This is the sequel of The Woman Who Wants to Marry (aired at MBC ,2004) and female version of The Man Who Can’t Get Married which aired on KBS2. She almost could have married with a man whom she met again during interview, whom she actually met 10 years ago during her university life. Happy and exciting life except her friend, Sinyoung and Dajung who are involved with difficult love.
He meets his divorcing crisis when he thinks it is time to accomplish his dream about marriage. How this kind of lady, who has same emotion, taste, understand each other well, came to world before me and spend time with another person.

This drama has been pretty stingy with the smoochies, but the build-up was so good that I may or may not have shouted, “Kiss her! If you want a good laugh, then check out “The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry”!!!
To do that, she wait a nice single man who has tall height, high salary, attractive manner and no experience of love with other girl. She became a famous consultant who can make restaurants successful if it is once related with her.
After he got separated with her girlfriend who did not like his medical service to poor places, he did not have a single chance to make real love.

She had feelings for the doctor whom she met when she was getting treated, but sadly a misinterpretation happened when she got a chocolate from him.

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