Many women who have decided that they are no longer looking to have children will go through the process of having their tubes tied.
However, statistics have shown that nearly a quarter of women who have their tubes tied will change their minds in the future.
In vitro fertilization is also an option for women who have had their tubes tied in the past. Having your tubes tied is a fairly common way to prevent pregnancy after you have decided to no longer have children.
During the process of attempting to become pregnant, you will need to make sure that you maintain a strict healthy lifestyle so that you can improve your chances of conceiving even more. This is a permanent contraceptive that can prevent them from becoming pregnant in the future. Since having a tubal is typically a permanent situation, it is very difficult to become pregnant after the process has been done.

However, there is only about a 10 to 25% chance of becoming pregnant with in vitro fertilization after the tubes have been tied. While this procedure can be reversed in some women, it is highly likely that you will no longer be able have children even if you change your mind.
There have been instances where a woman who has her tubes tied still because pregnant later down the road, but it is very rare.
There are also supplements that you can take to help improve your chances of becoming pregnant because your ovulation cycle will become more regular. However, there are a couple of ways that will allow you a chance of becoming pregnant even if you have had your tubes tied in the past. There have been many success stories of couples who have tried to become pregnant through in vitro fertilization after having a tubal procedure completed. If you are considering attempting to become pregnant after you have had your tubes tied, you should talk to your doctor to see if there are options available for you to be so.

These may also be items that you want to discuss with your doctor after you have decided which method you will be attempting to become pregnant after you have had your tubes tied. She enjoys empowering women and providing family centered care to women from all cultural and educational backgrounds.
The trick is to continue trying because most couples in this situation are not able to become pregnant until their third or fourth in vitro fertilization.

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