primarily dealt with a woman’s relationship with a man. While the average 31-year-old, middle-income Cosmo reader does not lead a life of threesomes, micro-mini-skirts, office affairs and celebrity-run-ins, the particular insecurities about men and relationships are noteworthy: As relationships moved in a direction of instant gratification rather than commitment over time, sexual advice and bedroom etiquette became increasingly important.
Yet there is a desire for more substantial relationships, and an inability to outline the path to get there. In percentage terms, during 1965, 87.5% of the articles about relationships focused on marriage.
While Cosmopolitan is no doubt still in favour of those relationship qualities, the how-to element in 2000 focused on the physical, rather than the emotional, aspects of gender relationships.

Of the 116 articles about relationships with men, only 6 articles-or 5%-focused on marriage.

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